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wonk wire

  • King Of Fake IDs In Boston Area – Students Reviews
  • King Of Fakes IDs Review For Illinois and Indiana
  • How Three Day Weekends Could Save the Environment
  • Cracking Down on Undocumented Immigrants Can Hurt the Economy
  • What If Brexit Was Only the Beginning?
  • The Demographics that Drove Brexit


  • Journalism Dies at Northwestern
  • Lauren Duca on Trump’s gaslighting, her new book, online bullies, and coming out gay (Part 1)
  • World Series crowd yells “lock him up!” at Trump. Here’s why it’s not just okay, but to be lauded.
  • The latest 2020 polls & Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds
  • Video: The latest on impeachment and Turkey
  • Rudy’s in trouble

fact check

  • Day One of the Public Impeachment Hearings
  • Old Meme Misinforms on CHIP Funding
  • The Data on DACA and Crime
  • Posts Falsely Claim Trump ‘Stole’ From Vets
  • Trump Muddies Impeachment Timeline
  • Blowing the Whistle on a Misinforming Meme

drudge report

  • Dueling narratives on Trump's actions collide for shared audience...
  • Love him or hate him, voters say hearings will not change views...
  • Battle lines harden...

talking points memo

politifact truth-o-meter

  • What is Congress doing besides impeachment?
  • Fact-checking Trump, Ukraine impeachment hearings, day 1
  • Who is George Kent?
  • Who is Ambassador William Taylor?
  • The impeachment inquiry: What to expect from public hearings and beyond
  • 5 ways Warren’s Medicare for All math could fall short

hot air

  • Suspect's confession in killing of Mollie Tibbetts may be partially thrown out
  • Will Senate Republicans demand -- or oppose -- a long impeachment trial?
  • Resolution recognizing Armenian genocide blocked in the Senate -- by Lindsey Graham
  • The Salvation Army took on LGBTQ activists.... and won
  • Scientists predict meatless burgers that "taste better than meat"
  • ABC analyst: We need to elect more millennial women as long as they're Democrats

huffington post

the fix


fox news

kevin drum

  • How Effective Is Facebook Advertising?
  • Outrage Culture Has Ruined the Apology
  • Chart of the Day: Inflation Continues To Be Modest
  • Lunchtime Photo
  • There’s No Harm In a Slow Pace for Impeachment Hearings
  • If It’s Not Viral, It Didn’t Happen

little green footballs

  • Colbert: Republicans Cite Insane Debunked Conspiracy Theories During Bill Taylor Testimony [VIDEO]
  • New From Seth Meyers: House Holds First Public Impeachment Hearing Into Trump
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: OK Boomer
  • House Impeachment Hearing 2: Rise of the Sycophants
  • Impeachment Hearings Live: Public Hearings Testimony From Bill Taylor and George Kent
  • Scary Pockets Does Bon Iver: "Skinny Love" (Ft. Antwaun Stanley)

power line

  • The war on standards, advanced courses edition
  • Ukraine: Dem orthodoxy evolves
  • A reminder to commenters
  • Nikki, Rex, and the General
  • Media Bias: It’s Not In Your Head

the volokh conspiracy

crooks and liars

  • Snap! Pelosi Throws Shade At Trump During Presser
  • Joe DiGenova Invokes Anti-Semitic Soros Smear To Defend GOP
  • Mike's Blog Round Up
  • Appeals Court Again Rules Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns To House
  • Smerconish Explains How Republicans Distracted Their Base Yesterday
  • Colbert Hosts A Very Special Edition Of 'Don And The Giant Impeach'

the moderate voice

  • “Country Before Party” for Democracy and Brexit
  • Impeachment and Patriotism
  • Waltzing Matilda – An In Depth Impeachment Analysis
  • Memoir explores the books of John D. Fitzgerald, Utah storyteller
  • Impeachment Hearings (Cartoon)
  • House impeachment inquiry may help restore the political and social norms that Trump flouts


michelle malkin

  • Meet the treacherous American Students Last lobby
  • Three cheers for refugee reduction!
  • Radical Spawn Chesa Boudin: America’s Most Toxic DA Candidate
  • Laura Loomer: Disrupter for Congress
  • Surrendering to SPLC’s Lazy Media Lemmings
  • ADL, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League

washington monthly

news hounds

flopping aces

  • Best and worst takeaways from yesterday’s Alice in Wonderland hearings
  • Sean Spicer is Not the Hero we Need, But he’s the Hero we Deserve
  • Eric Ciaramella’s lawyer is one weird guy
  • Impeachment- the play: starring the democrat party as the KGB and Adam Schiff as Stalin
  • Sunday Funnies
  • Democrats Quiet As Pregnant Mom Saves Family With AR-15

political animal

gruntled center

  • Insight Into the Fearful Fifth
  • White Privilege is About Race, Not Class
  • Alternative Religions by Secular Ideologies
  • Not Sure of Your Own Position? Resist the Temptation to Suppress the Free Speech of Others
  • What is Southern Culture?
  • A Liberal Birth Order?

the blaze

  • One dead, at least 5 injured in Los Angeles-area high school attack
  • Female 'Survivor' contestants say they exaggerated 'inappropriate touching' claims in order to win the competition
  • Disney+ axes infamous 'Simpsons' episode featuring Michael Jackson after reports emerged that he used the appearance to 'groom' young boys
  • Ukraine foreign minister: US ambassador never said aid money was linked to Biden investigation
  • Months of gun control talk have led to months of increased gun sales
  • Antifa goes after female MMA fighter who took down anti-Trump agitator at flag wave for veterans

drudge retort

  • Bolivia's President Resigns
  • Navy Witnesses on the Tictac UFO Encounters and Systems
  • Impeachment Is Not a Fair Fight
  • Another Shooting at a High School
  • Appeals Court Rules Congress Can Access Trump's Tax Records
  • Hayabusa-2: Japan Spacecraft Leaves Asteroid to Head Home


  • Your blogger, gazing contemplatively at the invisible sunrise.
  • "That might be a strategy. But I’ll leave that up to others. I’m just a lowly worker."
  • "You might think that [Deval] Patrick’s logical path is to compete with Biden for black voters, and with Warren and Sanders for New Hampshire voters..."
  • "Ambassador Taylor was correct that what the U.S. had been doing in Ukraine comported with the Trump National Security Strategy of resisting persistent aggressions by Russia and China."
  • "[S]ome student journalist... said they found themselves struggling to meet two dueling goals: responding to the changing expectations of the students they cover, particularly from those on the political left, while upholding widely accepted standards of journalism...."
  • At the Paintbrush Café...

vox populi

  • 1500 percent and 24 hours left
  • The new climate for business
  • My heart has joined the Thousand
  • Even Google can't take SJWs anymore
  • #1 New Release in Business Management
  • The next wave of deplatformings

crooks and liars

  • Snap! Pelosi Throws Shade At Trump During Presser
  • Joe DiGenova Invokes Anti-Semitic Soros Smear To Defend GOP
  • Mike's Blog Round Up
  • Appeals Court Again Rules Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns To House
  • Smerconish Explains How Republicans Distracted Their Base Yesterday
  • Colbert Hosts A Very Special Edition Of 'Don And The Giant Impeach'

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