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wonk wire

  • Supply-Side Economics, But for Liberals
  • It’s Too Late to Compensate Free Trade’s Losers
  • The Handbook That Can Help Americans Rig the Government
  • How Left and Right Media Models Perpetuate Partisan Politics
  • AI and the Robot Uprising: With So Many Jobs at Risk, Why Isn’t the World More Prepared?
  • You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic?


  • The Traitor in the White House
  • Kevin Kruse & Julian Zelizer on history’s lessons for defeating Trump & Trumpism
  • Trump campaign Web site contradicts new claim that Mexico will not directly pay for the wall
  • Bob Cesca on the dangers of Toxic Populism
  • Hairclub for @ssholes, the Stephen Miller story
  • Bill Scher on Pelosi’s victory, Beto 2020, Green New Deal, & Trump’s crimes

fact check

  • Pence’s Claim that ISIS ‘Has Been Defeated’
  • Football, Fast Food and a Fake Quote
  • Trump’s Numbers January 2019 Update
  • Trumps Not Donating $1 Billion for Border Wall
  • Bibles Aren’t Required for the Oath of Office
  • Facebook Posts Misrepresent Photo of Rep. Tlaib

drudge report

talking points memo

politifact truth-o-meter

  • At halfway mark, Donald Trump's campaign promises hit roadblocks
  • Your questions about the government shutdown, answered
  • Fact-checking Democrats on the shutdown's effects on food safety, hurricane prep
  • Why Trump Is the most fact-checked president
  • Does Border Patrol catch 90 percent of immigrants crossing the border illegally?
  • Trump's real border crisis is the overwhelmed asylum system, experts say

hot air

huffington post

the fix


  • Giuliani: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion' - I Said Trump Didn't Collude
  • Angel Moms Show Nancy Pelosi’s Office Walls Kept Them Out
  • Exclusive-- Marsha Blackburn: Sundar Pichai 'Less than Truthful' about Manipulating Google's Search Results
  • Study: Global Warming Does Not Cause Hurricanes
  • Kobach: Democrats Finally Acknowledge That Voter Fraud Exists
  • DNC Ditches Women’s March as Controversy Continues to Swirl Around Leadership

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • Are California Schools the Worst in the Nation?
  • Lunchtime Photo
  • No-Confidence Vote Against Theresa May Fails
  • An Immodest Proposal for a Border Wall
  • The Beast Lives
  • Who’s Afraid of Gillette?

little green footballs

  • Seth Meyers: Trump Is Losing the Shutdown Fight [VIDEO]
  • The Day After Steve King Is Denounced in Congress, Two GOP Congressmen Meet With Notorious Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson
  • Video: Stephen Colbert vs. 1000 Hamberders
  • Stephen Colbert: Is Donald Trump Working for Russia? [VIDEO]
  • A Monumental "Some More News" Rant: The Fake Border Crisis, Steve King, the Media, and Our Lying, Racist President
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: Hamberders

power line

  • Four Americans killed in Syria; ISIS claims responsibility
  • Global Temperatures: What Is Really Happening?
  • Gillette Follow-Up: Why Did They Do It?
  • Trump’s pivot to Asia
  • Don’t ask — that’s an order

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Eugene Volokh] Washington Lt. Gov. Skips Governor's Speech Because People with Concealed Carry Permits Could Attend
  • [Eugene Volokh] The Shutdown and the First Amendment
  • [Ilya Somin] Thoughts on the Second Oral Argument in Knick v. Township of Scott
  • [Ilya Somin] Survey Shows Most Extreme Opponents of GMO Foods Know the Least - Yet Think They Know the Most
  • [Eugene Volokh] Alabama Judge Strikes Down State Law Protecting Confederate Monuments
  • [Eugene Volokh] N.Y. Bill Would Violate Gun Rights, Free Speech Rights, and Privacy

crooks and liars

  • What, Rudy?: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion Between The Campaign And Russians'
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Outrageous Cherry
  • Cardi B's Spitting Venom Over This Government Shutdown
  • 'Where's Mitch?' AOC And Friends Hunt Down Mitch McConnell
  • Republicans Whine After Failure To Lure Moderate Dems Into Paying For The Wall
  • Wilbur Ross Loses In Court Over Census Citizenship Question

the moderate voice

  • ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Four U.S. Personnel in Syria
  • Trump’s Wall: A Sign of Failure
  • Putin Winning (Cartoon)
  • How Much Can America Take?
  • Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity
  • Another of the Last ‘Code Talkers’ Dies


  • Your Daily Left-Wing Insanity: Not Shaving Your GirlPits is WomanPower! Wait – No, it’s Racist!!!!
  • Gillette May Be Looking for Their Nike Moment, but They’ll Probably Get a Dick’s Sporting Goods Kind of Result
  • Dead Wrong? Pennsylvania School District Suspends its Armed Teachers Program
  • Another ‘Ghostbusters’ Is In the Works, and (Hallelujah) It’s Pretending the 2016 Feminist Reboot Didn’t Happen
  • Women’s March Leader Doubles Down on Race, Refuses to ‘Throw Away’ Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam
  • PETA Attempts to Join Toxic Masculinity Narrative, Trips Over Its Own Eggplant

michelle malkin

  • Procter & Gamble’s toxic sanctimony
  • Border Wall: Monument for the People, Not Pols
  • Say his name: R.I.P. Cpl. Ronil Singh
  • 3 good men, 3 great kids’ books
  • An ethics lesson for USA Today’s “queer” bullies
  • Stop partisan corpse abuse

washington monthly

news hounds

flopping aces

  • Why didn’t the FBI open Counter Intelligence investigations into these Russian assets?
  • Comey’s FBI became the Stasi and staged a coup against Trump
  • Putting Money Where the Mouth Is…
  • Sunday Funnies
  • Tell me again how there’s no border crisis
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 01/11/2019

political animal

gruntled center

  • What Churches and Parties Are For
  • Three Ideas for Expanding Congress
  • The Rainbow Party and the White Man's Party
  • The Difference Between Sex and Marriage is Like the Difference Between Swimming and Baptism.
  • Suppressing Yard Signs is a Class Privilege
  • A Demographic Reason Why People In Their Sixties are Happier

the blaze

  • Get ready for much more Ocasio-Cortez social media — she's teaching Democrats how to tweet just like her
  • House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer admits walls work, says they're not immoral or racist
  • Phil Mudd swiftly dismantles Nancy Pelosi's 'Kardashian moment' over Trump's State of the Union speech
  • Freshman Dems try to confront McConnell over shutdown—but struggle to find his office
  • The FBI just arrested a man who plotted an attack on the White House tomorrow — here's how they caught him
  • Hotel dishwasher, a Christian, awarded $21 million in lawsuit over working Sundays

drudge retort

  • Rolling Stone's 2020 Democratic Primary Leaderboard
  • GOP Rides to the Rescue of Putin Ally
  • Senate Republicans Break with Trump on Russia Sanctions
  • Pelosi: Trump's State of the Union Address Security too Costly During Shutdown
  • Christie on Trump Staff: Amateurs, Grifters, and Weaklings
  • Democratic Party Drops Its Sponsorship of Women's March


  • The best thing about this mural is the way the cigarette smoke...
  • Wow! Burger King made fun of Trump. (Who does Burger King think eats at Burger King?)
  • "My goal is to turn 50 in some of the best shape of my life. It has nothing to do with any other plans."
  • "But as John Stuart Mill argued, those who have never 'thrown themselves into the mental position of those who think differently … do not, in any proper sense of the word, know the doctrine which they themselves profess.' "
  • "These strong claims—cultural Marxism! SJW jackals! Leftist social priorities!—should strike anyone who actually watches the ad as fairly ridiculous."
  • "Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just a Harmless Meme — Right?"

vox populi

  • There will not be war with China
  • Should have brought them home
  • An onslaught of audiobooks
  • Mailvox: the inevitability of Brexit
  • Brexit betrayal goes down to defeat
  • SJWs kill Derbycon

crooks and liars

  • What, Rudy?: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion Between The Campaign And Russians'
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Outrageous Cherry
  • Cardi B's Spitting Venom Over This Government Shutdown
  • 'Where's Mitch?' AOC And Friends Hunt Down Mitch McConnell
  • Republicans Whine After Failure To Lure Moderate Dems Into Paying For The Wall
  • Wilbur Ross Loses In Court Over Census Citizenship Question

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