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daily kos

  • Hillary: 'Stronger Together'—is not just a slogan for the campaign, but a guiding principle
  • Hillary: 'The enduring truth—we are stronger together'
  • Here's Hillary!
  • Open thread #6 for the final day of the 47th Democratic National Convention
  • Open thread #5 on the final day of the 47th Democratic National Convention
  • Open thread #4 on the final day of the 47th Democratic National Convention

politifact truth-o-meter

  • Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, annotated
  • 7 things Clinton might mention in her acceptance speech
  • All 227 Hillary Clinton fact-checks
  • Fact-checking the third night of the Democratic National Convention
  • Tim Kaine on PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter
  • Some readers unconvinced by our True rating for White House slave claim

the corner

  • NR Tweets the DNC
  • Clinton’s Manager Mook: The Big Three Are Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina
  • Father Hamel: An 'Absurd' Killing?
  • A Telling Exchange About 'Islamophobia'
  • Suddenly Chancellor Merkel Is All about Tighter Security
  • Chuck Schumer: Democrats Will Lose Blue-Collar Whites But Gain in the Suburbs


fact check

  • Trump on Torture
  • Video: FactCheck and PBS NewsHour
  • Video: Day 3 of the DNC
  • Video: Day 2 of DNC Convention
  • Day 3 at the Democratic Convention
  • Trump’s Press Conference

drudge report

  • 'SCANDAL' creator makes Hillary bio video WITHOUT scandal...
  • Vendors complain 'no enthusiasm' for her...
  • BUCHANAN: Divided We Stand...
  • Deep poverty in Philly, the poorest big city...
  • Actor Bradley Cooper attends DNC, upsets 'AMERICAN SNIPER' fans...
  • D'SOUZA Releases Video Likening HILLARY to Eva Peron...


  • Chelsea Clinton takes on Ivanka Trump
  • This grim economic forecast about life under Trump is even worse than Tim Kaine said it was
  • A male professor said this women-only study lounge is sexist and illegal. The school shut it down.
  • Expensive robots may not be making surgeons — or patients — much better
  • Your kid is way more likely to be poisoned by crayons than by marijuana
  • Whole Foods just got called out for a pretty big exaggeration

fact checker

  • Fact checking the third day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Trump’s claim that ‘I have nothing to do with Russia’
  • Fact-checking the second day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Fact-checking the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  • Did Donald Trump really say those things?
  • Fact-checking Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 RNC

paul krugman

the hill

  • WH doesn’t dispute Biden's description of Putin as ’dictator'
  • Coincidence? Obama spoke for 44 minutes, Clinton for 42
  • Obama counters Trump 'pessimism'
  • Obama to contrast Clinton with Trump
  • Obamas pick presidential library site in Chicago
  • US has 'high confidence' Russia behind DNC hack: report

huffington post

  • Chelsea Clinton Paints Portrait Of Hillary As A Warm Mother
  • Shonda Rhimes And Morgan Freeman Helped Share Hillary Clinton's Inspiring Story
  • Americans Were Just Introduced To One Of The Nation's Most Powerful Voices
  • Bill And Tim (And Hillary And Barack's) Excellent Adventure
  • Father Of Muslim American War Hero To Trump: 'You Have Sacrificed Nothing'
  • Joe Biden Will Appear On 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

the fix

  • Democrats impersonate Donald Trump, are proud of themselves for it
  • Some Democratic delegates just shouted at a retired general. Here’s why.
  • Here is Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination acceptance speech
  • Conservatives in the media have a serious case of convention envy
  • The father of Muslim soldier killed in action just delivered a brutal repudiation of Donald Trump
  • The many things Hillary Clinton’s convention speech must do


media matters

  • Fox's Megyn Kelly: Is There "Any Problem In Having a Female Commander-In-Chief?"
  • Fox's Chris Wallace Concedes The Democratic Convention Was "Better Run" Than The Republican Convention
  • Fox’s Charles Krauthammer “Wouldn’t Compare” Trump To A Fascist Leader, But Had No Problem Linking Obama To Hitler In 2008
  • Fox's Brian Kilmeade Demeans VP Nominee Tim Kaine For Speaking Spanish During Convention Speech
  • O'Reilly: "There Is A Reason" Why Black People Are "Singled Out" By Police
  • Bernie Goldberg To O'Reilly: “The Slavery Thing” Criticism "Isn't About Slavery ... It's About You"

new york times

fox news

kevin drum

  • 4-Star General Opens Up a Can of Whup-Ass on Donald Trump
  • Japan Still Can't Figure Out How to Avoid Deflation
  • Does America Really Want the Most Qualified Candidate Ever?
  • Yes, We Should Raise the Minimum Wage
  • Donald Trump Caught Using Apple Macbook
  • Hillary Clinton Tells the Truth!

little green footballs

  • Watch Live: Hillary Clinton's Historic Speech
  • Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, the Main Event
  • In Iowa, Donald Trump Publicly Fantasizes About Physical Violence Against His Critics
  • Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, Day 4, Thread 1
  • Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course
  • Photo of the Day: The Passing of the Torch

power line

  • The NCAA enters the bathroom wars
  • Did Obama Help Hillary?
  • Marilyn Mosby floods the river
  • Keep Your Eye on Italy
  • Do the Climate Hustle!


new republic

  • Primary Concerns Episode 22: What We Learned from the Craziest Two Weeks In 2016 Politics
  • Why the Bush Family Should Endorse Hillary Clinton
  • GMOs Could Save Your Life—They Might Have Already
  • Democrats Lay Claim to Ronald Reagan’s Shining City
  • Why the Left’s Opposition to Tim Kaine Is Misplaced
  • What Trump Talks About When He Talks About the Working Class

the volokh conspiracy

  • [Eugene Volokh] Wise words about the much-too-criticized passive voice
  • [Eugene Volokh] California (unintentionally?) recriminalizes libel — and criminalizes disclosure of private facts, right of publicity infringements and more
  • [Ilya Somin] The logic of voting for a lesser evil
  • [Eugene Volokh] Not all marijuana use is ‘chemical dependency’ that could lead to termination of parental rights
  • [Eugene Volokh] Blogger’s criticism of alleged ‘dog grifter’ dog breeders was constitutionally protected opinion
  • [David Post] On Donald Trump and the rule of law, cont’d

crooks and liars

  • Rev. William Barber: 'Be The Moral Defibrillator Of Our Time'
  • Republican Hispanic Outreach
  • Prime Time Livestream: Day 4 Of The Democratic Convention
  • Donald Trump Is Very, Very Angry With DNC Speakers.
  • Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump A 'Thin-Skinned Racist' Over Pocahontas Remarks
  • Giuliani Tells Benghazi Widow To Blame Hillary Clinton

the moderate voice

  • Actor Bradley Cooper attends DNC, upsets some conservative ‘American Sniper’ fans
  • Cartoon: Clinton Convention
  • ‘Undecided’ About What? (Guest Voice)
  • Trust Your Gut …. Maintain Your Honor
  • Kaine Made Introduction To America – And Should Have Them At Hello
  • Trump Outsourcing American Jobs


  • DROPPING BEHIND: Clinton Back on Top in Latest Rasmussen Poll
  • Trump Knew Putin Before He Didn’t Know Putin and Other Trump Lies (Video)
  • This Muslim Gold Star Dad Destroyed Trump at the Democratic Convention
  • VIDEO: Insane Protests, Angry Booing, People On FIRE … Highlights of the Chaos at the DNC So Far
  • BREAKING: Reports of Explosion in Residential Neighborhood in Sweden, Possible Shooting
  • Snopes.Com Runs Interference for the Democrat Convention

talking points memo

  • The Navy Plans To Name A Ship After Gay Rights Icon Harvey Milk
  • Clinton Blasts Trump: He's Taking GOP From 'Morning In America' To Midnight
  • Clinton Appeals To Sanders Supporters At DNC: ‘Our Cause Is Your Cause’
  • Hillary
  • Father Of Muslim-American War Hero Makes Emotional Case Against Trump (VIDEO)
  • Connection

congress blog

  • A new president, a new North Korea strategy
  • Do you know who’s in charge of your health care decisions?
  • A Putin SuperPAC?
  • Fixing what’s broken about payday lending
  • Achieving the American dream for generations to come
  • What can we expect in healthcare with Clinton, Trump?

michelle malkin

  • Hillary’s acceptance speech: Woman in public eye for 25 years finally introducing herself to America
  • Angela Merkel’s complaint about terrorists sounds like it could have been written by John Kerry
  • IRS investigating Clinton Foundation, and we all know how that’s going to turn out
  • Interesting: The Clinton campaign seems to think Hillary’s yoga-related emails are matters of nat’l security
  • #BlueLightFriday: From the White House to your house
  • Dems stand inside area protected by yuge fence and call for ‘bridges, not walls’

oliver willis

washington monthly

atlas shrugs

news hounds

  • DNC Night 4 - Open Thread
  • Bill O’Reilly Goes Off The Deep End Defending His ‘Well-Fed Slaves’ Remark: Liberals Want Me Dead!
  • DNC Night 3 - Open Thread
  • DNC Protesters Pour Water On Fox’s Geraldo Rivera
  • Fox News Predictably Defends Donald Trump’s Call For Russian Hacking
  • Does Tucker Carlson Know That Fox News Has "Disgusting" Gender Neutral Bathrooms?


  • 8 days over America and the walls that divide us
  • Inside the ‘other’ DNC where the corporation is king
  • Kenney, the cops, and exorcising Frank Rizzo's ghost
  • Bernie tries to bridge DNC's troubled waters
  • Berniacs' long strange trip ends up in Philly...sort of
  • How Trump's Cleveland reality show body-slammed America

flopping aces

  • Hillary To #FeelTheBern Tonight?
  • At least Trump won fair and square
  • Is The Left’s Biggest Strength Also the Key to How We Defeat Them? (2 of 2)
  • Ted Cruz the Leader vs. Donald Trump the Ruler…
  • Is London’s Islamic Mayor the Key to Saving the United States? (1 of 2)
  • Sunday Funnies

political animal

gruntled center

  • Strongmen Want a Conflagration
  • Super Delegates are a Good Idea. The Republicans Wish They Had Had Some This Time.
  • The Methodist Social Creed and the Catholic Social Teaching
  • The Ban on Non-Profits Endorsing Candidates is Good for the Church
  • The Diseases of Aging Are Declining - Not Sure Why, But We'll Take It
  • The Gun-Obsessed Got Their Way In Dallas

drudge retort

  • Gordon, Bob and Luis Evicted from Sesame Street
  • Bill O'Reilly Starting to Sound a Wee Bit Paranoid
  • Internet Trolls More Hostile Using Real Names
  • Live: Democratic Convention Day 4
  • Israel: No, Rudy, We Don't Prefer Trump
  • One of History's Greatest Presidents?


  • We've reached the last convention night.
  • "When Michael Jackson debuted the moonwalk in 1983 the world was enrapt. The dance goes back farther, to the 1930s..."
  • Watch the 11-minute video — replete with Meryl Streep narration — that was supposed to be shown at the Democratic National Convention...
  • 2 pictures of Presidents and the Russians who were out to get them.
  • Hillary Clinton has "a comprehensive plan to defeat and destroy ISIS and keep America safe"?
  • At the Pelikan Café...

vox populi

  • Hillary Clinton's speech
  • That was fast
  • The DNC vision for America
  • Alt Right vs conservative
  • Dud or warning shot?
  • Every single time

crooks and liars

  • Rev. William Barber: 'Be The Moral Defibrillator Of Our Time'
  • Republican Hispanic Outreach
  • Prime Time Livestream: Day 4 Of The Democratic Convention
  • Donald Trump Is Very, Very Angry With DNC Speakers.
  • Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump A 'Thin-Skinned Racist' Over Pocahontas Remarks
  • Giuliani Tells Benghazi Widow To Blame Hillary Clinton

war is a crime

  • Focus: Obama and Clinton - July 29, 2016
  • 750 Sanders Delegates in Convention Walk-Out as Green Party’s Jill Stein Joins Anti-Hillary Protests Outside
  • It's Not the Economy, Stupid
  • Focus: Islamic State - July 26, 2016
  • No crooked sociopaths in the White House: I’m with Jill Stein!
  • Tomgram: William Hartung, How to Arm a "Volatile" Planet

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