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fox news

the corner

  • Rand Paul to Meet Top Romney Donors in Boston
  • The Coming Real Estate Hyperpocalypse: All YOUR Fault!
  • The Ryan Medicare Plan
  • Trojan Horse Amnesty Update
  • Contraceptives and Abortifacients
  • New York as Holy City?

drudge report

  • XXX-MEN: Director accused of preying on 15-year-old aspiring actor at party...
  • 'They'd rape you by side of hot tub....
  • FBI 'Failed to Investigate'...
  • 'Saga may involve a lot of well known names'...
  • Attorney Planning Countersuit...

weekly standard

  • Don’t You Dare Say the ‘R’ Word
  • Maine Poll: Republican LePage Leads Democrat Michaud
  • The Obama Library: Who Pays?
  • Report: Sebelius 'Not Considering' Run for Senate
  • Politics: The Family Business
  • GA Senate: Chamber of Commerce Endorses Kingston

political commentator

  • Obama, Putin, Nevada, Ukraine and Cojones (or lack thereof)! (Posters)
  • 12 tips (aka dose of reality) for new college graduates!
  • NBA Playoffs: Which teams gouge their fans? (Chart)
  • Never Again? Jews over 16 in Ukraine told to register or be deported!
  • Mommy, where do federal tax revenues come from?
  • Hotspots around the world! (Map)

power line

  • Keystone: The Fierce Urgency of Delay
  • Move On? Not Just Yet
  • In the court of King Barry…
  • 2016 presidential dark horses — a look at John Kasich and Mike Pence
  • The lies of Obamacare: victory lap edition
  • Thoughts from the ammo line

the blaze

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the volokh conspiracy

  • [Paul Cassell] Federalist Society podcast on using acquitted conduct at sentencing
  • [David Kopel] National Firearms Law Seminar
  • [Eugene Volokh] Wisconsin limits on public employer collective bargaining upheld
  • [Eugene Volokh] Sterilization of the “intellectually disabled”
  • [Eugene Volokh] BET has First Amendment to tell transgender on-screen TV personality to dress differently on-screen
  • [Ilya Somin] Atheism, self-sacrifice, and morality

atlas shrugs

  • Muslim Arrested in Kansas City Highway Sniper Shootings, charged wth 18 counts in 20 shootings
  • Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Pax Islamica Debuts in Dubai
  • U.S. government is “trolling” jihadists on twitter: “We are actually giving al Qaeda the benefit of the doubt…”
  • Faked Hate Crime: Kassim Alhimidi Found Guilty in Honor Killing of Wife Shaima Alawadi, Daughter Not Yet Charged
  • Pamela Geller, American Thinker: What’s Wrong with the Right
  • Abu Dhabi Court Frees Devout Muslim Father Who Whipped His Son to Death


  • Ecce Homo: Good Friday 2014
  • The Good Friday Show
  • Democrats Wage Lawfare on Republican Governors
  • Jimmy Carter Invites the Money Changers Back to the Temple
  • Kelo Decision A Rousing Success
  • HHS Set To Destroy Inexpensive Health Insurance Plans


  • Kansas City Highway Shooter Suspect Arrested
  • Harry Reid Denounces Bundy Ranch Patriots as “Terrorists”
  • Facebook Censors Todd Starnes Yet Again
  • Moonbat Advice for Dealing With Bullies
  • Moonbat Melody Hensley Gets PTSD From Twitter
  • Putin Gets the Better of Obama Once Again

right wing news

  • Chicago Math: Three is Only Two
  • Liberal Activist Gets PTSD From Twitter
  • Harry Reid Denounces Bundy Ranch Defenders as “Terrorists”
  • South Carolina Drops Out of Common Core Standardized Testing
  • Florida Woman Jailed For Leaving Six Pets to Die in Foreclosed Home
  • Judge Lashes Out at Convicted Killer: “I Hope You Die”

michelle malkin

  • For those longing for the days of Solyndra, DOE spending $4 billion to make it happen again
  • Jay Carney reveals President Obama’s most challenging interviewer of the 2012 campaign
  • Another Nobel Prize on the way? Paul Krugman to study income inequality from perspective of 1 percent
  • It’s official! Philanthro-nanny Michael Bloomberg announces he’s bought his way into heaven
  • Debunking the Blame Righty propagandists…again
  • Big shock: Changes to Census Bureau survey will make it difficult to measure effects of Obamacare

ace of spades hq


  • Fly to Tijuana, Walk to San Diego
  • Ohio Dems Submit Bill to Raise State Minimum Wage to $10.10
  • Oakland Woman Dies of Apparent Overdose at Coachella Festival
  • Embattled 'X-Men' Director Drops Out of Biden-Led Creativity Conference
  • Poll: Ted Cruz Most Popular Politician in Texas
  • Two Dems Accuse Party Leaders in 33rd of Changing Rules to Favor Wealthy Insiders

reason magazine

  • Conservatives Still Don't Want You to Get Sick and Die
  • Blame Lefties if India Elects a Sham Free Marketer Hindu Extremist
  • Cody Wilson: Happiness is a 3-D Printed Gun
  • Is This the Supreme Court's Next Big Gun Case?
  • Milk Debate Touches Raw Nerve in California
  • Transcendence




  • WGN Marks Easter with Devil Worshiping, Sex-Filled ‘Salem’
  • Politico's Nather: Obama Can 'Spike the Football' Because Obamacare 'Is Beating Expectations'
  • Ten Years Ago, 'The Passion' Ruckus Demonstrated Network TV's Hostility to Orthodox Christianity
  • No Skepticism as ABC and CBS Cheer “Major Milestone” for ObamaCare
  • In Easter Message, MSNBC's Sharpton Lauds Crucifixion, Resurrection of... Obama?!
  • CBS, Bloomberg and Vox Attack Turbo Tax Owner
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american thinker


  • Link of the Day: Satire – Top Ten Things Putin Said to Obama about Ukraine
  • Wisdom of the Day: Dance Crockett Drunks Friday Sword Strikes Hotline Intro
  • He Really Obama-ed That Prediction
  • Soft Casualty
  • Obama Warned Us – Raise
  • Straight Line of the Day: If You Could Ask Frank J. Any Question, What Would It Be?

the daily caller


  • Chicago Math: Three is Only Two
  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest&trade
  • Eating Their Own: Union Wants to Unionize Extremist, Left-Wing Media Matters, Website Owners Furious
  • POLICE STATE: Feds Still Buying Tons of Ammunition
  • Pistol Turned to ‘Submachine Gun’ By Clueless Media
  • Church Wastes $22K On Metal ‘Homeless Jesus’ Statue Instead of Homeless

riehl world view

  • Several Influential Conservatives Favor Comcast Merger
  • Why Did Dylan Byers Discreetly Change His Mike Rogers Cumulus Story?
  • Cue the Outrage Mongers: AmSpec – Michelle Malkin Is Wrong
  • Why Romney’s Attack On Obama Is Misguided
  • Dateline 4/11/2007: Why Chris Hayes was “quietly crying” into his sweater
  • Ukraine Calls Up 40,000 Reservists

the other mccain

  • Self-Awareness, @AmandaMarcotte? Irony? Some Logical Coherence, Perhaps?
  • Arianna Huffington’s Lesbian Daughter Recovers From Cocaine Habit
  • British Jury Acquits Lesbian, 40, Who Had Drunk Sex With Girl, 15
  • Police: Alabama Mom Killed Her Son’s Gay Boyfriend; Not Hate Crime
  • Shocking: Brandeis Feminist Faculty Led Petition Against Aayan Hirsi Ali
  • As Failed Suicide Attempts Go …

the last refuge

the gateway pundit

doug ross

  • The Top 150 Conservative Websites, April 2014
  • Larwyn's Linx: The IRS Scandal's Smoking Gun?
  • "CIVILIAN NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE": Obama's Goals Become Clear with his Militarized Government
  • HILARIOUS: IRS Hack Lois Lerner Plays the Victim Card
  • DUDE: Kepler Space Telescope Discovers First Earth-like Planet
  • This Picture Says It All

flopping aces

  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
  • Long Live The Republic (Guest Post)
  • Al Qaeda: “Obama is on the path to defeat”
  • Victim of Islamic genital mutilation victimized again by Brandeis University
  • 1776 & 2014 – Complacency and Revolution
  • Harry Reid: The stain in the Senate’s briefs

vox populi

  • Lions Den: Witchfinder
  • The Hollywood mafia in the media crosshairs
  • Balkanization USA
  • The unstoppable terrorist plan
  • RIP Andy Robertson
  • The political spectrum


  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was
  • I'm Ba-ack
  • White House Scientists Struggle to Contain Outbreak of Scrutonium
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the campaign spot

  • Nation Shocked to Learn Kathleen Sebelius Hadn’t Resigned a While Ago
  • Oh, Look, Obamacare's Unpopular Again.
  • Pharmacy Managers: 43% of Exchange Enrollees Had Drug Coverage Before Current Plan
  • Maine's Independent Senator Flirts With Joining GOP
  • Positions Don’t Define Politicians, Actions Do.
  • Medicaid Patients Realize They Can't Find a Doctor

jammie wearing fool

pj media

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