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wonk wire

  • Supply-Side Economics, But for Liberals
  • It’s Too Late to Compensate Free Trade’s Losers
  • The Handbook That Can Help Americans Rig the Government
  • How Left and Right Media Models Perpetuate Partisan Politics
  • AI and the Robot Uprising: With So Many Jobs at Risk, Why Isn’t the World More Prepared?
  • You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic?


  • President Melania
  • Trump is trying to steal the Florida election
  • Latest election polls with one day left
  • 4 more days to the mid-term elections — here’s where things stand
  • Max Boot on what the hell happened to the Republican party
  • The MAGAbomber

fact check

  • Video: False Florida Recount Claims
  • FBI Didn’t Reach Conclusion on Kavanaugh Accusations
  • Viral Meme Makes Up Trump Jr. ‘Quote’
  • Partisan Site Spins Falsehoods in Georgia Election
  • Deutch Misses Mark in Attack on Scott
  • Fake Kurt Cobain Quote about Trump

drudge report

  • Target Mississippi...
  • Dolphin found shot dead on California beach...

talking points memo

politifact truth-o-meter

  • Is Donald Trump’s pick of Matthew Whitaker for acting attorney general legal?
  • Donald Trump and Rick Scott allege fraud in Broward, Palm Beach vote counting without any evidence
  • Fact-checking distorted video Sarah Sanders used to bar a CNN White House reporter
  • So the Democrats won the House. What legislation might follow?
  • Is the migrant caravan an invasion?
  • PolitiFact is not biased -- here’s why

hot air

huffington post

the fix


new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • Friday Cat Blogging – 16 November 2018
  • Here’s How Different Groups Really Voted in 2018
  • Katie Porter Wins the CA45; Mimi Walters Throws a Tantrum
  • California Bullet Train Audit: Expect More Cost Overruns
  • CNN’s Acosta Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against Trump
  • Wait. There’s Another Economic Indicator That’s Plummeted in 2018.

little green footballs

  • Making Evolution Funky: VULFPECK, "Darwin Derby"
  • Amazing New Music Video From Jacob Collier, Metropole Orkest, Jules Buckley: "With the Love in My Heart"
  • Seth Meyers on Trump's Increasingly Disordered Mind; the Mid-Terms Sent Him Into a Downward Spiral [VIDEO]
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: Count of Monte Crisco
  • Colbert's Hilarious Take on Matt Whitaker's History of Time-Travel, Toilets & Bigfoot [VIDEO]
  • Been Too Long Since a New Snarky Puppy Live Jam - "Grown Folks" - Live @ Festival Django Reinhardt 2018

power line

  • The horror! U.S. sides with Israel over Syria
  • Is the CIA a Rogue Agency?
  • Rooney takes Wembley bow
  • They #StandWithIlhan
  • How can Love survive?

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Samuel Bray] More Notes on the Historians' Brief
  • [Samuel Bray] National Injunctions: Historians Enter the Lists
  • [David E. Bernstein] American Civil Liberties Union, RIP
  • [Ilya Somin] What Constitutional Lawyers can Learn from Spiderman
  • [John K. Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
  • [Eugene Volokh] Federalist Society Panel on Compelled Speech

crooks and liars

  • Meet The Emoji Congress
  • C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Blood Freak (1972)
  • BREAKING: Andrew Gillum Condedes Florida Race After Recount Results Become Clear
  • Joy Reid To Michael Steele: 'Why Did Your Pelosi Strategy Work So Well With Democrats?'
  • RIP, California GOP: 'You Just Lost Reagan Country'
  • Malcolm Nance Says U.S. Has Become The 'Michael Cohen Of Saudi Arabia'

the moderate voice

  • America’s overt payback for China’s covert espionage
  • The bitter lesson of the Californian fires
  • Could Crime-Predicting Software Stop Cyber-Criminals in Their Tracks?
  • Remembering and Honoring Our Heroes at a Roadside in France (UPDATE)
  • How Consumer Perception of Sugar Impacts the Industry
  • When You’re Supposed To Be Happy, But You’re Not: Surviving the Holidays


  • School Bans Expensive Coats to Protect its Poorer Students’ Feelings
  • Trump Will Declare Iran in Breach of Chemical Weapons Conventions
  • It’s Over, Again — Andrew Gillum Concedes, DeSantis Wins Florida
  • Democrats Claim the GA Governor’s Race Was Stolen from Stacey Abrams. One Fact-Checker Completely Destroys That Theory.
  • What About That Desperate Need For Decorum at the White House?
  • The Mueller Investigation: A Progress Report


michelle malkin

  • Making a Murderer 2: A post-conviction master class
  • Say “No” to Nanny Bloomberg
  • Yes, Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health
  • Old Glory
  • Anthrax terror mailings, NPR, and the Blame Righty crowd: A history lesson
  • Sinking Sleaze-Bob Menendez

washington monthly

news hounds

  • Watch Rep. Swalwell Outfox Fox Host MacCallum
  • Tucker Carlson Hissy Fit Doesn’t Deny He Lied About ‘Antifa Cracked My Door’ Claim
  • Lou Dobbs Goes Rogue – Attacks CNN Lawsuit Supported By Fox News
  • NewsHounds swag is available again!
  • Fox ‘Legally Supports’ CNN Lawsuit To Reinstate Acosta’s WH Pass – But Attacks Them On The Air
  • Trump ‘Repeatedly’ Mocks Hannity’s ‘Dumb’ Softball Questions


flopping aces

  • Jim Acosta’s Boorishness Not Protected by First Amendment
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 11/16/2018
  • Democrats’ insistence on identity politics erodes the country
  • democrats unveil their agenda- “Get Trump”
  • Bullets And Ballots – Florida Recount’s Hidden Gun Control Agenda
  • Fear The Voting Dead – End Stolen Elections Like Florida Through Voter ID

political animal

gruntled center

  • The Rainbow Party and the White Man's Party
  • The Difference Between Sex and Marriage is Like the Difference Between Swimming and Baptism.
  • Suppressing Yard Signs is a Class Privilege
  • A Demographic Reason Why People In Their Sixties are Happier
  • The Emergence of Family Systems
  • Why General American English Was Codified in Cleveland in the '20s

the blaze

drudge retort

  • U.S. to Join Australia in Papua New Guinea Naval Base Plan
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Journalist
  • Gillum Concedes Florida Governor's Race a Second Time
  • Decorated Navy SEAL Is Accused of War Crimes
  • Missing Argentine Submarine Imploded
  • Texas Students Will Soon Learn Slavery Played A Central Role In The Civil War


  • In the Overnight Snow Café...
  • "Making friends is actually quite simple; most people are flattered that someone cool (that would be you, taking my advice) wants to befriend them."
  • "When Sardar Singh Jatav set out walking on a muggy night in early September to talk with the men who employed his son, he found them already waiting for him in the road."
  • "Sara Lynn Michener, 39, stopped shopping at Victoria’s Secret about 10 years ago. She said she was frustrated..."
  • "Leaves are nature's natural mulch and fertilizer... When you rake all the leaves away, you are removing that natural benefit to your garden and lawns..."
  • Surgery without sedation and a question about charity.

vox populi

  • To a Butthurt Boomer
  • Right Ho, Jeeves #6
  • Yeats the Baptist
  • Darkstream: Rethinking capitalism
  • Slandered by the Secret King
  • Darkstream: Decision time for Donald Trump

crooks and liars

  • Meet The Emoji Congress
  • C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Blood Freak (1972)
  • BREAKING: Andrew Gillum Condedes Florida Race After Recount Results Become Clear
  • Joy Reid To Michael Steele: 'Why Did Your Pelosi Strategy Work So Well With Democrats?'
  • RIP, California GOP: 'You Just Lost Reagan Country'
  • Malcolm Nance Says U.S. Has Become The 'Michael Cohen Of Saudi Arabia'

ace of spades hq

  • Saturday Overnight Open Thread (11/17/18) Lighten Up Edition
  • Saturday Evening Movie Thread 11-17-2018 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]
  • Chess Thread 11-17-2018
  • Ace of Spades Pet Thread
  • Saturday Gardening Thread before Thanksgiving [KT]
  • Pre-Thanksgiving California Fire Update [KT]

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