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fact check

  • Birx Spins ‘Extraordinarily Low Numbers’ of Coronavirus Cases
  • Trump’s Premature Claim about Ventilator Production
  • Meme Misleads on Hospital Visits to Children With COVID-19
  • Coronavirus Hasn’t Contaminated Crab Legs
  • Video: Trump’s Exaggerated COVID-19 Drug Claims
  • Trump’s Misleading Ventilator Counter-Punch at Cuomo

fact checker

fox news

political commentator

  • Heroes To Heroes Foundation Video Premier: Combat Veterans Pain, Suffering And Healing!
  • Donate $25 To Charity And A Republican Will Fall Off Of A 17-story Building!
  • Long Island History And The ‘New’ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Eternal Flame!
  • June 15, 2017: A Day Of Golf And Patriotism In New York
  • New York Business Development, Corporate Branding, Military Veterans 501(c)(3)….And Charity Golf! – Hallmark Abstract LLC
  • Golf For Combat Veterans At The Historic Saint Andrews Golf Club June 15th!

power line

  • An Optimistic Projection of COVID-19 Deaths [with comment by Paul]
  • Trump extends federal social distancing guidelines until April 30
  • Rich Europeans Flee Cities, New York Times Disapproves
  • Death by numbers
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton at the old ball game

the blaze

  • Tucker Carlson makes a bold prediction: Joe Biden 'will not be the Democratic nominee' in 2020
  • Trump announces social distancing guidelines will be extended through April 30
  • Lindsey Graham punches back at Pelosi after she blames Trump for Americans dying from coronavirus
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci has a grim prediction about American coronavirus death toll
  • 'It can't be right': Wuhan residents say Chinese government is under-reporting coronavirus deaths
  • Steven Crowder OWNS college student on why borders are not racist

the volokh conspiracy


  • Open Thread
  • The Unfolding Demise of New York, the Virus King
  • Why There Won’t Always Be an England
  • Why Coronavirus Mortality Is So High in Italy
  • Now a Word From Antifa Warrior Pancakekid05
  • Why Jill Biden Doesn’t Pull Plug on Senile Husband’s Campaign

right wing news

  • 10 Memes That Make Fun of Socialism
  • The 10 Best Memes Making Fun of Bernie Sanders
  • Why Is It So Competitive Just To Exist in America?
  • America Has Built A No Guardrails Culture
  • The 20 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2019
  • The 15 Best Quotes of 2019

michelle malkin

  • Chutzpah: ADL Wants a Federal Bailout
  • Crisis Socialism: No Bailouts for Open Borders Globalists!
  • CDC: Centers for Damaged Credibility
  • What part of NO AMNESTY doesn’t D.C. understand?
  • Missing Marizela: Nine years
  • AFPAC speech: The Charge of the America First Brigade

ace of spades hq


reason magazine

american thinker


  • Church, Family, Rest – No Posts Sunday
  • Song Parody: Self-Quarantine Forever
  • Saturday Night Hootenanny
  • IMAO Time Machine: IMAO Podcast #23 10-02-06
  • Song Parody: Covid-19 Nervous Breakdown
  • Submitted for Your Approval: Natural Selection

the other mccain

  • Rule 5 Sunday: Elle MacPherson
  • Trump Was RIGHT: Chloroquine Works Against Coronavirus, Doctor Says
  • FMJRA 2.0: Back In The Saddle For One Night Only!
  • A Curse Be Upon Them: NY Times Blames America’s Christianity for #Coronavirus
  • Italy Takes a Turn for the Worse
  • In The Mailbox: 03.27.20 (Evening Edition)

the last refuge

  • March 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1166
  • Monday March 30th – Open Thread
  • FDA Issues Emergency Authorization for the Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Combat Coronavirus Effective Immediately…
  • This Too Shall Pass…
  • NEC Director Larry Kudlow on Point…
  • New York Mayor Bill deBlasio Announces Immediate Government Suspension of First Amendment…

doug ross

  • Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 03.29.20: China is Completely Telling the Truth Edition
  • Larwyn’s Linx: The Great Madness
  • Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 03.28.20: de Blasio Cheerleading the Virus Edition
  • Larwyn’s Linx: Dems Outraged That Illegal Alien Foreigners Aren't Getting American Stimulus Checks
  • Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 03.27.20: Luhan Virus Edition
  • Larwyn’s Linx: As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Press Conferences

flopping aces

  • New York City- a story of how not to handle a crisis and blame everyone else
  • Sunday Funnies
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 3/27/2020
  • The Media Is Complicit in Pelosi’s Attempted Extortion
  • When Grandma dies of Corona virus, let the kids know what was more important to democrats than her life
  • Thoughts about what ought to be done next in the battle against COVID 19

vox populi

  • Seems likely....
  • Let them go bust
  • The definition of unnecessary
  • Gamma, guaranteed
  • Quarantine Hollywood
  • Despair will not be tolerated

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