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daily kos

  • Open thread for night owls: Big fines, little enforcement for financial crooks
  • Stephen Colbert brutally mocks Fox News for obsessing over the kind of boots on the ground
  • Maine bucks national trend, has more uninsured
  • A legislature of dunces: A look at the Louisiana legislature, with maps and presidential data
  • Hypocrite Rick Snyder now touting Medicaid expansion he originally fought
  • Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: Mike Rounds continues to act very defensive on&nbspEB-5

political wire

  • Rowland Found Guilty Again
  • Is Christie the GOP Frontrunner Again?
  • Bernie Sanders Recorded a Folk Album
  • Orman Lead in Kansas
  • Toss Up in Iowa
  • On Wonk Wire

the corner

  • Domestic Violence in NFL Has Decreased under Goodell
  • Krauthammer's Take: Obama's Decision to Personally Approve Air Strikes Is 'Scary Stuff'
  • If the GOP Loses the Senate—Blame the Establishment
  • Boeing Isn't Getting More NASA Money Because It's Doing a Better Job than SpaceX
  • Goodell Vows: We 'Will Get Our House in Order'
  • Va. Dems Say GOP House Candidate Winning Only Because She's a Woman


new republic

  • America's Worst Republican Could Soon Lose His Office
  • What Robert Burns Would Have Made of Scottish Independence
  • We Shouldn't Forget Liberalism's Religious Roots
  • The Killer Fog That United Labor and Environmentalists
  • How to Scare a Republican About Climate Change

drudge report

  • Overtakes AMAZON, FACEBOOK...
  • Most lucrative debut in stock market history...
  • Instant riches for employees...
  • Company Readying Major Hollywood Assault...


  • Surprise! Private sector debt is 13% of GDP lower than we thought.
  • The racial divide in America’s gun deaths
  • Forget the national debt. The new budget threat is climate change.
  • What Julian Castro and Henry Cisneros share in common beyond their jobs in HUD and San Antonio
  • Millions have joined Medicaid under Obamacare. Here’s what they think of it.
  • Name That Data! Week 9

politifact truth-o-meter

  • New York Times calls PolitiFact app 'fun, fascinating and at times depressing'
  • The Iowa U.S. Senate race: the fact-checks so far
  • Is there a corporate tax break that ships jobs overseas?
  • Welcome to a new look for PolitiFact
  • A PolitiFact video for PolitiFact's redesign
  • PunditFact fact-checks the Sept. 14 news shows
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  • Late Night: The Roundup
  • The End of the Conservative Democrat
  • CIA Reportedly Restricts Spying on ‘Friendly Governments’ in Western Europe
  • View NFL Player Crimes in Interactive Graphical Form
  • 1 in 4 Americans ‘Open to Secession’
  • As We Go to War, Congress Goes Home

abc politics

  • Sunday on ‘This Week’: Ambassador Samantha Power
  • Excerpt: ‘Duty’ by Robert Gates
  • Chief Justice Roberts: Justices Scalia, Ginsburg Wouldn’t Be Confirmed Today
  • Defending Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Obama, Biden, Clinton Rush to Chairwoman’s Side
  • Obama Says ‘It’s on Us’ to Prevent Sexual Assault
  • Joe Biden Ends Gaffe-Heavy Week With Another Gaffe

power line

  • The politics of the vote on arming and training syrian rebels
  • Ambassador who sided with Muslim Brotherhood spearheads State Department’s anti-ISIS effort
  • I Knew Bob Packwood. Bob Packwood Was a Friend of Mine.
  • The Eternal Presumption of the Liberal Mind
  • Dems Plead For Money For Their War On Women

paul krugman

the hill

  • Obama praises Wasserman Schultz's 'incredible efforts'
  • Obama to headline CBC dinner
  • Obama praises Scotland after vote rejecting independence
  • First lady: Wasserman Schultz an ‘extraordinary’ DNC chief
  • White House: Obama has 'strong confidence' in Wasserman Schultz
  • Counterterrorism adviser Monaco is Obama’s key player on Syria

weekly standard

  • A Recovery in Name Only
  • Kerry: 'People Killing Each Other Over Water' Shortages Due To Climate Change
  • Report: 'Hagel to Examine Military Ties to NFL'
  • Biden Touts Accused Sexual Harasser at Women's Conference
  • Kristol Podcast: Feckless Obama, Losing Democrats...
  • Obama Praises Scottish 'No' Vote

huffington post

the fix

  • 8 things you didn’t read today (but should have)
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s awkward day with party leaders
  • The top 12 governor’s races of 2014
  • President Obama sent handwritten condolences after Joan Rivers’s death
  • This picture sums up the weeks of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Joe Biden pretty well
  • Hillary Clinton is pretty close to having a great campaign stump speech


  • Proctor & Gamble Withdraws From NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • Long Lines for Fans Returning Ray Rice Jerseys
  • Ferguson Protesters Threaten to Disrupt Stores, Sports Events Unless Darren Wilson Is Arrested
  • BH INTERVIEW: Michelle Monaghan Talks 'Fort Bliss' & Pays Tribute to Military Moms
  • The Hill’s Stoddard: Obama WH 'Centralized,' 'Insular'
  • Wendy Davis Melts Down, Talks Over Moderator During Debate

media matters

  • Fox Leaves Out Important Context Of Leon Panetta's Statement On Iraq Troop Withdrawal
  • O'Reilly: "All The Things That Poor People Have" Proves America Doesn't "Really Have Any Destitution Anymore"
  • New York Times Analysis Finds Sunday News Shows Favor Conservative Guests
  • Wash. Times Botches Another Story On Gun Background Checks
  • Fox News Leaves Out Key Facts In Report On GA Voter Registration "Scandal"
  • Clinton "Fatigue" Syndrome: What The Press Gets Wrong About Hillary's Popularity

new york times

fox news

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kevin drum

  • Friday Cat Blogging - 19 September 2014
  • Quote of the Day: Nathan Deal Is Tired of Barack Obama's Treachery
  • When I Was 5, I, Um -- What Were We Just Talking About?
  • Republicans Really, Really Want to Send Ground Troops Into Iraq
  • Obama Signs Order to Take Away Your Antibiotics
  • Don't Worry, the Crazy Is Coming Soon in the House Benghazi Hearing

hotline on call


  • Your Happy Funtimes Palin Brawl Playset Will Keep Your Fingers Warm On Those Cold Alaska Nights
  • NFL’s Roger Goodell Is Useless Goober, Has Better Job Than You
  • Peggy Noonan Would Like Another Tincture Of Opium Please
  • Pix Or GTFO: San Francisco Wonkers Throwing Up On Their Shoes Probably
  • Alabama Governor Consoles Family Of Murdered 8-Year-Old Black Girl By Suggesting Their Dysfunction Killed Her (Updated)
  • Wingnuts Fight For Sacred Right To Keep Bullying Gays, Who Aren’t Real Anyway

washington post

  • The Fix: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s awkward day with party leaders
  • Congressional Debriefing: Some lawmakers question quick approval of military action
  • Former Conn. governor convicted of conspiring to hide payments
  • Federal Eye: Is the federal hiring system broken?
  • DHS headquarters project faces more cost overruns, missed deadlines, report says
  • Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton espouse the importance of women in politics

the volokh conspiracy

crooks and liars

  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Kodo
  • 8 Funny Things We'll Never See Without Scottish Independence
  • Roger Goodell Blames NFL Personal Conduct Policy For His Failings On Domestic Abuse
  • Condi Rice Is The GOP Dream Candidate Because She's Flawless
  • What's With All This Compassion And Love In The Face Of Homophobic Hate?
  • How Detectives Coaxed Suspect In Etan Patz Murder To Confess

the moderate voice

  • The Military and the NFL Scandal
  • This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Emma Watson Backs Women In Uruguayan Parliament
  • A wistful ‘no’ in Scotland (UPDATED Dionne column)
  • Humoring the Headlines (Guest Voice)
  • Surprisingly Civil Benghazi Hearing
  • Fall TV season brings a new-found commitment to diversity


talking points memo

  • Not Good
  • NBC: Brian Williams Got It Wrong Reporting Christie BridgeGate News
  • AL Gov Faces Outrage After Linking Girl's Homicide To 'Family Problems'
  • We're All Georgians Now ... And We're Living in Brooklyn
  • Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Heaps Praise On Husband's Client Derek Jeter
  • Goodell: I'm Not Going Anywhere

congress blog

  • Regulatory creep can be defeated by leadership
  • Conservatives in Canada push for cable choice – why not in US?
  • MLK: The man, the mission, the vision
  • Congress should let more veterinarians serve America’s communities
  • Title VI and campus bias
  • Time for Head Start 3.0


  • #TXGov: Wendy Davis asks Greg Abbott to ignore a law she voted for
  • Why The Mary Burke “Plagiarism” Story Matters
  • You will be SHOCKED by what John Foust (D CAND, Virginia-10) said about his own voters!
  • Joe Biden praises Bob Packwood at Democrat women’s conference
  • Ninth Circuit agrees school can ban American flag
  • The dishonesty of assault weapon laws
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oliver willis

  • Green Lantern Liberalism
  • NFL Fans Defending Beating A Child’s Scrotum Are Scum
  • Obama Repeats The Strategy That Killed Bin Laden In Address To Nation About ISIS
  • How “It’s Just Politics” Lets Conservatives Win
  • No Drama Obama And The Death Of ISIS
  • Terrorism And American Responsibility


  • It’s Hard to Be Cynical About Brave Scotland
  • Putin Mulls Plan to Turn Off the Internet in Case of ‘Emergency’
  • Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide After Obama’s War Announcement
  • Obama May Have to Send Troops
  • Too Big to Punish
  • For Black Men in America There Is No Break From Racism

michelle malkin

  • There Will Be Blood II: Al Jazeera counter-sues Al Gore in battle royale for Big Oil money
  • Letting in the wrong refugees
  • Have Dems already nominated a scapegoat for a possible November election massacre?
  • Time for another episode of ‘Al Gore’s Doomsday Predictions vs. Reality’
  • Mainstream media, cover your eyes and ears: House Select Committee on Benghazi holds first hearing [live stream]
  • The spread of Rocky Mountain jihad

news hounds

  • Colbert Mocks Fox’s ‘Boots On The Ground’ Obsession
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck Praises Public School Cheerleaders For Defying Ban On Public, Pre-Game Prayer
  • Megyn Kelly ‘Just Asks’ If President Obama Is Setting Up Our Troops To Fail Fighting ISIS
  • Outnumbered Hosts Blame Drop In Marriages On Obama
  • Stephen Colbert Mocks Hannity's Defense Of Adrian Peterson
  • Megyn Kelly Hits Back At Bill Ayers


riehl world view

  • Did the EPA Abuse It’s Authority to Influence the 2012 presidential election?
  • Wacko Bird Express: McCain to campaign for Thad Cochran
  • Democrat Political Operative Running Thad Cochran’s GOTV effort
  • MailOnline hires ex-BuzzFeed boss Jon Steinberg as new North America CEO
  • Bob Schieffer Thinks All Hispanics Are Illegal
  • ISIS leader ‘I’ll see you guys in New York’

political animal

  • Day's End and Weekend Watch
  • Georgia's Number One--In Unemployment
  • The Budget Reconciliation Act of 2015
  • Can Republicans Get Through November Having It Both Ways on IS?
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Opposing Reproductive Rights Really Matters in Colorado

andrew sullivan

  • Getting The Last Word
  • Have We Outgrown Growing Up? Ctd
  • Face Of The Day
  • Paternity Pays, Ctd
  • Flowery Speech
  • What A Drip


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • House Bans War Powers Resolution Actions
  • Six Democrats and Six Republicans Ask Boehner and Pelosi to Hold Vote on War (After U.S. Congressional Elections)
  • Syria News - Sep 20, 2014
  • Republicans, Democrats, War and Corporate Profits
  • Killed by Congressional Cowardice
  • Video: Daniel Ellsberg on Why Not to Attack ISIS

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • Floppin’ Aces Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day Open Thread
  • Obama’s Reich
  • Should ransoms ever be paid to Islamic terrorists?
  • Jihadi John: Joining the dots (Guest Post)
  • House votes to train and arm Syrian rebels
  • President Obama’s Broad Coalition of One (Guest Post)
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drudge retort

  • Help Wanted: Blunt Roller -- Salary $50,000
  • Obama: No Ground Troops Will Be Sent to Fight ISIS
  • GOP Congressman's Unexpected Benghazi Twist
  • Chimps Evolved to Kill Each Other
  • Rove Group Blasts Amnesty Plan It Supported Last Year
  • Amazing Archaeological Find in D.C.

little green footballs

  • NBC Was Wrong: Federal Charges Have Not Been "Ruled Out" for Gov. Christie
  • Ridiculous Breitbart "News" Post of the Day: Demons Are Real!
  • Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Hypes White Nationalist Website - Again
  • Creepy Thursday Night Jam: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Red Right Hand"
  • Drudge Touts Claims That Illegal Aliens Are Source of Enterovirus Outbreak
  • Hannity Removes Belt and Smacks It on Desk During Segment on Peterson

vox populi

  • The USAF doesn't need God anymore
  • The Ebola exponent
  • An Open Source project
  • The Union survives... for now
  • Of fraudulent lists and fake "bestsellers"
  • Scaredy cops

crooks and liars

  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Kodo
  • 8 Funny Things We'll Never See Without Scottish Independence
  • Roger Goodell Blames NFL Personal Conduct Policy For His Failings On Domestic Abuse
  • Condi Rice Is The GOP Dream Candidate Because She's Flawless
  • What's With All This Compassion And Love In The Face Of Homophobic Hate?
  • How Detectives Coaxed Suspect In Etan Patz Murder To Confess

john avlon

  • George Clooney: A 21st-Century Statesman – Newsweek
  • The Resilient City – from Empire City: New York Through the Centuries
  • Exclusive: Congressional Ethics Probe Adds to Michele Bachmann’s Political Woes – The Daily Beast
  • The Absurd Impeachment Feedback Loop – The Daily Beast
  • Border Kids Crisis—Impotent Congress – The Daily Beast
  • Scaife v. Clinton and the Dangers of Demonization – The Daily Beast

ace of spades hq

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