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daily kos

  • Can Republicans lead? According to the headlines ... nope
  • Cartoon: Does the Supreme Leader truly love our land mass?
  • Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: A wounded Rahm tries to show he's not bleeding ahead of runoff
  • Washington Post: Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski to retire
  • Pelosi: Boehner promised to bring clean Homeland Security funding bill up for a vote this week
  • Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

the corner

  • Poll: Netanyahu's Support Among Americans Is Up
  • Conservatives and Global Warming
  • Less Money for Politically Correct Lawlessness
  • Paging Dr. Carson...
  • Monday links
  • Feinstein: I'll Be at Netanyahu Speech — But I Won't Be 'Jumping Up and Down'


  • Bangladeshi-American activist Avijit Roy murdered for blogging-while-atheist
  • Scott Walker is making the wrong kind of sense
  • Credit Suisse buys article in The New Republic to court LGBT community
  • Rep. Aaron Schock (R – Downton Abbey) lawyers up after new spending revealed
  • About Aaron Schock
  • John Kasich’s greatest hits

new republic

  • How John Boehner Can End Republicans' Shutdown Addiction
  • Fear of a Radical Pope
  • Working on the Race Beat
  • What the West Got Wrong About Sex Education
  • Can Republicans Finally Accept Gay Conservatives?
  • The Islamic State Is Losing Iraq

drudge report

  • Netanyahu on 'historic' US mission...
  • Relations 'stronger than ever'...
  • Tickets in High Demand Despite Dems' Boycott...
  • 'I could scalp that ticket'...
  • White House Offers Rebuttal Before Speech...


  • DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana
  • The Dutch Embassy made an infographic to troll D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser over pot
  • U.S. millennials post ‘abysmal’ scores in tech skills test, lag behind foreign peers
  • Boehner buys himself another week, but at what cost?
  • The best places in the world to visit while the dollar is this strong
  • The most interesting part of Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders

politifact truth-o-meter

  • Fact-checking John Boehner's comments on 'Face the Nation'
  • The fact-checks behind 'The Daily Show's' 50 Fox news 'lies'
  • Does new research say Ebola is airborne?
  • What John Legend said about slavery at the Oscars
  • PunditFact: Why Obama won't label ISIS 'Islamic extremists'
  • Barack Obama urges audience to “do a fact-check.” We oblige


  • US Media Dropping The Ball On Ukraine ‘Volunteers’
  • The Roundup
  • Late Night FDL: Don’t Wanna Fight
  • Interview: CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on How US Government Treats Whistleblowers in Prison
  • ISIS Derangement Syndrome
  • Georgia to execute sole female death row inmate tomorrow, despite family pleas

abc politics

  • What Jeb Bush Accomplished At CPAC
  • What You Missed and What’s Coming Up At CPAC
  • 3 Reasons Why CPAC Is ‘American Idol’ For Political Nerds
  • Shutdown Countdown at DHS
  • Three Things To Watch Today
  • Scott Walker: That Was Then, This Is Now

paul krugman

the hill

weekly standard

  • Bibi Lists Times Israel Defied U.S. to Act in Self Defense
  • Roger Williams to Lead House Conservatives Fund
  • FDR at Yalta: Walking With the Devil
  • Buffett: Barring Illness, Hillary 'Very Likely to Be the President'
  • DHS Posts 'Due to a Lapse in Funding' Notice
  • Kerry Contradicts Administration: Bibi 'Welcome to Speak in the U.S.'

huffington post

  • The Pentagon Doesn't Need More Money
  • How to Get Away With Murder: The State of Capital Punishment
  • A Conservative Approach to Climate Change
  • At AIPAC, Brad Sherman Reflects Congressional Divide On Iran Sanctions
  • Eric Braverman Tried To Change The Clinton Foundation. Then He Quit. - Kenneth P. Vogel - POLITICO Magazine
  • Founding Mother Of The Conservative Movement: LGBT Rights Not Inevitable

the fix

  • John Boehner says House Republicans have a difference in “tactics.” That’s not entirely true.
  • America’s longest-serving female member of Congress is retiring. She may not hold that record for long.
  • “SNL” spoofs ISIS in controversial sketch
  • People say politics is all bad news. These 4 stories prove them wrong.
  • The past nine CPAC straw polls, in one graph
  • Young Republicans are remarkably liberal on pot


  • Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism
  • President Obama Picks His Favorite Film of 2014
  • ABC News: North Korea Govt Behind Sony Hack
  • MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates
  • Can Obama Act Alone On Cuba
  • Juan Williams: Cuba Deal 'Pig in a Poke,' 'Nothing There'

media matters

  • Los Medios Hispanos Pregonan Imagen De Jeb Bush Como "Candidato Hispano" Mientras Hacen Caso Omiso De Sus Posiciones Políticas
  • Latino Media Tout Jeb Bush As A "Hispanic Candidate" While Glossing Over His Important Policy Positions
  • Media Matters ' Karen Finney Explains How Boehner's Right-Wing Appeasement Is Backfiring For GOP
  • Libre Initiative: Un Grupo Patrocinado Por Los Hermanos Koch Haciendo Creer Que Su Objetivo Es El Empoderamiento De Los Hispanos
  • The Libre Initiative: A Koch-Funded Group Being Passed Off As Empowering Hispanics
  • Fox News Ignores High-Profile Police Shooting Of Unarmed Latino

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • Quote of the Day: Secret Scheming Places of Tea Party Congressmen Revealed!
  • Scott Walker Is Making Shit Up, Just Like His Hero Ronald Reagan
  • Kagan: Netanyahu Speech Is a Blunder
  • Friday Cat Blogging - 27 February 2015
  • Marco Rubio Has a Peculiar Idea of How to Defeat ISIS
  • Republicans Shoot Selves in Foot, Schedule Second Shooting for March

hotline on call

power line

  • A “Political Football”? He Would Know
  • A conversation with James Ceaser
  • Meet Rich Weinstein
  • Netanyahu’s moment, part 2
  • Is the Government Mandating Incompetent Banking?


  • GOP Pinky-Swears They Will ‘Fix’ Obamacare, If We Just Let Them Smash It To Bitses
  • Tucker Carlson Does Not Care For ISIS Jokes, Finds Transgender Toilets Hilarious
  • Secret Agent Lawyer Files CA Ballot Initiative To Put ‘Sodomites’ To Death
  • President Scott Walker Will Beat Foreign Enemies Just Like Reagan, By Firing Air Traffic Controllers
  • Idiot Republican Remembers Leonard Nimoy As Best Republican EVER!
  • The Weekend Stock Photo Report Will End The Internet As We Know It

washington post

  • In the Loop: Loop contest: Help name the next TV show about Washington!
  • The Fix: John Boehner says House Republicans have a difference in ‘tactics.’ That’s not entirely true.
  • Samantha Power on Iran nuclear bomb: ‘We will not let it happen’
  • GovBeat: Supreme Court takes up highly political Arizona redistricting case
  • Rubio makes more 2016 moves
  • The Fix: America’s longest-serving female member of Congress is retiring. She may not hold that record for long.

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Will Baude] Can a redistricting commission be a legislative house?
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Did the IRS engage in reasoned decision making?
  • [Eugene Volokh] ISIS apparently calling for murder of American professor
  • [Will Baude] The President doesn’t need Congress’s help to fix unjust sentences
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Activist litigation and statutory text: We’ve seen this one before
  • [Eugene Volokh] American atheist blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death in his native Bangladesh

crooks and liars

  • SCOTUS To Hear Arguments Today On Redistricting
  • Wisconsin, Scott Walker Just Isn't Into You
  • Cops, Attorneys Frame Process Server, Cellphone Recording Proves They Lied
  • L.A. Cops Shoot, Kill Mentally Ill Man In Shocking Scuffle
  • New Audio Discredits Bill O'Reilly's JFK Story
  • Fox's Cavuto On Business: Unions Are Un-American, Mafia-Like

the moderate voice

  • Disinformation Ahead of Bibi’s Visit? Seems likely.
  • Christie lied to us about Planned Parenthood, but not at CPAC (Guest Editorial)
  • Cartoon: Boris Nemtsov assasinated
  • The GOP’s loud ‘yes’ to ‘no’
  • Netanyahu dominates Israel’s election coverage
  • Can Netanyahu Be Trusted?


talking points memo

congress blog

  • How this Congress can end hunger now
  • The hard truth about reproductive health under Obama
  • Time to support software industry priorities
  • Congress should fix the ‘Doc Fix’ for good
  • Memo to GOP on climate change: Listen to your voters – and the free market
  • Privacy fears slaying serious conversation


  • Netanyahu at AIPAC: Watch Live
  • My Candid Candidate Thoughts After CPAC
  • Judging: it is the Christian thing to do
  • Would every non-anti-Semitic donor to UCLA please watch this video?
  • Obama, Christianity and Scandal
  • Battle of New Orleans revisited

oliver willis

  • No, Obama Didn’t Sound Like Bush At The United Nations
  • Hillary Clinton’s Secret Letters To Santa Exposed
  • Green Lantern Liberalism
  • NFL Fans Defending Beating A Child’s Scrotum Are Scum
  • Obama Repeats The Strategy That Killed Bin Laden In Address To Nation About ISIS
  • How “It’s Just Politics” Lets Conservatives Win


  • What Does Iran Think of Netanyahu’s Interference in Talks?
  • Harrowing Bystander Video of Police Killing a Homeless Man in L.A. Sparks Protests
  • Netanyahu’s Clash With Obama ‘Intolerable,’ Risks End of U.S.’ U.N. Veto, Says Former Mossad Head
  • Tariq Ali: The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution
  • How to Arm Your Cellphone Against Hackers and Spies
  • Truthdiggers of the Week: Leaders of the Debt Collective

michelle malkin

  • Earnest and Psaki back up Obama: Not just Jews shop at ‘randomly’ attacked kosher stores, so stop with the profiling!
  • Bill Nye shares climate change proof: The Wyoming hills are alive with ‘science’!
  • “Success story” update! Cut-and-run Obama shuts down Yemen embassy
  • Another ‘general policy’ bites the dust': Kerry and Biden meet with Netanyahu election rival
  • Man-made climate change alarmists continue to be busted revising history
  • Strategic patience: Obama admin unveils global security policy that will carry lots of ‘wait’

news hounds


riehl world view

  • Hm: Rolling Stone begins fully reporting botched rape story
  • CBS This Morning has also spoken with Jackie’s 3 friends
  • Discrepancies: U-Va. Rolling Stone alleged sexual assault
  • Charles C. Johnson’s Dumb, Despicable New Low In Attacking Jackie
  • Jann Wenner Declines Resignation from Rolling Stone Deputy Ed. Sean Woods
  • UVA: Jackie’s Father Claims Daughter WAS raped

political animal

  • Walker on Immigration: Malice Towards All
  • Obamacare Replacement: Lotta Smoke, Not Enough Mirrors
  • One Ring Circus
  • Daylight Video
  • A 50th Anniversary in Song
  • Be Prepared For Bibi

andrew sullivan

  • The Years Of Writing Dangerously
  • The Miracle Of Francis
  • A Note To Our Readers, Ctd
  • As The World Turns
  • How To Read The Entire Internet
  • Your Moments Of Dishness


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • Admit that torture does not work
  • The Nuclear Nine
  • Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?
  • ISIS Derangement Syndrome
  • Cuba, War, Peace, and Netanyahu
  • Will the US take Cuba Off the State Sponsored Terrorism List in 2015?

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • Yeah, We Hate Obama, But Not For The Reason Chris Matthews Suggests (Guest Post)
  • Sunday Funnies
  • If only Mohammaed Atta had had a job
  • Walker got it exactly right- unions are like terrorists
  • I sure hope you liberal dumbasses remember you voted for this
  • The biggest red flag yet

drudge retort

  • Driver Caught in New York HOV Lane with Dummy
  • What Psychologists Say About Anti-Vaxxers
  • 'Never Go Into These Things Without a Plan'
  • Netanyahu's Speech to Congress Also Divides Israel
  • Michigan May Allow Anyone to Refuse Service to Gays
  • Mexico's Most-Wanted Drug Lord Captured

little green footballs

  • And Now, the Right Wing Village People, Starring James O'Keefe
  • Incredible Full Concert: Todd Rundgren With Amsterdam's Metropole Orchestra 2012
  • Hugh Hewitt: Republicans Will Face No Evolution Questions From Me
  • Merchants of Doubt: What Climate Deniers Learned From Big Tobacco
  • A Great New Bob Schneider Song and Video: "Dirty Feeling"
  • A Contest of Loons: CPAC Straw Poll Results

vox populi

  • Texture bleg
  • Obama vs Israel
  • The original SJW invasion
  • Another response to Anita Sarkeesian
  • Christianity's killers
  • Pink SF's 2015 business plan

crooks and liars

  • SCOTUS To Hear Arguments Today On Redistricting
  • Wisconsin, Scott Walker Just Isn't Into You
  • Cops, Attorneys Frame Process Server, Cellphone Recording Proves They Lied
  • L.A. Cops Shoot, Kill Mentally Ill Man In Shocking Scuffle
  • New Audio Discredits Bill O'Reilly's JFK Story
  • Fox's Cavuto On Business: Unions Are Un-American, Mafia-Like

john avlon

ace of spades hq

  • Open Thread
  • Had we but DOOM enough and time...
  • Monday Morning News Dump
  • Morning Thread
  • Overnight Open Thread (3-1-2015)
  • The Brzezinski Doctrine [Weirddave]

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