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  • Who is Michael Bennet? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate
  • Who is Steve Bullock? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate
  • Who is Amy Klobuchar? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate
  • Who is Pete Buttigieg? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate
  • Who is Andrew Yang? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate
  • Bios of the Democratic presidential candidates

fact check

  • Nicole Kidman Did Not Call Trump ‘The Best President in U.S. History’
  • Post Misleads on Congressional Salaries, Social Security
  • Mislabeled Video Politicizes Drug Problem
  • Video: Trump Misleads on ‘Rebuffed’ Russian Offers
  • FactChecking Trump’s Pitch to Farmers
  • Fake Mark Twain ‘Quote’ Mocks Voting

fact checker

hot air

fox news

drudge report

  • 'LOCK HER UP'...

political commentator

  • Heroes To Heroes Foundation Video Premier: Combat Veterans Pain, Suffering And Healing!
  • Donate $25 To Charity And A Republican Will Fall Off Of A 17-story Building!
  • Long Island History And The ‘New’ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Eternal Flame!
  • June 15, 2017: A Day Of Golf And Patriotism In New York
  • New York Business Development, Corporate Branding, Military Veterans 501(c)(3)….And Charity Golf! – Hallmark Abstract LLC
  • Golf For Combat Veterans At The Historic Saint Andrews Golf Club June 15th!

power line

  • President Trump Launches Re-Election Campaign
  • Does Omar Need an English Lesson?
  • How to respond to “the pirates of Tehran”
  • Who’s a socialist?
  • From the mixed-up files of Rep. Ilhan Omar (9)

the blaze

  • Former GOP rep calls Kyle Kashuv's racist posts 'the social media postings we see of a shooter'
  • President Trump says Hope Hicks is 'absolutely immune' from testifying, instructs her to not answer questions
  • Illinois lawmaker threatens gun owner with confiscation when he questions proposed semiautomatic ban
  • 'The answer to bad speech is NOT less speech': NYT bestselling author Brad Thor on big tech censorship
  • ICE chief castigates 'concentration camp' claim from Ocasio-Cortez in scathing rebuke
  • Jon Miller issued AOC a history lesson about concentration camps

the volokh conspiracy



  • The National Debt Will Destroy Us
  • Racially Charged Phoenix Shoplifting Case
  • O.J. Simpson Parody Account Gets Scary
  • Watch Countermoonbat Take Out Multiple Antifa Freaks
  • Mastercard to Let Transsexuals Use Phony Names
  • Open Thread

right wing news

  • Talking with Matt Lewis About Sex Robots
  • Planet Hawkins Podcast Interview #13: Matt Lewis
  • The 30 Best Quotes From Jonah Goldberg
  • Why I Feel Lucky to Have Grown Up Without the Internet
  • The 10 Best Quotes From Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull Series
  • The difficulty Biden would have in beating Trump

michelle malkin

  • Question: Did Ilhan Omar commit federal tax fraud?
  • From Convicted Murderer to Exoneree to Law Grad
  • Revoke Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Fraud Immunity Card
  • DUH: HUD Housing Should Put Americans First
  • The Beltway Bidens: Creepy, crooked, and NOT just like us
  • Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census

ace of spades hq


reason magazine

pj media

american thinker


  • Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • Nostalgia Bug Done Bit Me
  • First Name Dark. Last Name Phoenix
  • Link of the Day: Call It a Late Memorial Day Present
  • Trump Truths: UFO
  • This Is the Expression I Want on Her Face Every Day She’s in Congress


  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of June 14, 2019
  • Democrats using backdoor tactic to target the Second Amendment
  • Tanker War 2.0 Heats Up
  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of June 7, 2019
  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

the other mccain

  • In The Mailbox: 06.18.19
  • Rule 5 Tuesday: Halle Berry
  • Horny Teacher Sentenced to Prison
  • In The Mailbox: 06.17.19
  • LGBT Totalitarians Lose Again
  • Naming Names

the last refuge

the gateway pundit

  • BREAKING: Trump Announces He “Has a Feeling” Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Likely to Run for Arkansas Governor! (VIDEO)
  • Orlando Crowd Goes Wild After Lovely First Lady Melania Introduces President Trump (VIDEO)
  • TRUMP GOES THERE! Radical Democrats Driven by Hatred, Rage – They Want to Destroy You and Our Country… It’s NOT Going to Happen!”
  • Hah-Hah! TRUMP KICK-OFF RALLY Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks! CNN Sucks!…” Within First 5 Minutes of Rally! (VIDEO)
  • Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Joe Biden at Orlando Rally: “He Gets Up to Stump, to About 4 People… Usually as He’s Groping Someone” (VIDEO)
  • LIVE FROM ORLANDO: Pictures and LIVE VIDEO FEED From President Trump’s Campaign Kick-Off Rally

doug ross

  • Larwyn's Linx: State Dept. on Clinton Emails 23 violations, 'multiple security incidents'
  • NPR Beclowns Itself, Chapter 9,603
  • Larwyn's Linx: No Outrage Over Democrat Ties to Foreign Election Interference
  • Larwyn's Linx: Leftism Makes People Meaner: Reflections On The Torture Of Paul Manafort
  • MY NAME IS ANDREA STELTER-ACOSTA: And welcome to the ABCBSNBC Evening News!
  • Larwyn's Linx: The Deep State Positions Itself to Police All Republican Campaigns

flopping aces

  • Joe Biden promises afterlife for everyone if elected
  • Indict Andrew McCabe, Who Says Impeach Trump
  • Sunday Funnies
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 06/14/2019
  • Congratulations, dems. You’ve made an iron clad case against hillary clinton and the DNC
  • Trump absolutely owns democrats and the left wing media. He goads Pelosi into doing exactly what he wanted.

vox populi

  • Color me dubious
  • Stop eating people!
  • Reprehensibly stupid
  • Sounds like a good start
  • Ben Shapiro is an intellectual drag queen
  • Gammas destroy everything

pj media

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