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  • Fact-checking Donald Trump's health care speech
  • Welcome, Anthony Scaramucci! Here's some research on illegal voting
  • Can the president pardon himself? 4 questions about the presidential pardon
  • How expensive would a single-payer system be?
  • How big is coal mining compared to other occupations?
  • 6 months in office, Trump’s mixed record on 6 major promises

fact check

  • Trump’s Power to Pardon
  • No Arrests for Impeachment Attempt
  • Selling Insurance Across State Lines
  • Trump’s Misplaced Baltimore Bias
  • Obama Didn’t Attend G-20 in 2017
  • Trump Spins Putin Dinner Conversation

fact checker

  • 26 hours, 29 Trumpian false or misleading claims
  • A quick guide to President Trump’s false Twitter claims today
  • The White House’s facile comparison of the Trump-Russia and Clinton-Ukraine stories
  • White House video misleads on CBO health-care estimates
  • Timeline: Donald Trump Jr.’s contradictory statements about the Russia meeting
  • President Trump’s first six months: The fact-check tally

daily kos

  • Open thread for night owls. Study: Football players have huge risk of trauma-induced brain disease
  • Washington county orders 'fake' pregnancy centers to post 'not a health care facility' disclaimers
  • MSNBC tops Fox News for first time ever; Maddow leads network
  • ICE agent anonymously speaks out: 'We seem to be targeting the most vulnerable, not the worst'
  • The GOP's other legislative 'train wreck' in waiting: the defense budget
  • Jaw-dropping animation shows the size and frequency of fracking-related earthquakes


  • Donald Trump prepares to fire Attorney General Sessions
  • Protesters temporarily shut down Senate vote on health care reform
  • Was Schumer right to agree with Kushner that the Russians didn’t cause Hillary’s loss?
  • Who is Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s new White House communications director?
  • Scaramucci has legal concerns about Don Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians
  • Jill Stein goes on pro-Russia rant, calls election interference “conspiracy theory”

glenn greenwald

  • Obama's NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public | Glenn Greenwald
  • On leaving the Guardian | Glenn Greenwald
  • As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media | Glenn Greenwald
  • The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald
  • Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration | Glenn Greenwald
  • NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users


media matters

  • On MSNBC, Ex-GOP Staffer Details How The Purpose Of Voter ID Laws Is To "Take People's Constitutional Rights Away"
  • Trump Adviser To MSNBC's Chris Hayes: "I Admire The Passion" In Stone's Threat To Disclose Delegate's Hotel Rooms
  • Bill O'Reilly Says Ted Cruz Is Right About New York City Values
  • How The Wash. Post Kicked Off The "Qualified" Argument Between Clinton And Sanders
  • Fox's Bolling Criticizes Paid Family Leave: "Socialism Is Spreading Across America"
  • Latest CMP Video Deceptively Attacks Planned Parenthood's Patient Consent Process

the raw story

think progress

  • 5 GOP senators who promised to be principled on health care and then caved when it was time to vote
  • House spending package contains big cuts to clean energy, Appalachian development programs
  • 3 really weird moments in Trump’s press conference with Lebanon’s prime minister
  • China’s new policy tracking Muslims’ phones adds to rise in global Islamophobia
  • Senators voting to stop Trumpcare represent 36 million more people than the ones who didn’t
  • BREAKING: The Senate will begin debate on the Republican health care bill

crooks and liars

  • Open Thread: The New Boy Scout Badge
  • C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Steve Goodman
  • John McCain Just Voted For A Bill He Could Not Support 6 Hours Ago
  • She's Baaaack! Queen Of Voter Suppression Rides Again
  • Trump Uses Press Conference To Pressure Sessions Into Resigning
  • Senate Votes To Advance Obamacare Repeal, With Pence Breaking The Tie (UPDATED)



huffington post

kevin drum

  • Trumpcare Is Voted Down
  • Senate Votes to Proceed With Something or Other
  • Lunchtime Photo
  • Quote of the Day: “I’m Worried”
  • Can Mitch McConnell Teach a Horse to Sing?
  • Trump’s Twitter War Against Jeff Sessions Continues

political animal

talking points memo

  • Senate Votes Down BCRA
  • Senate GOP's Trumpcare Bill Fails Spectacularly With New Defections
  • Important
  • Sessions Announces New DOJ Rules Cracking Down On Sanctuary Cities
  • Senate GOP Just Admitted It Still Doesn't Know How To Replace O'Care
  • Gowdy Pushes Back On Trump's Public Criticism Of Sessions As AG

paul krugman

truth dig

  • Don’t Ask What Your Country Can Do for You, Squeal Like a Pig
  • ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ Helps Brings Awareness of Climate Change to a New Generation
  • Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot Is Creating an ‘Immersive Theatre Project’
  • Senate GOP, With an Assist From Vice President Pence, Pushes Its Health Care Bill to the Next Round
  • How to Build a Global Movement to End Mass Killing
  • A Veteran ICE Agent Speaks Out: ‘We Seem to Be Targeting the Most Vulnerable People’

liberal oasis

open left

  • Open Thread
  • Lasting impressions...
  • Thank you and a sort of goodbye...
  • Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.
  • Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy
  • I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...


  • Late Night
  • Top Books By Margaret Atwood
  • America's Worst Humans
  • Happy Hour Thread
  • Liberal Dreamboat
  • Centrism Is Mr. Smith Going To Washington FOREVER

talk left

  • John McCain's Speech to the Senate
  • Trump Ramps Up Criticism of AG Sessions
  • Repeal of Affordable Health Care Act Advances in Senate
  • Monday Night Open Thread: This and That
  • Jefferson Sessions vs. Sergey Kislyak: Whom to Believe?
  • The Extraordinary Wealth of Jared and Ivanka Trump

the nation


  • On The Road and In Your Backyard
  • Wednesday Morning Open Thread: GOP Portraits in Custard
  • Late Night Open Thread: KING LEER (Winter Is Coming)
  • In Memoriam: Emmett Till Was Born on 25 July 1941
  • Open Thread: MOMENTUM! (More on Trump’s Jamboree at the BSA)
  • Fee fee fi fi fo-fo fum


  • MSNBC Number One
  • Trump and his mini-me
  • About that incivility
  • "I think he's crazy"
  • The health care holy grail
  • The one-eyed man is president by @BloggersRUs

the brad blog

  • 'People Will Die': GOP Senators Vote to Open Debate on Unknown Health Care Repeal Scheme: 'BradCast' 7/25/2017
  • 'Green News Report' - July 25, 2017
  • Myths, Dangers, and Powers of the Presidential Pardon: 'BradCast' 7/24/2017
  • Sunday Toons of the 'Job Well Done' Moment
  • Admin Now Sabotaging Health Care Law; Spicer is Out; Trump Readies for War: 'BradCast' 7/21/2017
  • Constitutional Crisis Nears, Democracy Crisis Already Here: 'BradCast' 7/20/2017

informed comment


  • Dying McCain Preaches High Road on Health Care; But McConnell Stays on the Dark Side, as Countless Lives Are at Stake
  • As Trump Prepares to Fire Mueller, the Rule of Law Has Never Been Weaker in Washington
  • Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity Are Dominating America Under Trump
  • Modern-Day Eugenics? Prisoners Sterilized for Shorter Sentences
  • Don't Worry About New Alabama Mad Cow, Says CDC, but Facts Suggest Otherwise
  • We Need a Broad-Based Movement to Stop Killing at Home and Across the Globe

mother jones mojo

  • 2014 Donald Trump Landed a Sick Burn on 2017 Donald Trump
  • President Obama Just Surprised Joe Biden With the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Donald Trump Will Make His Son-In-Law A Senior White House Advisor, Which May Be Illegal
  • White Nationalist Leader Doubles Down on Support for Donald Trump
  • Michelle Obama Just Gave A Speech In Virginia and Hit Donald Trump Hard
  • One Perfect Tweet That Shows How Ridiculous Fox News' Latest Scandal Is

ezra klein

  • Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care
  • Obamacare repeal is flailing because Obamacare is working
  • The new Senate health bill is terrible for anyone who is sick, has been sick, or will be sick
  • Trump Jr.’s defense shows how Trumpland could collude with Russia without realizing it
  • The Trump administration isn’t a farce. It’s a tragedy.
  • GOP senator on Russia emails: “I don’t think this is relevant to the Trump administration”


  • Qualcomm accidentally confirms the existence of Snapdragon 845 and 440
  • Citigroup to Host First Investor Day Conference Sine Recession
  • Wall Street End Mixed As Big Tech Earnings Awaited
  • Alphabet stock breaks in: Good Google parent results failed to offset multi-billion fine
  • Apple is the most profitable in Fortune’s new list
  • General Electric and Colgate-Palmolive Report Uninspiring Results

drudge retort

  • Senate Rejects Repeal and Replace
  • 'We Don't Need Pot to Have Fun. We're Hispanics'
  • Pence Breaks Tie to Begin Debate on TrumpCare
  • Senators on Hot Mic: Trump 'Crazy,' 'I'm Worried'
  • Donald Trump's Napoleon Complex
  • Psychiatrists Can Now Discuss Trump's Mental Health


  • Question of the Day
  • Christopher Nolan on Tom Hardy: "He's Extraordinary"
  • Senate Votes to Open Debate on Obamacare Repeal
  • Daily Dose of Cute
  • We Resist: Day 187
  • Senate Healthcare Open Thread

the blue voice

  • Looking forward to holiday political chit-chat (Arrgg-ggh!)
  • The NRA's solution to gun violence: more guns, more fear
  • If only ...
  • Financial recovery and recovery in the "real" economuy
  • The theology of distraction and the Newtown mass gun murders
  • Obama to seniors: Merry Christmas! I'm cutting your Social Security benefits!

news hounds

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