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daily kos

  • Donald Trump suddenly disowns the crappy convention he planned
  • Fox News had no time for Khizr Khan's amazing speech. Benghazi ads and Katy Perry, though ...
  • Hillary chooses hope over doom and wins the week
  • Desperate Trump campaign flings poo at Clinton speech, hoping some of it will stick
  • Hillary's magic word: competence
  • The best Twitter reactions to Hillary's historic speech

politifact truth-o-meter

  • The top 10 fact-checks at the RNC, DNC
  • The backstory of the Muslim soldier's dad who said Trump 'sacrificed nothing'
  • Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, annotated
  • Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic nomination
  • 7 things Clinton might mention in her acceptance speech
  • All 227 Hillary Clinton fact-checks

the corner

  • The Othering of Donald Trump
  • When Will the Anti-Police Violence Cease?
  • Before July Splits . . .
  • Gary Johnson: Religious Liberty Is a "Black Hole"
  • The War on Cops Continues
  • What Would Hillary’s Speech Have Been Without Trump as a Foe?


fact check

  • FactChecking Clinton’s Big Speech
  • Trump on Torture
  • Video: FactCheck and PBS NewsHour
  • Video: Day 3 of the DNC
  • Video: Day 2 of DNC Convention
  • Day 3 at the Democratic Convention

drudge report

  • 'SCANDAL' creator makes Clinton bio video WITHOUT scandal...
  • HEALTH DRAMA: She Can't Stop Clearing Her Throat During Acceptance...
  • BUCHANAN: Divided We Stand...


  • Hillary Clinton supporters should be worried about what we learned about the economy today
  • U.S. economy grew at a slow pace in spring, expanding at just 1.2 percent pace in second quarter
  • Why raising the minimum wage in Seattle did little to help workers, according to a new study
  • Hillary Clinton’s faith in millennials is touching — and profoundly misplaced
  • Chelsea Clinton takes on Ivanka Trump
  • This grim economic forecast about life under Trump is even worse than Tim Kaine said it was

fact checker

  • Fact-checking Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the 2016 DNC
  • Fact checking the third day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Trump’s claim that ‘I have nothing to do with Russia’
  • Fact-checking the second day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Fact-checking the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Did Donald Trump really say those things?

paul krugman

the hill

  • WH doesn’t dispute Biden's description of Putin as ’dictator'
  • Coincidence? Obama spoke for 44 minutes, Clinton for 42
  • Obama counters Trump 'pessimism'
  • Obama to contrast Clinton with Trump
  • Obamas pick presidential library site in Chicago
  • US has 'high confidence' Russia behind DNC hack: report

huffington post

  • Orlando Bloom Was Katy Perry's 'Cool Mom' At The DNC Last Night
  • Yes, Judges Should Invalidate Irrational Legislation: A Reply to Greg Weiner
  • North Carolina Voter ID Law Targeted African-Americans, Appeals Court Rules
  • Top Cartoonists Dish On What It's Like To Draw Hillary Clinton
  • An Open Letter to Veterans, Active Military and Law Enforcement: What Do You Believe?
  • 'Audit The IRS' - Auditing The People Who Audit You

the fix

  • Mike Pence might be the media’s new best friend
  • The 5 best speeches of the Democratic National Convention
  • Donald Trump now hates Michael Bloomberg because Bloomberg was mean to him
  • Clinton and Trump will soon receive classified briefings. Here’s how that works.
  • Bernie Sanders supporters want to throw out most members of Congress by 2018. About that.
  • Why the conservative media loves the idea that Bill Clinton might have slept through Hillary’s speech


  • Democratic Party Suffers Nervous Breakdown In Philly: The Inside Story
  • Joe Borelli: ‘Convention Apocalypse’ Hit DNC, Not RNC as Media Predicted
  • Manafort: If It’s ‘Midnight America,’ It’s Because of Obama/Clinton Administration
  • Sluggish U.S. Economy Grows By Only 1.2 Percent In Second Quarter
  • Hillary Clinton Said Nothing About the Economy in Her Speech
  • TPP! White House Promotes Trade Deal To Solve Sluggish Economic Growth

media matters

  • Fox Host: "Is There Too Much Fawning In The Media" Over Clinton Becoming The First Woman Major Party Presidential Nominee?
  • Fox News Didn’t Show Democratic Convention Speeches That Cut Against Its Right-Wing Narrative
  • The Democratic Convention Speeches Fox Didn't Show
  • Steve Deace Calls Transgender Rights Activist Sarah McBride "Freak Show" And “The Cross-Dressing Dude” After Democratic Convention Speech
  • Fox Guest Pushes Three Women’s Health Lies In Under Three Minutes
  • Fox News Cites Anti-Choice Group’s Poll To Push Myth That Americans Oppose Abortion Access

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • Horrible North Carolina Voting Law Struck Down
  • Is Donald Trump Really Ahead By 7 Points? Really?
  • The "War on Cops" Is a Right-Wing Invention
  • Chart of the Day: GDP Growth Was Lackluster in Q2
  • 4-Star General Opens Up a Can of Whup-Ass on Donald Trump
  • Japan Still Can't Figure Out How to Avoid Deflation

little green footballs

  • Jacob Collier Live @ Village Underground, London: "Don't You Know"
  • Watch Live: Hillary Clinton's Historic Speech
  • Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, the Main Event
  • In Iowa, Donald Trump Publicly Fantasizes About Physical Violence Against His Critics
  • Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, Day 4, Thread 1
  • Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

power line

  • The economy is slumping at a bad time for Democrats
  • Ms. Clinton resets
  • The First Third of Hillary’s Speech Was Awful
  • Sleepers don’t awake
  • Thoughts from the ammo line


new republic

  • Jason Bourne: Punching Down on a Once Great Franchise
  • How Hillary Survived a Gauntlet of Saboteurs and Scoundrels
  • The Democratic Convention Was Senior Week
  • What Does the Democratic Party Stand for Now? Good Question.
  • Will the Historic Nature of Hillary’s Candidacy Actually Hurt Her?
  • Clinton’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Puts the Democratic Party at Risk

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Eugene Volokh] Wise words about the much-too-criticized passive voice
  • [Eugene Volokh] California (unintentionally?) recriminalizes libel — and criminalizes disclosure of private facts, right of publicity infringements and more
  • [Ilya Somin] The logic of voting for a lesser evil
  • [Eugene Volokh] Not all marijuana use is ‘chemical dependency’ that could lead to termination of parental rights
  • [Eugene Volokh] Blogger’s criticism of alleged ‘dog grifter’ dog breeders was constitutionally protected opinion
  • [David Post] On Donald Trump and the rule of law, cont’d

crooks and liars

  • GOP Security Experts To Formally Request An Immediate Congressional Investigation Into DNC Hack
  • Really? Fox's Eric Bolling Says George Bush Killed Bin Laden
  • Whiner Trump Really Is Emulating Nixon
  • Navy To Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk
  • Mike's Blog Round Up
  • Fox News Doesn't Air Khizr Khan's Powerful Anti-Trump Speech

the moderate voice

  • Division in the Nation’s Political Parties
  • Khizr Khan to Trump: Have you read the constitution?
  • A Tale of Two Conventions (Updated)
  • American women reflect on the meaning of the first female major-party presidential nominee
  • Actor Bradley Cooper attends DNC, upsets some conservative ‘American Sniper’ fans
  • Cartoon: Clinton Convention


  • Trump: I Sure Would Like to Attack the Democrats, but It Wouldn’t be Good Message Discipline
  • BREAKING: Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter ID Law
  • North Korea Declares a State of War With the U.S….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Tim Kaine Flip-Flops Multiple Times On the Legislation That Restricts Federal Abortion Spending
  • Gary Johnson Should Tell William Weld to Shut the Hell Up if He Wants My Vote
  • Which Candidate’s Convention Speech Will Sound the Best a Month from Now?

talking points memo

  • Sad!
  • Fundraising Nonprofit Says It Wasn't Compromised In DCCC Hack
  • HUGE
  • Ryan Bundy Says He's ‘Idiot’ Sovereign Citizen Not Subject To Federal Law
  • Federal Appeals Court Rules New NC Voting Laws Intended To Discriminate
  • Check This Out

congress blog

michelle malkin

  • Hillary’s acceptance speech: Woman in public eye for 25 years finally introducing herself to America
  • Angela Merkel’s complaint about terrorists sounds like it could have been written by John Kerry
  • IRS investigating Clinton Foundation, and we all know how that’s going to turn out
  • Interesting: The Clinton campaign seems to think Hillary’s yoga-related emails are matters of nat’l security
  • #BlueLightFriday: From the White House to your house
  • Dems stand inside area protected by yuge fence and call for ‘bridges, not walls’

oliver willis

washington monthly

atlas shrugs

news hounds

  • DNC Night 4 - Open Thread
  • Bill O’Reilly Goes Off The Deep End Defending His ‘Well-Fed Slaves’ Remark: Liberals Want Me Dead!
  • DNC Night 3 - Open Thread
  • DNC Protesters Pour Water On Fox’s Geraldo Rivera
  • Fox News Predictably Defends Donald Trump’s Call For Russian Hacking
  • Does Tucker Carlson Know That Fox News Has "Disgusting" Gender Neutral Bathrooms?


  • 8 days over America and the walls that divide us
  • Inside the ‘other’ DNC where the corporation is king
  • Kenney, the cops, and exorcising Frank Rizzo's ghost
  • Bernie tries to bridge DNC's troubled waters
  • Berniacs' long strange trip ends up in Philly...sort of
  • How Trump's Cleveland reality show body-slammed America

flopping aces

  • And you’re lecturing us about Trump?
  • Hillary To #FeelTheBern Tonight?
  • At least Trump won fair and square
  • Is The Left’s Biggest Strength Also the Key to How We Defeat Them? (2 of 2)
  • Ted Cruz the Leader vs. Donald Trump the Ruler…
  • Is London’s Islamic Mayor the Key to Saving the United States? (1 of 2)

political animal

gruntled center

  • Strongmen Want a Conflagration
  • Super Delegates are a Good Idea. The Republicans Wish They Had Had Some This Time.
  • The Methodist Social Creed and the Catholic Social Teaching
  • The Ban on Non-Profits Endorsing Candidates is Good for the Church
  • The Diseases of Aging Are Declining - Not Sure Why, But We'll Take It
  • The Gun-Obsessed Got Their Way In Dallas

drudge retort

  • Judge Hides Defendant's Tattoos with Makeup
  • Trump's Tax Plan Would Create $10 Trillion Shortfall
  • 3 Charged in $1 Billion Medicare Fraud Scheme
  • Trump Said He Wants to 'Hit' DNC Speakers 'So Hard'
  • Muslim Soldier's Father Rebukes Trump at DNC
  • Hillary Accepts Historic Nomination


  • "The whole affair has been a festival of inclusiveness. The media is eating it like cake.... That’s how it looks on the surface."
  • "What's the spot on her tongue?"
  • What she wore.
  • "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons."
  • In the old days, one person getting through was seen as a token and not necessarily helping anyone else, possibly even hurting the others.
  • We've reached the last convention night.

vox populi

  • Mailvox: Jesus Christ and the SS hierarchy
  • Talking SJWs with Tom Woods
  • In defense of globalism
  • Hillary Clinton's speech
  • That was fast
  • The DNC vision for America

crooks and liars

  • GOP Security Experts To Formally Request An Immediate Congressional Investigation Into DNC Hack
  • Really? Fox's Eric Bolling Says George Bush Killed Bin Laden
  • Whiner Trump Really Is Emulating Nixon
  • Navy To Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk
  • Mike's Blog Round Up
  • Fox News Doesn't Air Khizr Khan's Powerful Anti-Trump Speech

war is a crime

  • The Problem with Chanting "USA"
  • Focus: Obama and Clinton - July 29, 2016
  • 750 Sanders Delegates in Convention Walk-Out as Green Party’s Jill Stein Joins Anti-Hillary Protests Outside
  • It's Not the Economy, Stupid
  • Focus: Islamic State - July 26, 2016
  • No crooked sociopaths in the White House: I’m with Jill Stein!

ace of spades hq

  • Thoughts on Generalissima Clinton's Adress
  • Bill Clinton Sabotages Wife Yet Again
  • Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]
  • TGIF News Dump (7/29/16) [Mis. Hum]
  • Overnight Open Thread (7-28-2016)
  • Finally: The End of the Ordeal

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