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daily kos

  • Open thread for night owls: FAIR critiques Keystone XL media coverage
  • Economics Daily Digest: Too-risky deals, phone booth hotspots, unionizing tech's shuttle drivers
  • When 'flexible' vacation means less vacation
  • Surveys find that few employers are dropping health benefits
  • Medicaid and CHIP enrollments increase by more than 9.1 million
  • The dumbest conservative lies about net neutrality

political wire

  • Clinton Still Giving Paid Speeches
  • Many Incoming Lawmakers are Losers
  • Edwards Comeback Stalled Ahead of Runoff
  • Palin Weighs In on Immigration
  • Clinton Ratings Very Similar to Obama
  • Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

the corner

  • House Intel Investigation on Benghazi Clears Administration, Intelligence Community of Wrongdoing
  • Purdue U: Only 50 Percent of Scientists Blame Humans for Climate Change
  • Oklahoma AG Starts Laying Out the Legal Case Against Obama's Executive Action: Of Course States Have Been Injured
  • Harry Reid Slams White House: 'Get a Life'
  • Why UKIP's Latest By-Election Victory Is a Very Big Deal
  • An Imperial Spectacle


new republic

drudge report

  • Ol? You Stay!
  • Black Activists Condemn Amnesty...
  • SESSIONS: Americans must 'resist this imperial decree'...
  • Obama fundraises off immigration speech, seeks $1,000 contributions...
  • New DHS rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders not top deportation priorities...
  • LAWYERS: Plan to reach far fewer than 4.7 million...


  • Wait! The right wants a new CBO director after all.
  • Why whites don’t understand black segregation
  • The economic impact of the Ferguson protests
  • Could Obama’s immigration initiative boost the housing market?
  • As Obama hands many immigrants a reprieve, hucksters wait to defraud them
  • Name That Data!

politifact truth-o-meter

  • 12 key fact-checks on immigration and executive action
  • Fact-checkers worldwide check the G20 summit for a #G20factcheckathon
  • Jeb Bush on the Truth-O-Meter
  • PunditFact fact-checks the Nov. 16 Sunday shows
  • What is net neutrality?
  • PunditFact: Fact-checking claims about the GOP agenda


  • Late Late Night FDL: The Happy Wanderer
  • Late Night: The Roundup
  • MENA Mashup: The I/P, Egypt, ISIL, Iraq, and Turkey
  • Over Easy: Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Chances Are the FBI Has Files on Your Favorite Human Rights Activist
  • Judge: ATF Agents Encourage People to Commit Crimes They Otherwise Wouldn’t Commit

abc politics

  • Top Hillary Clinton Supporters Gather to Plot, Strategize
  • President Obama: Don’t Use Ferguson as ‘An Excuse for Violence’
  • What Happens Next On Immigration?
  • Obama Charts His Own Course On Immigration
  • Keystone Goes Down
  • Keystone Showdown

paul krugman

the hill

  • Obama fires back at Boehner
  • White House: GOP threats are childish
  • Armed woman arrested near White House
  • Obama's actions lawful, top legal scholars say
  • Obama moves to give legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants
  • Obama to Congress: 'Pass a bill'

weekly standard

  • Six Democratic Senators Have Criticized Obama's Executive Amnesty (So Far)
  • Biofuels and the Do-Nothing EPA
  • Kristol Podcast: Obama's Immigration Victory?
  • 'Sheriff Biden' Versus The Weed Agency
  • First Hillary 2016 Ad? Tribute Video Encourages Presidential Run
  • Holder Tells Law Enforcement to Behave

huffington post

  • What to Do When You're Not Bombing: Think for a Change
  • Election 2014: Seven Wins for Women
  • In Secret, Obama Extends U.S. Role In Afghan Combat
  • With Mia Love's Election We're Still Not Post-Racial
  • The Womb Lottery
  • REPORT: FBI Arrests Men Near Ferguson After Allegedly Buying Explosives For Protests

the fix

  • 7 things you didn’t read today (but should have)
  • QUIZ: Which election does this Hillary Clinton speculation belong to?
  • 7 charts that explain the undocumented immigrant population
  • How America’s immigrants came to be “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”
  • Why Barack Obama should go to Ferguson
  • Almost half of the 114th Congress has been elected since 2010


  • GQ Makes Michael Sam a 2014 Man of the Year
  • Jorge Ramos: Journalists, Hispanic Activists Convinced Obama to Pay 'Debt' to Latinos with Exec Amnesty
  • McCaul: Obama Trying to Bait GOP Into Being 'Grinch Who Stole Christmas'
  • Departing Dem Knocks Pelosi: You Have to Know When to Leave
  • HuffPost: BuzzFeed EIC's Hit Piece on Uber 'Not True,' 'Sensationalized'
  • Ramos: 'Listening to Us' Changed Obama's Mind on Legal Authority

media matters

  • GOP Led Report Debunks Right-Wing Media's Benghazi Hoax
  • Right-Wing Media Use Economic Myths To Attack Obama's Immigration Action
  • Fox Dumps Obama Speech For Interview With Anti-Immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Conservative Media's Latest Sharyl Attkisson "Bombshell" Is A Dud
  • How Did The Boston Globe Not Disclose This To Readers?
  • Limbaugh Urges GOP To Ignore "Non-Factor" Hispanic Vote

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • Republicans Finally Admit There Is No Benghazi Scandal
  • Friday Cat Blogging - 21 November 2014
  • Republicans Finally Sue Over Obamacare -- And There's Even a Surprise Included
  • Obama's Immigration Plan Is Both Good Policy and Remarkably Shrewd Politics
  • Has Obama Gone Too Far? 5 Key Questions Answered About the Legality of His Immigration Plan
  • No, the Culture Wars Haven't Heated Up. It Just Seems Like They Have.

hotline on call

power line

  • A Jim Webb presidential run? Spare us
  • What Is DOJ Hiding About Its Targeting of Sharyl Attkisson?
  • When Even the Climatistas Know You Are a Fool . . .
  • Obamnesty, what to do
  • Energy Flotsam and Jetsam


  • Obama Said Words From The Bible, Is That Even Allowed?
  • Let’s Enjoy Watching Elizabeth Warren Kick Some More GOP Ass, For America
  • Have Some Hot Rum Cider To Warm Your Cold, Bleeding Heart
  • Are There Any Women Bill Cosby Didn’t (Allegedly) Rape?
  • House Finally (FINALLY) Sues Obama, For Doing Thing House Wanted Obama To Do
  • John McCain Snarls At Young GOP Punks To Get Off His Lawn

washington post

  • Officer in Ferguson shooting unlikely to return to job, police chief says
  • The Fix: Almost half of the 114th Congress has been elected since 2010
  • Federal Eye: IRS inspector general finds up to 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s e-mails
  • Clinton advisers strategize without her
  • Republicans challenge Obama’s executive actions, file lawsuit over Obamacare
  • The Fix: Why Barack Obama should go to Ferguson

the volokh conspiracy

crooks and liars

  • Bill Maher Has Some Suggestions On How We Can Save Christmas
  • Rep. Mo Brooks Magically Turns Reagan's Amnesty Into Clinton's
  • Open Thread - Must See Animation
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club
  • Megyn Kelly Admits Fox News Uses 'Amnesty' To Fire Up Haters

the moderate voice

  • Sandy Hook murder: report documents system failure throughout Lanza’s life
  • GOP Reaction to President’s Immigration Policy: ‘Life Imitating Satire’?
  • On the Ready in Ferguson: Police, Protesters – And Lawyers
  • Republicans Can Stop Pretending They Want Immigration Reform (Guest Voice)
  • Republicans face tea party “upstarts”
  • With Ferguson decision looming, Holder issues new police guidance


talking points memo

  • 1 Minute Survey
  • More Bill Cosby Performances Canceled Amid Mounting Rape Allegations
  • GOP Intel Report Debunks Its Own Party's Nutty Benghazi Theories
  • Obama Says He 'Told John Boehner: I'll Wash Your Car, I'll Walk Your Dog'
  • Is Rand Paul Trolling Himself?
  • Rand Paul Likens Obama Exec Action To Japanese Internment Camp Order

congress blog

  • Death-dealing double standard of US policies toward women overseas
  • Government animal experimenters need to have their heads examined
  • Demise of the 'war on women'
  • Congress can deliver certainty now
  • In austerity, US Naval challenges in dealing with maritime competitors
  • Human rights in Iran will worsen without a nuclear deal


  • Tech at Night: Weekend Update
  • Seriously, the DNC needs to fire its social media squad over this ‘ethnic cleansing’ own-goals.
  • Obama Administration Grubered Americans on ObamaCare Enrollment
  • Obama’s Justice Department declares war on school choice
  • @RepHalRogers thinks he is Jon Gruber
  • David Harsanyi on Obama’s Abuse of Power

oliver willis

  • No, Obama Didn’t Sound Like Bush At The United Nations
  • Hillary Clinton’s Secret Letters To Santa Exposed
  • Green Lantern Liberalism
  • NFL Fans Defending Beating A Child’s Scrotum Are Scum
  • Obama Repeats The Strategy That Killed Bin Laden In Address To Nation About ISIS
  • How “It’s Just Politics” Lets Conservatives Win


  • Walmart Employees Go Hungry Working for the Richest Family in America
  • On Cosby, Hard to Keep the Faith
  • A Big Election With Little Local Journalism
  • Who Benefits From the White House Immigration Plan?
  • ‘Left, Right & Center’: The Immigration Debate
  • Court Rules Michigan Not Responsible for Quality Public Education

michelle malkin

  • Berkeley City Council votes to put ‘climate change’ warning labels on gas pumps
  • Good luck with that: St. Louis mayor agrees to protest group’s demands
  • A White House mass pardon for identity thieves
  • White House: Do something about ‘climate change’ or prepare for a fiery death — or worse
  • ‘XL’ in Keystone XL stands for X-tra Lethal, says abortion advocate Barbara Boxer; Updated
  • More chilling news for Al Gore

news hounds

  • Fox Nation Readers Want To Kill Ferguson Protesters “These People …Want a Lynching”
  • Martha MacCallum Reports On School Shooting Survivor Saved By 'Miracle!'
  • Fox News Psychotherapist Analyzes ‘Emotional Abuse’ Of Jonathan Gruber And ObamaCare
  • Scott Brown Going Back To Fox News
  • Hannity Blames Obama For Any Riots In Ferguson
  • Michele Bachmann Uses Fox News To Organize Against Obama’s Immigration Action


riehl world view

political animal

  • Day's End and Weekend Watch
  • The Siege of Ferguson Continues
  • Jeb Bush Better Get Hip to the Outrage
  • Nevada's Mouth-Runnin' Rebel
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Lawlessness

andrew sullivan

  • The Dish Mug Is Here!
  • Sharing Is Staring
  • A Woman’s Place In The House
  • Passing On Peril
  • Quote For The Day II
  • A Poem For Friday


  • Your 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2014 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • May the Cinco be With You
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In Grand Champion Carbonator
  • The 2013 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In
  • That Was the Week That Was

war is a crime

  • David Swanson to Speak in Michigan
  • US news organizations dispense propaganda, not news: Forget ‘Fair and Balanced,’ US Corporate Media Give Only the Government’s
  • Saving The Internet: How the Impossible Shifted to the Inevitable
  • Dear White People: Our State of Emergency
  • Humor, Humanity from Guantanamo Prisoners
  • Would you think it was the job of psychologists or journalists to expose criminal activity?

connecting the dots

  • Robert Stein: March 1924 - July 2014
  • Undergraduate Upsets Wall Street
  • Fear of Flying
  • The Putin/Tea Party Axis
  • The Far End of Obamacare
  • The Fire This Time

flopping aces

  • Boehner: ‘The House Will, In Fact, Act’
  • The People, Polls & A State of Denial (Guest Post)
  • What Lena Dunham Taught Us About… Minimum Wage Chickenhawks (Guest Post)
  • A CIA Interrogator Finally Breaks Silence
  • The Coz
  • Darren Wilson is a dead man

drudge retort

  • Even Al Qaeda Thinks ISIS Has Gone Too Far
  • UK's First Poo-Powered Bus Hits the Road
  • TW: Obama Kneecapped Jeb, Christie 2016 Plans
  • House Republicans Sue Obama Over ObamaCare
  • PE Teacher in Trouble for Dragging Teen into Pool
  • Is Obama's Immigration Action Legal?

little green footballs

vox populi

  • Ferguson
  • 4GW in Middle America
  • The moral imperative of international law
  • The Saxon stirs
  • Isolati!
  • The Obama Amnesty

crooks and liars

  • Bill Maher Has Some Suggestions On How We Can Save Christmas
  • Rep. Mo Brooks Magically Turns Reagan's Amnesty Into Clinton's
  • Open Thread - Must See Animation
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club
  • Megyn Kelly Admits Fox News Uses 'Amnesty' To Fire Up Haters

john avlon

  • John Avlon Gets ‘Real’ with Bill Maher – Real Time
  • George Clooney: A 21st-Century Statesman – Newsweek
  • The Resilient City – from Empire City: New York Through the Centuries
  • Exclusive: Congressional Ethics Probe Adds to Michele Bachmann’s Political Woes – The Daily Beast
  • The Absurd Impeachment Feedback Loop – The Daily Beast
  • Border Kids Crisis—Impotent Congress – The Daily Beast

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