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  • 8 times the Mueller report shows Trump, White House spread false or misleading claims
  • The Mueller report: What you need to know
  • Mueller report aims to squash WikiLeaks Seth Rich conspiracy theory
  • In Context: Comparing Bill Barr’s summary of Mueller's findings to the publicly released report
  • Read the redacted Mueller report
  • The redacted Mueller report: The fight over what we won’t see

fact check

  • Debunking Mueller’s ‘Conflicts’
  • A Misleading Claim About Lawmakers’ Effectiveness
  • What the Mueller Report Says About Obstruction
  • What the Mueller Report Says About Russian Contacts
  • Phony Ben Carson Quote About Public Assistance
  • Notre Dame Fire Fuels Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theory

fact checker

hot air

fox news

drudge report

  • Easter blasts at Sri Lanka hotels and churches...
  • Bomber queued at buffet then unleashed devastation...

political commentator

  • Heroes To Heroes Foundation Video Premier: Combat Veterans Pain, Suffering And Healing!
  • Donate $25 To Charity And A Republican Will Fall Off Of A 17-story Building!
  • Long Island History And The ‘New’ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Eternal Flame!
  • June 15, 2017: A Day Of Golf And Patriotism In New York
  • New York Business Development, Corporate Branding, Military Veterans 501(c)(3)….And Charity Golf! – Hallmark Abstract LLC
  • Golf For Combat Veterans At The Historic Saint Andrews Golf Club June 15th!

power line

  • Two ways of looking at the “achievement gap”
  • Happy Easter!
  • The Power Line Show, Ep. 120: Reckoning With Race: America’s Failure
  • Papadopoulos: Oh, yeah, there was spying
  • NYT: Not crazy, just two years late

the blaze

  • Dallas DA says he won't prosecute 'low-level' crimes like theft and felony drug possession
  • WATCH: NBC reporter ambushes Mueller outside Easter church service — Mueller immediately shuts him down
  • John Kasich makes wild claim about President Trump after Mueller report
  • Coordinated church bombings strike Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Here’s everything we know so far.
  • Happy Easter from TheBlaze: The true meaning of Easter Sunday
  • Trump brutally roasts Romney, complete with video flashback

the volokh conspiracy



  • Easter in Eurabia
  • Flyers Join Yankees in Banishing Kate Smith
  • Scary Climate Doom Descends
  • How Wealth Is Created
  • Open Thread
  • Notre Dame Fire as a Gift

right wing news

  • The Best Stats & Quotes From ‘Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse’
  • Charlize Theron’s Bizarre Child Abuse: She Claims Her Adopted Son Came Out as Transsexual at 3
  • SJW Group Demands That University Fire Brett Kavanaugh Because Allegations Were Made Against Him
  • A Conservative Case against Statehood for Puerto Rico
  • The 20 Best Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Memes
  • Planet Hawkins Podcast #10: The Karen Straughan Interview

michelle malkin

  • False Accuser Shaun Lying King’s Record of Harm
  • Nancy Pelosi’s perv problem
  • Crony State: Obamas’ Chicago Fixer Tina Tchen
  • Never forget: CAIR’s dirty deeds
  • How to protect your kids from Google predators
  • Vaccine skeptics under siege

ace of spades hq


reason magazine

pj media

american thinker



  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of April 19, 2019
  • Terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka
  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
  • Yes, The Obama Administration Misused Intelligence Tools To Spy On Candidate Trump And His Campaign
  • Breaking: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is burning UPDATED
  • Malfeasance Of The United States Attorney For The District of Columbia

the other mccain

  • Rule 5 Sunday: Aisha Tyler
  • Red-Pill Wisdom From the Blues
  • Radical Muslim Group Suspected in Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka
  • Violence Against Women Update: Brooklyn Woman ‘Nearly Decapitated’
  • FMJRA 2.0: Weak Link, Strong Link
  • Man Arrested at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Is Chubby Incel Philosophy Professor

the last refuge

the gateway pundit

  • Hillary, Obama, Bernie Avoid Saying “Christian” Or “Churches” In Sri Lanka Statements
  • Oregon Bill Would Give Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses, Possible Voting Rights
  • Cook County’s Corrupt State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Has a New Gig — Will Star in Hamlet This Thursday Night in the Chicago Humanities Festival
  • Ted Malloch on Easter 2019 — ‘He Is Risen”
  • Mayor Buttigieg Has His Deplorable Moment: Compares Bernie Supporters to Trump Supporters (VIDEO)
  • Dogs Branded ‘White Supremacist’ as Social Justice Warriors Seemingly Run Out of People to Call Racist

doug ross

  • 14 ANGRY DEMOCRATS INDEED: How Could a 400-Page Report About Russian Collusion Fail to Mention Fusion GPS?
  • Larwyn's Linx: Top 10 things the media got wrong about ‘collusion’ and ‘obstruction’
  • 5 Key Items Missing From Cub Scout Mueller's Partisan Op-Ed
  • Larwyn's Linx: POTUS and Giuliani Point to Lies and Narrative Manipulation in Mueller Report
  • Larwyn's Linx: Mueller’s Despicable Parthian Shot
  • Rudy Giuliani has the #MuellerReport Quote o' the Day

flopping aces

  • Sunday Funnies
  • It is time to investigate this traitorous President for being a Russian asset
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 04/19/2019
  • How Mueller tried to nail Trump but still wound up exonerating him
  • Not everyone thinks the burning of Notre Dame is a tragedy. Some are reveling.
  • This is probably a good time for James Comey to leave the country

vox populi

  • The Empire is already over
  • A lot of "renovations" these days
  • An inability to break free
  • Compost your enemies
  • Up next: Black lesbian Thor
  • The filth pigs of San Francisco

pj media

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