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daily kos

  • Open thread for night owls: Ah, Thanksgiving, when pie fights are only about who gets the last slice
  • Democratic hero vet schools Fox host on what radicalizes someone to join Da'esh
  • Judge: 'I am more concerned with Sheriff Arpaio's willingness to tell the truth'
  • Let's try not to start any fires this Thanksgiving, okay?
  • Woodrow Wilson is deserving of a re-examination
  • Large Boise, Idaho, crowd rallies to welcome refugees

the corner

  • Krauthammer's Take: Under Obama, ISIS Has Create Largest Terror-Training State in History
  • Molenbeek: A Troubled Neighborhood in a Failing State
  • Sweden. The ‘(Humanitarian) Superpower’, Overwhelmed
  • A Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Skin, Skin, Nothing but Skin
  • NRI Seeks Applicants for 2016 Washington and New York Fellows


new republic

  • The GOP Is Finally Emerging From Trump Denialism
  • The Execution of Laquan McDonald
  • Thanksgiving Food Is Bad
  • The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  • The Best Health Care Fix You've Never Heard Of
  • Jessica Jones Vs. The World

drudge report


  • The alarming numbers on race and police misconduct in Chicago
  • What liberals get wrong when they only focus on breaking up the big banks
  • Hate crimes are falling — with one exception
  • Why treating acne and rashes is getting so expensive
  • The weird ways the weather makes you buy things you didn’t plan to
  • Why wage and hour litigation is skyrocketing

politifact truth-o-meter

  • Mailbag: Readers call out our recent turkeys
  • In Context: Donald Trump's comments on a database of American Muslims
  • Mailbag: A few readers say they're with Trump on 9/11 celebrations
  • PunditFact fact-checks the Sunday shows
  • PolitiFact Sheet: 5 questions about Syrian refugees
  • Is ISIS an 'existential threat' to the United States?


  • Pension Accounting IFRS vs. US GAAP
  • Essay Writing On Importance Of Education
  • The Part Of Information Technology In Marketing And Revenue Sector
  • High School Stress
  • How to Publish a for the Honor Society
  • May I possess the respect Recognition groups and college admissions (Part 2)

paul krugman

the hill

weekly standard

  • Kristol: Obama has Turned U.S. Into Spectator
  • Was the Head of Iran's IRGC Wounded in Syria?
  • There Has Never, Ever Been Anyone Like Donald Trump
  • Christie on Trump's 9/11 Cheering Claim: 'It Didn't Happen'
  • Antonin Scalia, Bogeyman of the Liberal Imagination
  • 'Clock Boy' Files $15 Million Lawsuit

huffington post

  • Here's A Stirring Anthem For Those In The World's Most Homophobic Countries
  • States Can't Legally Block Refugees, Obama Administration Reminds
  • Weekend Roundup: Now It's NATO vs. NATO (New Anti-Terror Organization)
  • Every Person Deserves a Place to Call Home for the Holidays
  • Here's A Black Friday Discount We Can Get Behind: Free Admission To State Parks
  • The U.K. Thinks It's 'Illogical' That It Isn't Bombing ISIS In Syria Yet

the fix

  • The redhead, the trumpeter and Lord Grantham: Inside the names of the 2016 candidates
  • Politico just handed Republicans a ‘liberal media’ talking point
  • Mississippi Republicans would have had free rein in the state, if it weren’t for that green straw
  • Donald Trump’s remarkable political durability, explained in 1 chart
  • Is the 2016 election truly unprecedented? Sort of.
  • The liberal media has no idea what to make of ‘clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed anymore


  • Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism
  • President Obama Picks His Favorite Film of 2014
  • ABC News: North Korea Govt Behind Sony Hack
  • MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates
  • Can Obama Act Alone On Cuba
  • Juan Williams: Cuba Deal 'Pig in a Poke,' 'Nothing There'

media matters

  • New York Times Responds To Trump Mockery Of Reporter Who Debunked Bogus 9/11 Claim
  • Fox's Kilmeade Asks African-American Fox Host If She Makes Kool-Aid With Her Cobbler
  • How Cable News Covered White Supremacists Allegedly Shooting Black Lives Matter Protesters In Minneapolis
  • Theological Studies Director Calls Out Fox Contributor For "Abusing God's Word" To Justify "Fear" Of Muslims
  • Fox Anchor: "The Most Important Message" Of Laquan McDonald's Death Is To Obey Police
  • MSNBC's Maddow Explains Violence-Endorsing Background Of Anti-Abortion Extremist Touted By Ted Cruz

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • A Stunning Series of Screw-Ups Led to October's US Strike on an Afghan Hospital
  • Why Did Democrats Lose the White South?
  • Marco Rubio Sure Does Have a Lot of (Very, Very) Secret Admirers
  • Russia Is Paying a Price for Vladimir Putin's Napoleon Complex
  • President Obama Has a Different Job Than President Hollande
  • The Case For Donald Trump Being a Liar Is Overwhelming

power line

  • The New York Times Becomes The Onion
  • An Inscrutable Cartoon
  • Apology Accepted
  • What manner of deal is this?
  • The College Problem Begins in High School


  • Won’t You Feed The Wonkette Children This War On Christmas Season?
  • Making Thanksgiving ‘Monkey Bread’ With Nancy Reagan
  • Sexciting Study Finds You Should Be Doin’ It Way More
  • Nostalgic Repost Of Repasts Past: The Jell-O Recipe That Mamie Eisenhower Used To Win The Cold War
  • It’s A Thanksgiving Miracle! Chicago Cop Might Not Get Away With Murdering Black Kid
  • Put Thanksgiving In Your Mouth With Grown-Up Baked Mac And Cheese, For Grown-Ups

washington post

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Ilya Somin] Can states bar Syrian refugees?
  • [Orin Kerr] A confusing proposal to reform the ‘mens rea’ of federal criminal law
  • [Eugene Kontorovich] Anthropologists take money from repressive regime, while Yahoo clarifies relationship
  • [David Bernstein] University of Texas dean issues strong statement on academic freedom and free speech
  • [Eugene Volokh] Montana Standard newspaper plans to retroactively unmask anonymous commenters
  • [Jonathan H. Adler] Douglass North, 1920-2015

crooks and liars

  • Open Thread - Too Soon?
  • C&L's Late Nite With Big Star
  • Be Thankful Your Thanksgiving Is Better Than These!
  • Fox Host: Lesson From Chicago Shooting Is Laquan 'Should Not Have Been Walking Away'
  • Former NJ AG: Nope, No Dancing Muslims In Jersey City. We Checked.
  • Bill-O: The Republican Party Should Be The Big Victor Right Now, And Yet...

the moderate voice

  • Will ISIS bring civilized nations together? (Guest Voice)
  • How Many Turkeys Died for your Dinner?
  • Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and YOURS
  • Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns (Guest Voice)
  • All Hail Der Donald! (Guest Voice)
  • Upcoming Site Changes – UPDATED


talking points memo

  • What Matters
  • Thousands Of Children Crossed US-Mexico Border In October
  • Here's Why The Government And Tech Can't Agree On Encryption
  • Criminal Justice Issues Continue To Show Up In 2016 Presidential Race
  • Public Library To Open In Polygamous Community After Sect Leaders Prevented It
  • No Charges For Man Who Left Unloaded Rifle At Utah Capitol

congress blog

  • Revolt of the masses and Republican elite shock
  • Space mining is now part of American law
  • The tragedy of the crude oil export ban
  • Protect America’s stories, Mr. President
  • FRAND: The foundation for innovation
  • Visa Waiver Program enhances ability to prevent terrorist travel


  • Diebold Stole My Doobies! Stoners Blame “Stolen” Election
  • Austrian “Jihadi Bride” Beaten To Death By ISIS
  • Hassan Rouhani Uses Barack Obama As His Love Sheep
  • Is the Iran Deal Even Real?
  • Insurance Bailouts and Revolving Doors
  • Why Does Global Warming Only Cause Muslims to Become Terrorists?

oliver willis

  • GatewayPundit (Jim Hoft) Says Lara Logan Deserved To Be Assaulted
  • John Boehner On Job Losses: "So Be It"
  • Apple's App Subscription Service
  • Good Old Boy Haley Barbour Won't Denounce The KKK
  • The Weak GOP Field – Now With Math
  • Bush Administration's "Curveball" Source Admits Lying About WMD


  • Pope Francis: To Address ‘Grave Environmental Crisis,’ Build Social Justice
  • To Trump and His Supporters, Blacks and Muslims Are the Enemy
  • 30 Seconds, 16 Shots, 400 Days: The Murder of Laquan McDonald
  • Doctors Without Borders Calls U.S. Report on Afghan Hospital Bombing ‘Shocking’
  • VIDEO: Chris Hedges on the Militarization of Higher Education
  • Why Government Access to Encrypted Messages Won’t Make Us Safer

michelle malkin

  • Have a happy, politics-free Thanksgiving
  • Climate change getting so bad the State Dept. has issued a worldwide travel warning
  • Obama to Pentagon: Hurry up with an excuse for why I told everybody ISIS was contained when it obviously wasn’t
  • Obama admin’s ‘deal partner’ Iran sentences WaPo reporter to prison; Obama advises foreign leaders to avoid ‘pitfalls’ of America (a Sunday open thread)
  • Harry Reid (D-Espicable) preemptively blames Republicans and NRA for the next terrorist attack in the U.S.
  • The ululations of radical college crybabies

news hounds


riehl world view

  • Hm: Rolling Stone begins fully reporting botched rape story
  • CBS This Morning has also spoken with Jackie’s 3 friends
  • Discrepancies: U-Va. Rolling Stone alleged sexual assault
  • Charles C. Johnson’s Dumb, Despicable New Low In Attacking Jackie
  • Jann Wenner Declines Resignation from Rolling Stone Deputy Ed. Sean Woods
  • UVA: Jackie’s Father Claims Daughter WAS raped

political animal

  • Quick Takes
  • A Post-Truth Party
  • Can You Be a Good Person and Use Uber?
  • Inspiring Americans
  • Scientists Slam Lamar Smith's NOAA Witch-Hunt
  • What's Up With Millennials?

andrew sullivan

  • It Is Accomplished
  • The Years Of Writing Dangerously
  • The Miracle Of Francis
  • A Note To Our Readers, Ctd
  • As The World Turns
  • How To Read The Entire Internet


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • Global Warming's Unacknowledged Threat—The Pentagon
  • Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Corruption U.S.A.
  • An invisible US hand leading to war?: Turkey’s Downing of a Russian Jet at the Turkish/Syrian Border was an Act of Madness
  • Limits of Liberal War Opposition
  • Syria News - Nov 24, 2015
  • Talk Nation Radio: Johan Galtung on ISIS and Alternative to War

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • How Soon Until Alice’s Restaurant is Deemed Hate Speech?
  • Video of Russian Pilot Being Fired At
  • Obama’s pattern of shaping intelligence to fit his narrative
  • King Leonidas, ISIS and the Culture War Barack Obama Refuses to See… Nevermind Fight
  • Obamacare is dying. Let it die.
  • Sunday Funnies

drudge retort

  • Jeff Bezos Space Venture Sticks the Landing
  • Batman Takes on Police Brutality
  • 140,000 Felons in Kentucky Get Voting Rights
  • Is Black Friday Over?
  • Courtside Fan Pours Beer on Basketball Player
  • Skateboards Don't Kill People, People Kill People

little green footballs

  • Donald Trump Is a Fan of Conspiracy Creepazoid Alex Jones Because of Course He Is
  • Heavily Armed Right Wing Militia Group Publishes List of Muslims' Home Addresses
  • Trump: Report Your Neighbors for Suspicious Activity
  • CNN Interviews Trump Supporters - They Don't Care That He's Lying
  • The Disturbing Dashcam Video of Officer Jason Van Dyke Shooting Laquan McDonald
  • 5 People Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis, Two Suspects Arrested

vox populi

  • The media doubles down
  • The war in Sweden
  • The nations rise
  • The NATO-ISIS connection
  • SJWs always minimize
  • History never ended

crooks and liars

  • Open Thread - Too Soon?
  • C&L's Late Nite With Big Star
  • Be Thankful Your Thanksgiving Is Better Than These!
  • Fox Host: Lesson From Chicago Shooting Is Laquan 'Should Not Have Been Walking Away'
  • Former NJ AG: Nope, No Dancing Muslims In Jersey City. We Checked.
  • Bill-O: The Republican Party Should Be The Big Victor Right Now, And Yet...

john avlon

ace of spades hq

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