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  • Fact-checking Trump's first general election ad on immigration
  • Happy 9th birthday, PolitiFact!
  • What we know about the health of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
  • The post-truth election? Comparing 2016 to past elections on the Truth-O-Meter
  • Donald Trump's speech about fighting 'radical Islamic terrorism,' fact-checked
  • In context: Donald Trump's 'Second Amendment people' comment

fact check

  • Opposition Overreach in Nevada
  • Trump on Clinton’s Emails
  • Twisting Clinton’s Immigration Plan
  • Clinton Campaign’s ‘Kremlin’ Deception
  • Unpacking Pot’s Impact in Colorado
  • ‘Record’ College Enrollment Rates?

fact checker

  • How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list.
  • Here’s how Trump got the AP story on Clinton Foundation donors all wrong
  • Does Huma Abedin have ‘ties’ to the Muslim Brotherhood?
  • Trump’s misleading claim that 58 percent of black youths are unemployed
  • Pro-Clinton group takes a Donald Trump quote out of context
  • Clinton’s misleading citation of ’15 million jobs’ under Obama

hot air

fox news

the corner

  • Friday links
  • Science Proves It
  • Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary Saying Trump Causes Bullying Is ‘National Enquirer Type Stuff’
  • The Return of Touch-Back Amnesty?
  • U.S. Navy Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Patrol Boats
  • Trump 2016: 'No Amnesty As Such'

drudge report

  • Now it's the Vast Alt-Right Conspiracy...
  • Her Supporters Confused On Meaning...
  • 'DR. DREW' Show Cancelled Days After Questioning Health...
  • Juanita Broaddrick fears for life: 'I don't feel safe anymore'...

the daily signal

  • Companies Are Raising Wages Without a Government Mandate
  • North Korean Sub-Launched Missiles Threaten US Allies
  • What Obama Is Doing to Seal His Environmental Record
  • Left-Funded Rally Aims to Pressure Lawmakers to Welcome More Refugees
  • Extreme Position of Pro-Choice Politicians Contradicts American Consensus
  • A College Strikes Back Against Safe Spaces

political commentator

power line

  • Thoughts from the ammo line
  • U.S. women’s soccer scores a Solo own goal
  • One Man’s Disaster Is Another Man’s Bogey
  • Obama’s Iran Policy Continues to Pay Dividends
  • Clintons Already Planning Next Stage of Corruption

the blaze

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Nita Farahany] Can you legally consent to a head transplant?
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Court voids state sex offender registry for imposing unconstitutionally retroactive punishment
  • [Ilya Somin] A warning against trigger warnings
  • [Sasha Volokh] The faulty empirical basis for the DOJ’s withdrawal from private prisons
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Should Chevron be reconsidered? A federal judge thinks so.
  • [Eugene Volokh] Georgia dentist claims libel lawsuit was filed without his knowledge (though in his name)

atlas shrugs

  • Burkini Jihad Hoaxer: How Muslims staged the French Burkini Arrest
  • London’s Muslim Mayor Who Banned Bikini Ads Blasts France Burkini Ban
  • Knife Jihad: Journalist STABBED Trying to Save Other Victims of Muslim Murderer Shouting ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’
  • Assassination attempt on Angela Merkel
  • Jihadis storm beach restaurant in Lido Beach, at least 2 dead in dual attacks
  • Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Anti-Sharia Ads Censored On London Transport


  • Trump Camp Pretends They’re Unfamiliar With the Alt-Right
  • DEAR SARAH PALIN: Ann Coulter Just Offered This Gross Defense of Trump’s Antics, You Fine With That?
  • US Soccer makes a decision on Hope Solo
  • People Give Ann Coulter’s Book Cover a Makeover After Trump’s Immigration Flip-Flop
  • WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Falls Into Hysterical, Uncontrollable Laughter Over Ann Coulter’s Trump Misfortunes
  • How Deep Does Vladimir Putin’s FSB Have Their Hooks Into Hillary Clinton?


  • Open Thread
  • Hitler Finds Out About Trump’s Great Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop
  • Pillowgate
  • Iowa Department of Corrections Panders to Pervs With New Gender Dysphoria Policy
  • The One Thing We Can All Agree On: Welfare Reform Worked
  • Man Bites Dog Story From Academia

right wing news

michelle malkin

  • Gee, Hillary REALLY didn’t want her deleted yoga emails to fall into enemy hands
  • ‘I didn’t inhale’ v2.0: Hillary says Clinton Foundation scandal stories smoke but no fire
  • Obama peace partner Iran spends some of that ‘definitely not a ransom’ windfall showing off their boats to the US Navy
  • Leo DiCaprio’s dirty dollars
  • Of course: Louisiana floods give Bill Nye opportunity to extend predictability streak
  • James Carville: The Clintons’ pay-to-play schemes save lives so their critics better prepare to go to hell

ace of spades hq


reason magazine

jammie wearing fool

pj media


  • Nets Censor U.S. Navy Ship Forced to Shoot Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels
  • FNC’s Kelly Confronts Ramos on Trump Opposition, Asks Why He Doesn’t Label Hillary a ‘Liar’
  • ABC, NBC Swoop in to Defend Clinton from Trump’s ‘Bigot’ Remark
  • Michael Eric Dyson: 'Making America Great Again' Is 'Code' for 'White Nationalism'
  • Russell Wilson Doesn’t Deny Canceling NC Wedding over HB2 Law
  • CBS, NBC Hype 'Uproar' Over Secular France's Burkini Ban

american thinker


the daily caller


  • Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
  • Smoke and Clinton Ethics
  • Canaries of the Trump Campaign
  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners August 12, 2016
  • “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”
  • Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners August 5, 2016

riehl world view

  • Hm: Rolling Stone begins fully reporting botched rape story
  • CBS This Morning has also spoken with Jackie’s 3 friends
  • Discrepancies: U-Va. Rolling Stone alleged sexual assault
  • Charles C. Johnson’s Dumb, Despicable New Low In Attacking Jackie
  • Jann Wenner Declines Resignation from Rolling Stone Deputy Ed. Sean Woods
  • UVA: Jackie’s Father Claims Daughter WAS raped

the other mccain

  • In The Mailbox: 08.24.16
  • How Much Does @JessicaValenti Enjoy Her Husband @AGolis’s ‘Male Tears’?
  • In The Mailbox: 08.23.16
  • Feminist Professor @MarcieBianco Says Academia Discriminates Against Women
  • The Hugo Awards Are Dead; Long Live The Dragons!
  • In The Mailbox: 08.22.16

the last refuge

the gateway pundit

doug ross

  • Larwyn's Linx: Top 10 Reasons Hillary is a Bigot; Clintons Already Planning Next Stage of Corruption
  • FUNNIEST CHART THIS YEAR: Illinois Obamacare Premiums to Skyrocket up to... 90%
  • WIKILEAKS CHIEF: We Have a Little October Surprise for Miss Hillary
  • WATCH: Four Iranian Vessels Harass U.S. Destroyer by Straits of Hormuz
  • Larwyn's Linx: Peter Schweizer: More Damning Hillary Emails On the Way
  • 30 Blocks of Hillary and Her Watermelons

flopping aces

  • This is the Clinton smoking gun
  • Bankers, Oligarchs, and The Left’s Erosion of America’s foundation
  • Sen. Dick Durbin: Destroyer of Affordable Debit Cards (Guest Post)
  • Thoughts on Trump – When Life Gives You Lemons…
  • Sunday Funnies
  • How the press treated a white Republican vs how it treats a black democrat

vox populi

  • Playing the Buckley card
  • Belgian bombing
  • Churchian theology
  • Hillary live stream
  • (((Ben))) bravely runs away... again
  • An actual Alt Right take


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

the campaign spot

  • Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Makes Fundraising Pitch for Jindal
  • The Campaign Spot Closes, Moving Over to the Corner . . .
  • Pension Costs, Health Insurance Costs, Illegal Immigration: They All Hit Home.
  • The Obama Era of Unresolved Scandals and Outrages
  • We Need a Real Debate About American Immigration Levels.
  • Obama to Announce Presidential Library Site Tomorrow

jammie wearing fool

pj media

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