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daily kos

  • Open thread for night owls: 'Locking residents in their own neighborhood'
  • Economics Daily Digest: The known unknowns of unemployment
  • North Carolina GOP finds appalling new level of anti-democratic treachery
  • For some federal programs, 'married' isn't enough for benefits
  • Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: DSCC puts an awesome spin on Terri Lynn Land's awful ad
  • Former CEO says his own pay 'even seems ludicrous to me'

political wire

  • Extra Bonus Quote of the Day
  • GOP Report Says Party Intolerant to Women
  • Both Parties Brace for Obama Immigration Decision
  • Iowa Lawmaker Guilty of Receiving Illegal Payments
  • The ISIS Economy
  • Walker Holds Edge in Wisconsin

the corner

  • Krauthammer's Take: Obama's Climate Plan an 'Incredibly Stupid Idea,' But Any Agreement Would Have to Be International
  • Obama Finally Sends His Toughest Stuff to Ukraine
  • L.A. Times Defends the College Board on AP U.S. History
  • Here's the Best Way to Pay for Ending the Corporate Tax Altogether
  • IRS Ethics Lawyer Accused of Embezzling, Lying to Court Board
  • The CBO's New Budget Outlook: Debt Ahoy!


new republic

  • Why Aren't Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person.
  • Pass This Bill or a Sick Waiter Will Sneeze on Your Food
  • I Have Two Nightmares About a Palestinian State
  • You Can Glimpse the Post-Apocalypse in This Photo From Gaza
  • Obama Was Wrong. The Era of Humanitarian Intervention Is Not Over.
  • Did Mitch McConnell Just Admit That Obama Would Beat Him In A Supreme Court Confirmation Fight?

drudge report


  • Americans strongly agree: You shouldn’t stop people from reclining on planes
  • In 30 states, a child can still legally own a rifle or shotgun
  • The obscure part of Obamacare that takes on executive pay
  • Why abundant coal may have ‘cursed’ the Appalachian economy
  • CBO: Deficit falls to $506 billion in 2014, but debt continues to rise
  • Wonkbook: The policies that could help America’s veterans

politifact truth-o-meter

  • Join PolitiFact, PunditFact for live video chat
  • The Arkansas U.S. Senate race: the fact-checks so far
  • The Florida governor's race: the fact-checks so far
  • PunditFact fact-checks the Aug. 24 news shows
  • Who took more vacation -- George W. Bush or Barack Obama?
  • Happy birthday, PolitiFact! PolitiFact turns 7
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  • Not looking too good for the 20th or earlier Centuries
  • Late Late Night FDL: Brand New Key
  • Late Night: Public Schools in New Orleans 1958-1959
  • Truly Respecting a Woman’s Right to Choose
  • State Dept. Overseers of Contentious Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Workaround Have Industry, Torture Ties
  • Oil-By-Train or Grain-By-Train?

abc politics

  • Russian Incursion in Ukraine ‘Likely Underway,’ US Says
  • New Florida Rep, 23, Goes From Parents’ House to State House
  • Immigration Judge Calls Courts ‘Alternate Legal Universe’
  • US Economy Growing Slower Than White House Predicted
  • Ebola Outbreak Becomes Issue in Arkansas Senate Race
  • The Note: Obama Mulls Options for Airstrikes Over Syria

power line

  • Across the Country, the Federal Government Fights For Muslim Worship Spaces
  • HuffPo Has a Scoop: Conservative Candidates Appreciate the Support of Conservative Donors!
  • Francois Hollande changes his spots
  • Is The Left Approaching a Kool-Aid Moment?
  • A welcome cease fire, but no winners

paul krugman

the hill

  • After Ferguson, critics lean on Holder
  • White House: Shutdown threat won’t deter executive action on immigration
  • WH defends UN gambit on climate
  • Climate plan spooks Dems
  • Clinton, Obama to address women's forum
  • White House considering expansion of green cards for immigrant workers

weekly standard

  • It Took U.S. 'Several Days' to Figure Out Who Bombed Libya
  • Those Who Can’t Do …
  • Hayes Podcast: Will Senate Democrats Abandon Obama?
  • Lawyer Who Defended Accused Child Molesting Priest Hosting Braley Fundraiser
  • By Decree It Is Ordered That …
  • New York Times Says 'No' To Cuomo

huffington post

the fix

  • Obama’s use of executive privilege is about to come in focus
  • QUIZ: Can you guess the politician by the impersonation?
  • “I like my girls chubby,” a male Senator told Kirsten Gillibrand. Yes, really.
  • Democrats have a depth problem
  • A bunch of Republican Senate candidates spoke at a Koch Brothers conference. So what?
  • All of the election models are starting to converge. And they are all pointing to a Republican Senate.


  • Tory MP Douglas Carswell Defects To UKIP, Will Face By-Election
  • 'Bad News for David Cameron' As Immigration Figures Climb to Over Half a Million A Year
  • Scared Scientists: The Moving Portraits which Will Change Forever Your Views on Climate Change
  • The Politics of Executive Amnesty: Obama Would Be 'Pointing a Gun at Sitting Senators and Firing'
  • Sheriff Joe: 'Common Sense' ISIS Will Try to Exploit Border
  • Levin: Obama ISIS Policy One of the Worst ‘National Security Screw-Ups in Modern American History’

media matters

  • O'Reilly Didn't Want To Hear His Pro-Immigration Guests -- So He Cut Their Mics
  • ABC Contributor Laura Ingraham Claims That The Left Wants "A System Of Racial Spoils In Place To Level The Playing Field"
  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz Reminds Conservatives Fawning Over Putin Of Russia's Human Rights Abuses
  • Myths And Facts About The Koch Brothers
  • Fox Gives Anti-Immigrant Group A Platform To Suggest Immigrant Women Will Lie About Domestic Abuse To Get Asylum
  • Fox's Newest Benghazi Special Hopes To Answer A Question That Has Been Answered Repeatedly

new york times

fox news

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kevin drum

  • Have We Reached Peak Kevin?
  • New Discovery Cuts Brainwashing Time in Half
  • Quote of the Day: Let's Just Drop a Few Bombs and See What Happens
  • White Privilege? What White Privilege?
  • Chart of the Day: The Federal Deficit Is In Pretty Good Shape These Days
  • Obama's Iraq Policy Has Been Pretty Masterly

hotline on call


  • Pennsylvania Gov Wants To Make It Easier For The Ladies To Buy Booze And Make Him Some Sammiches
  • Ben Stein: But Didn’t You See Michael Brown Was BLACK?
  • Bill Kristol Just Wishes We Could Bomb Somebody And See How It Works Out
  • Nine-Year-Old Girl With Uzi, F*ck You America
  • Fox News Demands Putin Replace Pansy Dictator Obama, But Just For A Sexy Hot Minute
  • BRB Throwing All The Money At Awesome AZ Congressional Candidate James Woods

washington post

  • The Fix: Obama’s use of executive privilege is about to come in focus
  • Federal Eye: Job Corps closing troubled center in Oklahoma
  • Nation digest: Mo. governor replaces public safety chief
  • White House considers proposals to sharply increase legal immigration
  • Former Iowa state senator says Ron Paul’s presidential campaign paid for his support
  • Hottest 2014 election battles to focus on referendums, not candidates

the volokh conspiracy

crooks and liars

  • Stupid Right Wing Tweets: Rand Paul Plagiarism Edition
  • Mitt's 2016 Plan: Woo Hispanic Voters With GOP's Stellar Message
  • Open Thread - Oops...
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Melody's Echo Chamber
  • Tweety's Midterm Malaise Teeters On Brink Of 'Both Sides-ism'
  • Politicians And Billionaires: Pledging Allegiance To Each Other In Secret

the moderate voice

  • Law enforcement officers in Washington state using cell tower simulator to sweep up data
  • Study Shows Reduction In Opioid Overdoses By 25% In States Which Have Legalized Medical Marijuana
  • The End Of Another Summer
  • The ISIS-Iraq Crisis
  • When mistakes become deadly
  • Unverified Audio Clip Provides Clues To Mike Brown Shooting


talking points memo

  • The GOP Completes Its Slow-Motion Face-Plant In The War On Obamacare
  • Erick Erickson Really Wants You To Know He Doesn't Care About Climate Change
  • McDonnell's 'Crazy Wife' Defense Is Totally Unprecedented
  • Conservative Poll: Women Think The GOP Is 'Intolerant'
  • Politico Reporter Doesn't Believe Senator's Story Of Sexism In Congress
  • McConnell: Obama Should And Would Get Congress' Support To Strike ISIS

congress blog

  • The politics of resignation threatens our democracy
  • Good politics trumps good governance, again
  • Obama administration pursues arms control at great loss to US
  • Want to really treat ALS? Legalize pot
  • Building our mobile life
  • Business confidentiality shouldn’t trump chemical safety


  • The Democrats’ Problem
  • Tech at Night: E-Cigarettes and the WHO Cargo Cult
  • Prayers for @PastorMark Driscoll
  • Roger Waters is okay with Hamas, apparently
  • “I View John Hickenlooper As A Coward”
  • Gwen Graham’s (D-CAND, Florida-02) two-faced position on #Obamacare.
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oliver willis

  • How Four Minutes Of Network TV Could Save The World
  • Killing ISIS, Neocon Dreams, And The One Thing That Bush Got Right
  • How The Right Wing Turned Me Into A Black Radical, I Guess
  • The Right’s Perverse Prime Directive
  • The Police In Ferguson, Missouri Have Gone Too Far
  • Robin Williams Was The Genie, And It Was A Gift To Us


  • 2014 and the Limits of Rage
  • Victim of McCarthy-Era Witch Hunt Calls on U-Illinois Not to Fire Critic of Israeli Policies
  • The Guns of August
  • NSA Built a Search Engine to Share 850 Billion Records, The Intercept Reports
  • Students Who Take Notes With Laptops Learn Less, and the Reason May Surprise You
  • Jon Stewart on Fox Ferguson Coverage: ‘White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Teen’ Does Sound Terrible

michelle malkin

  • Asian-bashing Dems and the doormat minorities who enable them
  • ‘Phony scandal’ update: Lois Lerner’s Blackberry ‘wiped clean’ of info after congressional probe began
  • Congrats, Diane Douglas! Grass-roots activist ousts pro-Common Core state supe in Arizona GOP primary
  • Faces of climate change: Maybe pictures of ‘scared scientists’ will convert deniers
  • Warren Buffett helps finance BK’s tax reduction; Harry Reid figuring out how to blame the Koch brothers

news hounds

  • O’Reilly Cuts His Pro-Immigration Guests’ Mics
  • Jeanine Pirro Demands Obama Resign. Is This Fox’s Latest Meme?
  • Jon Stewart Skewers Fox’s Racist Ferguson Coverage
  • Fox’s Guilfoyle Wishes Putin Were President For 48 Hours To ‘Get It Done Right’ With ISIS
  • Yes, Megyn Kelly, Another National News Organization Did Cover The Ferguson Rally For Officer Darren Wilson
  • Bill O’Reilly On African Americans: ‘All You Hear Is Grievance, Grievance, Grievance! Money, Money, Money. Give me more money!’


riehl world view

  • Did the EPA Abuse It’s Authority to Influence the 2012 presidential election?
  • Wacko Bird Express: McCain to campaign for Thad Cochran
  • Democrat Political Operative Running Thad Cochran’s GOTV effort
  • MailOnline hires ex-BuzzFeed boss Jon Steinberg as new North America CEO
  • Bob Schieffer Thinks All Hispanics Are Illegal
  • ISIS leader ‘I’ll see you guys in New York’

political animal

  • Day's End and Night Watch
  • Empowering Captain Ahab To Shut Down the Federal Government
  • Look Out Cleveland!
  • 2020 Vision
  • Getting Down To the Lick-Log
  • Lunch Buffet

andrew sullivan

  • Reading Your Way Through Life: Still More Readers Respond
  • Tax Scam, AKA Business as Usual
  • The View From Your Window
  • As War Reporters Die, So Dies War Reporting
  • Faces Of The Day
  • “It Really Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not You Agree With The Israeli Government’s Policies”


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • They Turned Her Water Off. Now She is Fighting Back
  • State Dept. Overseers of Contentious Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Workaround Have Industry, Torture Ties
  • Obama and ISIS in Dance of Death
  • John Kerry Makes a Deal
  • Break the Vengeance Cycle: Why We Should Not Go To War Over James Foley
  • The U.S. Public Smarter (But Lazier) Than It Looks

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • Sharpton’s Big Lie
  • His Majesty, King Obama, Is Working To Bypass Congress Again On New Climate Treaty
  • Muslim Activists Demand Overhaul of All U.S. Law
  • The red herring of Ferguson: The #1 cause of death for black men ages 15-34? Murder – by other black men.
  • Barack Obama: President of the United States of Black America
  • Justice Department Admits That They Have All Of Lois Lerner’s ‘Missing’ Emails
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drudge retort

  • Sports CEO Caught on Video Abusing Puppy
  • Cops Storm Campus Over Man Armed with Umbrella
  • Experiment Will Test Holographic Universe Theory
  • 1.65 Million Americans Live on Less Than $2 a Day
  • Bernanke: '08 Meltdown Worse Than Great Depression
  • UN Panel: Global Warming Human-Caused, Dangerous

little green footballs

vox populi

  • Enoch Powell: still right
  • Random questions
  • Show some sense, people
  • On the sweetness of ankles
  • Hope for Norway
  • A female dev on the Quinn debacle

crooks and liars

  • Stupid Right Wing Tweets: Rand Paul Plagiarism Edition
  • Mitt's 2016 Plan: Woo Hispanic Voters With GOP's Stellar Message
  • Open Thread - Oops...
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Melody's Echo Chamber
  • Tweety's Midterm Malaise Teeters On Brink Of 'Both Sides-ism'
  • Politicians And Billionaires: Pledging Allegiance To Each Other In Secret

john avlon

  • A Brief History of Wingnuts in America; From George Washington to Woodstock – The Daily Beast
  • The Absurd Impeachment Feedback Loop – The Daily Beast
  • Border Kids Crisis—Impotent Congress – The Daily Beast
  • Scaife v. Clinton and the Dangers of Demonization – The Daily Beast
  • Tea Party Cannibalizes Cantor – The Daily Beast
  • Hatriot Politics Created the Las Vegas Killers – The Daily Beast

ace of spades hq

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