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fox news

the corner

  • Will's Take: Contra Eric Holder, Potential for Voter Fraud Is Real
  • Krauthammer's Take: Putin Trying to Prove that the U.S. Is Not an Ally Nations Can Rely On
  • Mayor Menino, R.I.P.
  • Chris Christie: Lout
  • Maine Governor: I'll Use 'Fullest Extent' of Law Against Nurse Who Violated Quarantine
  • Report: Private Hagel Memo 'Sharply Critical' of Obama's Syria Strategy

drudge report

  • PAPER: Desperate Dems resort to race baiting in final days of election...
  • RANGEL: Some Republicans Believe 'Slavery Isn't Over'...
  • Landrieu blames Southern hostility...
  • SPIKE LEE: Post-Racial America is 'Bullshit'...

weekly standard

  • Obama: 'I Do Like Campaigning'
  • Landrieu: Harder for Me, Obama Because of South's Racist Past
  • Memo to Chuck Todd: The Farm Bill Hurts Rural America
  • President Who?
  • Sean Haugh, Libertarian for Obamacare?
  • Many Empty Seats at Hillary Rally in Maryland

political commentator

  • Is Obama 'beheading' the United States?
  • 'Chickenshit' thy name is Obama, not Netanyahu!
  • Coffee crisis at the UN!
  • Politically incorrect explanation of racism AND socialism!
  • Has hell frozen over? SNL slams Obama! (Video)
  • Ray Stevens could have written this song for the modern day American liberal! (Video)

power line

  • Democrats Race-Bait Across the South
  • A World Turned Upside Down
  • Mary Burke in 47 seconds flat
  • How many elections…? part 3
  • How Many Elections Will Democrats Steal Next Week? Part 2

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Orin Kerr] Why the EFF — and then others — probably misunderstood the numbers on “sneak and peek” warrants
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Since when was health care reform authored in the House?
  • [Ilya Somin] Continuing the debate over Clarence Thomas and Korematsu
  • [Eugene Volokh] Judge Andrew J. Guilford, “Modern headings to head readers the right way”
  • [David Post] Does the stairway to heaven go through the Eastern District of Pennsylvania?
  • [Orin Kerr] 2015 Supplement to Computer Crime Law

atlas shrugs


  • 95 Theses
  • Staten Island Advance endorses… Michael Grimm (R, New York-11).
  • GOP Governors Haley (SC) & Jindal (LA) On The Importance Of Voting In This Election #GOTV
  • Senate Breakers Report October 30, 2014
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson Practices Theology
  • Joni Ernst is Right to Skip Editorial Board Meetings


  • Open Thread
  • Phil Robertson, Bibles, and Guns
  • Judge Napolitano on IRS Cash Seizures
  • Ebola Can Be Spread by Sneezing
  • Truth Revolt Suppressed as Hate Site
  • Liberal Culture of Death and Post-Birth Abortion

right wing news

michelle malkin

  • The spectacular self-immolation of Wendy R. Davis
  • Jon Stewart gives Wendy Davis enticing suggestion for saving campaign
  • Sen. Mary Landrieu enters voluntary quarantine in last-ditch effort to save campaign
  • Hillary Clinton: Now that I’m speaking to a different audience, I can tell you that businesses DO create jobs
  • But remember, the border is secure!
  • Paging Eric Holder (again): Hundreds of thousands of illegal votes are cast every year

ace of spades hq


  • Madison Bumgarner and the American Way
  • Krauthammer: Ebola Czar 'in Self-Quarantine'
  • Huffington Post Falsely Smears Scott Brown over NH Geography, Hasn't Apologized
  • Powers: WH ‘Probably’ Knows Who Made Chickensh*t Comments
  • Giuliani: Putin, ISIS Would be Afraid of Christie
  • Cruz: GOP Has Responsibility to Stop Exec Amnesty

reason magazine

  • America Cannot Kill Its Way Out of the ISIS War
  • Should Libertarians Vote for Republicans in 2014?
  • 'No Drama Obama' and the Virtues of Inaction
  • Vote Democrat for Real Libertarian Values
  • Seven Reasons to Vote for the Libertarian Party
  • Voting Republican Is the Smart Choice for Libertarians




  • Charles Pierce: America’s ‘Deliberately Cultivated Stupidity’ Would Doom an Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign
  • Butterfield Effect Still in Full Effect at NYT: 'Crime Is at Its Lowest Level...Even While Overstuffed Prisons Cripple' Budgets
  • AP Wants Readers to Believe Fed's QE 'Is Over' — With $4 Trillion in Holdings
  • On NBC, Dem Senator Blames Obama Disapproval in South on Not Being ‘Friendliest Place for African-Americans’
  • CBS Excuses Hillary Saying Businesses Don’t Create Jobs; 'Just Overshot' Trying to Please Base
  • New York Times Slams National Rifle Association as 'Grand Master' of Fear

american thinker

  • Why it's time for Libertarians to Vote for Republicans
  • Obama and the Safety of our Blood Supply
  • The Age of Arrogance
  • 'Vote-Shaming': An Effective Leftist Strategy
  • Ginsburg Dissent Gives Democrats a Boost
  • The Danger of Islamist Terrorists in Libya


  • Isolation
  • Calm Honesty
  • Scariest Costume Ever!
  • Say, Whatever Happened to the Oil Spill Thingy?
  • Link of the Day: Bloom; Rose; Now Disassembled for Your Convenience
  • You Know Who You Are


  • Hilarious: Hillary Sings Praises of Possible 2016 Rival Elizabeth Warren
  • Cosmo Magazine Sponsors Shirtless Male Models and Party Bus to Bring Students to the Polls
  • Send Wahmbulance to the Daily Kos!
  • Does Joe Biden have a protégé?
  • Congress Mulling Mandatory Isolation for Returning Ebola Doctors
  • Competing for the Darwin Award is …

riehl world view

  • Oops: Conscientious, dedicated, heroic … NYC Ebola Dr. ‘lied’ to authorities about NYC travels
  • Is RGA’s Chris Christie Letting Scott Walker Hang?
  • NYC Doc With Ebola Was Out Bowling
  • Patient in NYC Tests Positive for Ebola
  • 9 percent of voters ‘enthusiastic’ about Obama
  • Joni Ernst carries Her 9 mm Everywhere

the other mccain

  • Women’s Studies Major Gets Spanked
  • Retro Love For Kaci Hickox
  • Racism, Classism and Catcalling (or, #Feminism Is for Rich White Lesbians)
  • LIVE AT FIVE: 10.30.14
  • Did Pervert @LenaDunham Make Her Younger Sister Grace a Lesbian?
  • The Problem of ‘Equality’

the last refuge

the gateway pundit

doug ross

  • C'MON MAN! Obama White House Says Eric Holder's Wife is Covered by "Executive Privilege"
  • THE STORY CHANGES AGAIN: Ebola Is Now ‘Aerostable’ And Can Remain Active On Surfaces For 50 Days
  • Bummer, Democrats: It Turns Out that Obama's Policies Really Are on the Ballot, You Nitwits
  • Larwyn's Linx: Three white women who want nothing at all to do with President Obama
  • Biff Spackle Unveils the Spackle Decision Desk™
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE: Job Growth for Immigrants Far Outpacing That of American Citizens

flopping aces

  • Report: Holder to give Ferguson a pound of white flesh
  • Of Twinkies and Oreos: What it means to be “Ethnic” in “White” America
  • Why are some Americans anti-American (Guest Post)
  • NY Times peddles Obamacare fiction
  • Illegitimacy: America’s racist past and present dooms its present and future…
  • Sunday Funnies

vox populi

  • #GamerGate is dead. And defeated.
  • Fifth Frontier War prelude
  • Polio-like paralysis
  • A throwback
  • Brad Wardell sets the record straight
  • In defense of civilian military theorists


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

the campaign spot

  • Biden's Holding a Fundraiser for Braley Tonight
  • UPDATED: Registered Republicans Have 94,000-Vote Edge in Colorado's Early Vote
  • What's Separating the GOP's Leading Candidates from the Trailing Ones?
  • A Good Morning for Charlie Crist, Cory Gardner & Tom Cotton
  • Hillary, Not That Invested in Saving Democrats This Year
  • 'Bibles and guns brought us here, and Bibles and guns will keep us here.'

jammie wearing fool

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