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  • Donald Trump rallies for Roy Moore, repeats falsehoods in Pensacola speech
  • Do Jefferson, Lincoln prove Donald Trump can tell Justice Department what to do?
  • In Context: Orrin Hatch's comments about CHIP, people who 'won’t lift a finger' to help themselves
  • From Arctic tundra to church, here's what else GOP tax bills might change
  • Flynn’s guilty plea confirms he talked Russian sanctions, misled FBI
  • The facts behind Elizabeth Warren, her claimed Native American ties and Trump's 'Pocahontas' insult

fact check

  • Video: Trump’s Criticism of FBI
  • FBI, GOP Tax Plans, Economic Growth
  • Kevin Bacon Isn’t a Trump Supporter
  • Video: Claims about the GOP Tax Plan
  • Al Franken on GOP Support for Roy Moore
  • Smith Wrong About NSF Funding

fact checker

  • Trump’s claim that West Virginia is ‘sending clean coal’ to ‘China’
  • Seven weeks in winter: Flynn, Trump and Comey
  • History lesson: Do big tax cuts pay for themselves?
  • Does the Senate tax bill really offer a tax break for private jets, as key Democrats claim?
  • Trump’s claim that ‘they just kept cutting, cutting, cutting the military’ until it was ‘depleted’
  • The GOP’s $10,000 cap on property tax deductions and how it affects one congressional district

hot air

fox news

the corner

  • DEVELOPING: Four Injured in Apparent Terrorist Attack in New York City
  • A Suicide Bomber Attacks the New York City Subway... and Life Goes On
  • Dreading Holiday Political Arguments?
  • The Tax Cut Won't Save (or Doom) Republicans
  • Church, State, and the IRS
  • Yachtsmen, Jackasses, and More

drudge report

  • LIST...
  • Biggest snubs...
  • 'SHAPE OF WATER' Leads...
  • Plummer Nod for Role Replacing Spacey...

the daily signal

political commentator

  • Heroes To Heroes Foundation Video Premier: Combat Veterans Pain, Suffering And Healing!
  • Donate $25 To Charity And A Republican Will Fall Off Of A 17-story Building!
  • Long Island History And The ‘New’ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Eternal Flame!
  • June 15, 2017: A Day Of Golf And Patriotism In New York
  • New York Business Development, Corporate Branding, Military Veterans 501(c)(3)….And Charity Golf! – Hallmark Abstract LLC
  • Golf For Combat Veterans At The Historic Saint Andrews Golf Club June 15th!

power line

  • Breaking: Explosion at Port Authority
  • A framework for analyzing the Colorado wedding cake case
  • A Stain On America [with comment by Paul]
  • More Global Warming Fraud: This Time, It’s Sea Level
  • Truax Delivers Stunning Upset In Great Day for Minnesota Boxing

the blaze

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Eugene Volokh] Short Circuit: A roundup of recent federal court decisions
  • [Ilya Somin] Justice Sotomayor unintentionally highlights the danger of having too many laws
  • [Eugene Volokh] Sen. Orrin Hatch on President Trump’s appointments to the judiciary
  • [Eugene Volokh] ‘Religious Holidays Aren’t Represented Equally on Campus’ — a Catholic campus, that is
  • [Sam Bray] National injunction developments
  • [Eugene Volokh] Delaware Supreme Court strikes down broad restrictions on gun possession in state parks and forests

atlas shrugs



  • Moonbat Sexually Harasses Robots
  • Ticket Prices Collapse as NFL Shovels Money at Commissioner Roger Goodell
  • Sarah Silverman’s Horrific Experience
  • Open Thread
  • Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Jack Phillips
  • Moonbat Mayor Reduced to Tears When Someone Refuses to Believe in White Privilege

right wing news

michelle malkin

  • NBC News churns out spin N. Korea State Media might want to pick up on
  • SCIENCE! Jerry Brown knows who to blame for Calif. wildfires
  • How can MSM prove they’re making ‘honest mistakes’ about Trump? Simple
  • Obama reminds nation to thank Obama for current economic growth
  • Newsweek wants you to meet the Pence family — Serial pet killers
  • Uh oh! Planned Parenthood under federal investigation

ace of spades hq


reason magazine

  • Warnings About Monopoly Power Are Right
  • The End of Free Speech
  • The FBI Is No Friend of Liberty and Justice
  • The Annual Federal Spending Frenzy Is a Terrible Year-End Tradition
  • Want More Jobs? Fight Occupational Licensing!
  • Why Jeff Flake Matters

pj media

american thinker



  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of December 8, 2017
  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
  • The Greater Crime
  • Round Nine
  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of December 1, 2017
  • The Vicious Peril of Mob Justice

riehl world view

  • Hm: Rolling Stone begins fully reporting botched rape story
  • CBS This Morning has also spoken with Jackie’s 3 friends
  • Discrepancies: U-Va. Rolling Stone alleged sexual assault
  • Charles C. Johnson’s Dumb, Despicable New Low In Attacking Jackie
  • Jann Wenner Declines Resignation from Rolling Stone Deputy Ed. Sean Woods
  • UVA: Jackie’s Father Claims Daughter WAS raped

the other mccain

  • The Racist Liberal Yankees of Boston
  • Rule Five Sunday: Snow Bunnies
  • ‘An Open Secret’: Bryan Singer and the Hollywood Gay Pedophile Scandal
  • FMJRA 2.0: Thousand Mile Stare
  • In The Mailbox: 12.08.17

the last refuge

  • December 11th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #326
  • Monday December 11th – Open Thread
  • Sunday Talks With U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Discussing Jerusalem…
  • A White House Christmas…
  • Sunday Talks: Adam Shifty Talks Russia With Narrative Engineer Jake Tapper…
  • The Second Sunday Of Advent

the gateway pundit

  • UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against TGP’s Lucian Wintrich — Leftie Adviser Arrested in Connecticut
  • BREAKING: College Adviser Who Stole Lucian Wintrich’s Speech at UConn Is ARRESTED!
  • BREAKING; PHOTO of Bangladesh ISIS Bomber ‘Akayed Ullah’ at NYC Port Authority
  • Flashback: ISIS Threatened Christmas Massacre in New York City Two Weeks Ago
  • Trump’s First Year Debt is One-Third of Obama’s Debt and Most of the Debt is Due to Yellen’s Interest Rate Increases

doug ross

  • Larwyn's Linx: Did Adam Schiff Just Get Caught in an Elaborate Counterintelligence Sting?
  • MARK LEVIN: Trump is the Most Conservative President Since Reagan
  • Larwyn's Linx: The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages
  • THE REAL RUSSIA SCANDAL: How Hillary’s Bogus Dossier Made it to the DOJ and FBI
  • 2020: The New Hillary Banner Ads are Here! The New Hillary Banner Ads are Here!
  • Larwyn's Linx: How the FBI Criminalized Trump’s Transition

flopping aces

  • Sunday Funnies
  • The week in Radical Leftism, 12/8/2017
  • Shocker: Rosenstein Satisfied With Mueller Witch Hunt (Guest Post)
  • No Democrats, You Don’t Have the Moral High Ground. You’re Not Even Close
  • The FBI mess is about to go Chernobyl. The scandal reaches high up into the DOJ
  • Utah ‘Monument’ Was a Reward to a Clinton Donor (Guest Post)

vox populi

  • Magic dirt fail in NYC
  • Dark prophecy
  • This may amuse only me
  • Mailvox: two readers, two different views
  • We've been here before
  • NFL Week 14


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

the campaign spot

  • Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Makes Fundraising Pitch for Jindal
  • The Campaign Spot Closes, Moving Over to the Corner . . .
  • Pension Costs, Health Insurance Costs, Illegal Immigration: They All Hit Home.
  • The Obama Era of Unresolved Scandals and Outrages
  • We Need a Real Debate About American Immigration Levels.
  • Obama to Announce Presidential Library Site Tomorrow

pj media

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