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daily kos

  • Republicans redefine chutzpah with equal pay tweet
  • New ad hits McConnell for abandoning his old Kentucky home
  • Eric Cantor cashes in for $3.4 million
  • Cartoon: Tips and tricks for new college students
  • Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Doug Ducey just can't move on from his bitter primary
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political wire

  • Kentuckians Don't Want Paul Running for Two Offices
  • Landrieu Attacked for Representing Washington, DC
  • Alaska Democrats Back Independent for Governor
  • Why Republicans Hold an Midterm Edge
  • Mayor Ousts Man for Not Standing During Pledge of Allegiance
  • Majority Still Opposed to Scottish Independence

the corner

  • 2002 Rotherham Whistleblower Silenced, Assigned to Diversity Training
  • Spreading Amnesia: Democrats Pin Hopes on Voters Forgetting Who's Been In Charge
  • Obama Approval Falls to 45 Percent in Democratic California
  • Lois Lerner Ignored Millions in Misreported Political Spending by Unions
  • Landrieu Hit as 'the Senator Representing the District of Columbia' in New Ad
  • Madison Scholar Condemns AP U.S. History Redesign


new republic

  • What ISIS's Leader Really Wants
  • Happy Labor Day. Are Unions Dead?
  • Hooters Hires Based on Looks. So Do Many Companies. And There's No Law Against It.
  • The Heartbreaking Stories That Filled My Notebook After 9/11

drudge report


  • Wonkbook: The troubling state of labor
  • Name That Data winners, week 7
  • Oklahoma’s public schools are starting the year in legal limbo
  • What your 1st-grade life says about the rest of it
  • Where foreign students are coming from
  • Why are Venezuela’s supermarkets so empty?

politifact truth-o-meter

  • 5 fact-checks about the high cost of college tuition
  • PunditFact fact-checks the Aug. 31 news shows
  • The audacity of taupe: Obama's suit switch surprises
  • Join PolitiFact, PunditFact for live video chat
  • The Arkansas U.S. Senate race: the fact-checks so far
  • The Florida governor's race: the fact-checks so far
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  • America’s Other Other Other Other War: Somalia
  • NATO Prepares Spearhead Force As Putin Claims Could Take Kiev ‘In Two Weeks’
  • The Roundup
  • Allow me to summarize the sophisticated advice of our nation’s Congressional “leadership”
  • Late, Late Night FDL: Lady
  • Late Night: Mining the Earth

abc politics

  • The Note: Obama Prepares NATO Pitch
  • 4 Things to Watch as Obama Heads to Estonia, NATO Summit in Wales
  • President Obama: ‘Every Gray Hair Is Worth It’
  • President Obama Notifies Congress of Amirli Bombing, Airdrop Campaign
  • Rep. Tom Cole: Be ‘Smart About What We Do’ on ISIS
  • Richard Clarke Calls Obama ‘Wrong’ on World’s Dangers

power line

  • Melanie Phillips: Paying the price for Gaza
  • Hamas’ popularity surges in aftermath of its great “victory”
  • Reid rage
  • CRB: Déjà Two
  • “Immigration Rights”–What Are They?

paul krugman

the hill

  • Obama's risky midterm game
  • Obama: Media makes you think ‘world is falling apart’
  • Obama to raise government pay
  • WH to Putin: Don't mess with the Baltics
  • White House refuses to set deadline for immigration action
  • WH pushes back on report Obama hesitated to rescue Foley

weekly standard

  • McConnell Aide Resigns As Ron Paul Scandal Develops
  • Kerry Comes Around
  • Public Health Official in Chief: President Gives Ebola Warning to West African Nations
  • Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It
  • Gibbs: Obama's No 'Strategy Yet' Admission a 'Wince-Able Moment'
  • CNN to Islamist Cleric: 'I Respect That You Try to Get Your Message Out However You Can'

huffington post

the fix

  • Ted Cruz wants to make the 2014 election a referendum on ‘amnesty’
  • In his new job, Eric Cantor will make 26 times the average household income of his old district
  • This ad against Mary Landrieu is rough
  • Republicans reclaim their status as the party of hawks
  • Rick Perry makes a Twitter ‘oops’
  • Summer is almost over. Here’s what you should read to get ready for the elections this fall.


  • Chris Christie Refuses to Visit Border during Mexico Trip: 'This Is Silliness'
  • Military Abandons Some Combat Dogs Overseas
  • Nigeria Places 271 People Under Surveillance for Ebola
  • Eli Lake: Obama 'Last Holdout' on Aggressive Action Against ISIS
  • Ebola Turning African Villages into Ghost Towns
  • Home Invasion on Texas Border Leaves Suspect Shot Dead

media matters

  • The Foreign Leaders Conservative Media Wish Were In Charge Here
  • News Outlet: Karl Rove Twisted Our Reporting For His Anti-Dem Attack Ad
  • Laura Ingraham Tells Radio Listeners That Obama Considers Them, Not Islamic State, The "True Enemy"
  • Fox's Geraldo: Obama Should Encourage American Muslims "To Be Americans First"
  • Fox Host Wonders Whether An Executive Order On Immigration Is "Shutdown Bait"
  • Fox Revives Right-Wing Myth That Government Assistance Pays "Better Than Working"

new york times

fox news

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kevin drum

  • Putin Brags About How Fast He Could Take Ukraine
  • Friday Cat Blogging - 29 August 2014
  • Chart of the Day: When Women Fail, They Pay a Bigger Price Than Men
  • Has Vladimir Putin Painted Himself Into a Corner?
  • There Are No Lessons of History
  • BREAKING: Economy Continues to Stagnate

hotline on call


  • Idaho School District Levy Fails, So Kids Will Take P.E. Classes Online
  • Phyllis Schlafly Says Just Get Married, Ladies, And End Rape And Violence Forever
  • Mary Burke Just Might Kill Gov. Scott Walker’s Dreams of Losing GOP Presidential Primary
  • John Oliver Reads YouTube Comments On John Oliver Vids, Survives (Video)
  • Florida GOP Vaporizes Obamacare With Fully Operational Free Market Alternative
  • Rob Ford Bobbleheads, Jon Stewart Hates Himself And Other News You Can Maybe Use

washington post

  • GovBeat: Where in the United States you can’t purchase alcohol
  • The 5 most surprisingly entertaining campaigns of 2014, heading into the home stretch
  • Monkey Cage: Are Republican leaders more prone to conspiracy theories?
  • The Fix: Ted Cruz wants to make the 2014 election a referendum on ‘amnesty’
  • In the Loop: Top campaign donors mostly live in California, New York
  • Monkey Cage: A broad approach to countering the Islamic State

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Eugene Volokh] Vomitoria were apparently not rooms the Romans devoted to vomiting after dinner
  • [David Post] NATO and an “e-SOS” for cyberattacks
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] The dubious sources of some Supreme Court “facts”
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Sixth Circuit reverses Amish beard-cutting hate crime convictions
  • [David Post] Abortion, ICANN, and Internet governance
  • [Stewart Baker] Does Google think you’re famous?

crooks and liars

  • Fast Food Workers Plan Civil Disobedience Action This Thursday
  • Texas District Judge Tells Wingnut 'Stink Tanker' He's 'Not A Credible Witness'
  • Politico: GOP Worried About Falling Short In Mid-Terms
  • Lobbyist Takes On NFL Blackouts, Comcast, Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums
  • Eric Cantor Named VP Of Wall St. Investment Bank
  • Tuxedoed Gun Owner Shoots At Bystanders After His BJ Is Rudely Interrupted

the moderate voice


talking points memo

  • Blackwater Guard Faces Life In Prison As Nisoor Square Trial Nears End
  • Tenn. Lawmakers Join GOP Attack On 'Revisionist' AP US History Exam
  • Southern Blacks Are Biggest Victims Of GOP's Obamacare Obstructionism
  • Dem Opponent Hitting McConnell On Campaign Manager Resignation
  • Peacekeepers Held Hostage As Syrian Rebels Issue Demands
  • Obamacare Converts Showing Up In Unlikely Places

congress blog

  • A 21st century labor movement
  • In United States, Japanese-branded autos are more American than ever
  • BEER: A job-creating engine in the nation’s economy
  • Amend the Constitution to restore the democracy the Roberts court killed
  • Giving air travelers a better choice at the right time
  • The Social Security solvency dodge


  • A Hypersonic Failure and Sluggish Consumer Spending
  • From the Mail Bag
  • Nine Days, Mr. President
  • Will the African-American vote save troubled Democratic Senate incumbents?
  • The Clinton Machine
  • Barack Obama, Mary Burke (D-CAND, Wisconsin-GOV) indignantly object to news report that latter is hiding from former.
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oliver willis

  • How Four Minutes Of Network TV Could Save The World
  • Killing ISIS, Neocon Dreams, And The One Thing That Bush Got Right
  • How The Right Wing Turned Me Into A Black Radical, I Guess
  • The Right’s Perverse Prime Directive
  • The Police In Ferguson, Missouri Have Gone Too Far
  • Robin Williams Was The Genie, And It Was A Gift To Us


  • Medicine Is Racist Too
  • The ‘Third Wave’ of Coffee Could Save the Earth
  • Dick Cheney-Approved
  • Corporate Inversion Tax Dodge
  • Back to College, the Only Gateway to the Middle Class
  • Iraq: Is the Battle of Amerli a Turning Point?

michelle malkin

  • Obama calls press conference to announce lack of strategy against ISIS
  • Asian-bashing Dems and the doormat minorities who enable them
  • ‘Phony scandal’ update: Lois Lerner’s Blackberry ‘wiped clean’ of info after congressional probe began
  • Congrats, Diane Douglas! Grass-roots activist ousts pro-Common Core state supe in Arizona GOP primary
  • Faces of climate change: Maybe pictures of ‘scared scientists’ will convert deniers
  • Warren Buffett helps finance BK’s tax reduction; Harry Reid figuring out how to blame the Koch brothers

news hounds

  • Fox’s Jim Pinkerton Baselessly Suggests Al Sharpton Blackmailed MSNBC Into Ferguson Coverage
  • Outrageous Fox News Quote Of The Week Poll – August 24-30, 2014
  • ‘Neutral” Megyn Kelly Shouts At Democratic Guest About ISIS And Obama
  • Yes, Fox News, There Is Scientific Consensus About Man-Made Global Warming
  • Andrea Tantaros Refuses To Apologize For Promoting Violence Against Muslims
  • On Labor Day Weekend, Fox Host Says Minimum Wage Workers ‘Don’t Deserve’ A Raise


riehl world view

  • Did the EPA Abuse It’s Authority to Influence the 2012 presidential election?
  • Wacko Bird Express: McCain to campaign for Thad Cochran
  • Democrat Political Operative Running Thad Cochran’s GOTV effort
  • MailOnline hires ex-BuzzFeed boss Jon Steinberg as new North America CEO
  • Bob Schieffer Thinks All Hispanics Are Illegal
  • ISIS leader ‘I’ll see you guys in New York’

political animal

  • Losing Touch
  • Candor From the Bench
  • House Keeping
  • Daylight Video
  • Day's End and Sunset Watch
  • British Tremors

andrew sullivan

  • Celebrities: They Sext Like Us
  • Sheep Solves Drone Debate
  • Michael Sam Loses His Spot
  • Photos With Depth
  • “The ‘Great Man Theory’ At Its Most Frightful”
  • The Economics Of Superhero Flicks


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • TEACH IN in DC
  • Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded!
  • MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
  • Ukraine News - Sep 2, 2014
  • Alkhawaja on hunger strike to force Saudi-backed regime to give way to democracy
  • Three World Leaders Speak on the Future of Israel and Palestine

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • The man who should be America’s President
  • Sunday Funnies
  • WaPo: ‘Obama Is Incompetent’
  • Waterboarding Hypocrisy?
  • The Trans-Atlantic Slavers
  • The 3 am phone call has come and Obama didn’t answer
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drudge retort

  • 'Psychosexual' Test Fails Abused Children
  • Wang: Democrats Will Keep the Senate
  • Obama Won't Rush Decision on ISIS
  • University of Minnesota Not Thrilled to Host Slurskins
  • O.J. Simpson Wants to Be a Muslim
  • Man Beats Woman, Child, Throws Toddler from Car

little green footballs

  • Fountains of Wayne, "A Road Song"
  • Liberals Yearn for the Raw Sexual Power of Conservatives. -- Kurt Schlichter
  • A Good Piece at WaPo on the Relationship Between Michael Brown and Friend Dorian Johnson
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tweets Ugly Image, Deletes It, Then Says It Was "Unauthorized"
  • Jim Hoft Plagiarized a White Supremacist Hate Site for His Latest Race-Baiting Post
  • Jim Hoft, Dumbest Man on the Internet, Also Most Hypocritical

vox populi

  • Ex-US intelligence warns the EU
  • Mailvox: somehow, I doubt it
  • So much for the Cloud
  • The EU states the obvious
  • The decline of game reviews
  • The myth of the melting ice

crooks and liars

  • Fast Food Workers Plan Civil Disobedience Action This Thursday
  • Texas District Judge Tells Wingnut 'Stink Tanker' He's 'Not A Credible Witness'
  • Politico: GOP Worried About Falling Short In Mid-Terms
  • Lobbyist Takes On NFL Blackouts, Comcast, Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums
  • Eric Cantor Named VP Of Wall St. Investment Bank
  • Tuxedoed Gun Owner Shoots At Bystanders After His BJ Is Rudely Interrupted

john avlon

  • A Brief History of Wingnuts in America; From George Washington to Woodstock – The Daily Beast
  • The Absurd Impeachment Feedback Loop – The Daily Beast
  • Border Kids Crisis—Impotent Congress – The Daily Beast
  • Scaife v. Clinton and the Dangers of Demonization – The Daily Beast
  • Tea Party Cannibalizes Cantor – The Daily Beast
  • Hatriot Politics Created the Las Vegas Killers – The Daily Beast

ace of spades hq

  • ICYMI: Islamists Take Over US Embassy in Tripoli, Throw Pool Party for Allah
  • Open Thread
  • Tuesday Morning News Dump
  • Top Headline Comments 9-2-14
  • Overnight Open Thread (9-1-2014)
  • Spaced-Out Challenge: Finding Uranus

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