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daily kos

  • Paul Ryan should beg Democrats to distract the nation from his latest Obamacare replacement fail
  • Evangelical swears Trump's 'born-again'—Really? Cat got his tongue on that SCOTUS abortion ruling?
  • McConnell won't say Trump is qualified to be president, still wants him to shape Supreme Court
  • Senate to deal with insanely stupid Zika bill passed by the House during sit-in
  • Republican convention lineup looking so sparse they may have to bring back Clint Eastwood's chair
  • Supreme Court's Texas abortion ruling could affect laws in 23 other states


glenn greenwald

  • Obama's NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public | Glenn Greenwald
  • On leaving the Guardian | Glenn Greenwald
  • As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media | Glenn Greenwald
  • The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald
  • Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration | Glenn Greenwald
  • NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users


  • Customwriting Org
  • ‘Religious liberty’ argument reignites interest in anti-gay propaganda
  • Writing Services In Dubai
  • How-to Publish an Observation Dissertation – Observation Paper Ideas with Private Example Composition
  • Top Reasons for College Dropout
  • What Is An Investigation Paper Outline

media matters

  • On MSNBC, Ex-GOP Staffer Details How The Purpose Of Voter ID Laws Is To "Take People's Constitutional Rights Away"
  • Trump Adviser To MSNBC's Chris Hayes: "I Admire The Passion" In Stone's Threat To Disclose Delegate's Hotel Rooms
  • Bill O'Reilly Says Ted Cruz Is Right About New York City Values
  • How The Wash. Post Kicked Off The "Qualified" Argument Between Clinton And Sanders
  • Fox's Bolling Criticizes Paid Family Leave: "Socialism Is Spreading Across America"
  • Latest CMP Video Deceptively Attacks Planned Parenthood's Patient Consent Process

the raw story

think progress

crooks and liars

  • Donald Trump Explodes On Elizabeth Warren
  • Conservatives Freak Out Over Abortion Clinic Ruling
  • Pat Robertson: Obama 'Brought Muslim Brotherhood To Inner Circles Of Our Government'
  • Proof Of Income Inequality? Somebody Spent $18K On Lock Of David Bowie's Hair
  • Justice Clarence Thomas Passionately Defends Spousal Abusers' Right To Guns
  • Brexit Vote As Only John Oliver Can Explain It



huffington post

  • Donald Trump's Evangelical Advisers Revolt
  • Trump Could Trigger The Longest Recession Since The Great Depression, Report Says
  • Donald Trump Has A History Of Mocking People's Native American Heritage
  • 'The Daily Show' Makes Awful Twitter Joke About Supreme Court Abortion Ruling
  • HUFFPOST HILL - RNC Keynote Shortlist Down To Roy Cohn Hologram And A Furby
  • Watch 'Saved By The Bell' Roast Donald Trump In 1990

kevin drum

  • Three Quotes of the Day About Donald Trump
  • Supreme Court: Texas Law Plainly Provided No Bona Fide Health Benefits
  • Britain Is a Total Mess Right Now
  • OECD Report: Pure Math > Applied Math
  • Supreme Court Sets a Limit on Anti-Abortion Laws
  • How Should We Talk About Racism?

political animal

talking points memo

paul krugman

liberal oasis

  • Politico Magazine: Think You’ve Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet Jill Stein.
  • Politico Magazine: Can Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Save The Establishment?
  • Politico Magazine: What If Bernie Wins California?
  • Politico Magazine: Why Does The Left Hate Hillary?
  • Politico Magazine: Bernie Loses His Halo
  • Politico Magazine: Is Sanders 2016 Becoming Nader 2000?

open left

  • Open Thread
  • Lasting impressions...
  • Thank you and a sort of goodbye...
  • Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.
  • Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy
  • I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...


  • Happy Hour Thread
  • Ted Nugent?
  • Afternoon Thread
  • The Hard Shit Is Corbyn's Job
  • Last I Checked There Were A Few UK Expats Scattered Around Europe
  • Stop The Tories Before They Kill Again

talk left

  • Monday Open Thread
  • When Trump Didn't Know What Brexit Was
  • India Still Waiting on Shami Witness Evidence
  • Indonesia: Militants Get Second Chances While Drug Traffickers Face Death
  • Brexit, Big Deal or Hiccup?
  • Thursday Night TV and Open Thread

the nation


  • Boris the spider
  • Euro 2016 Round of 16 England v Iceland Open Thread
  • Euro 2016 Round of 16 Italy v Spain Open Thread
  • Obligatory Texas Abortion Ruling Reaction
  • Texas flim flam loses
  • Convergence and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota


  • Just don't call it tyranny. #Trumpsexecutiveorders
  • Big day for the Supremes: a little common sense on guns and reproductive rights
  • Not Guh Happen #DumpTrumpGoingNowhere
  • Trump's God laundering opportunists
  • Brexit: Do-Over!!! by @BloggersRUs
  • Forward, into the past: A timely reissue of Peter Watkins’ "Culloden" by Dennis Hartley

the brad blog

  • Sunday Stay or Go Toons
  • Brexit: If it Could Happen There...: 'BradCast' 6/24/2016
  • SCOTUS Rules on Immigration, Affirmative Action; House Dems End Gun 'Sit-in'; MORE Breaking News: 'BradCast' 6/23/2016
  • 'Green News Report' - June 23, 2016
  • FL Rep. Says Dems Will 'Sit-In' Until a Vote on Guns or GOP 'Hauls People Off House Floor': 'BradCast' 6/22/2016
  • Was Orlando Really the 'Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History?': 'BradCast' 6/21/2016

informed comment


  • Following Brexit Vote, Hate Attacks Sweep the UK
  • What You Need to Know About the Supreme Court's Historic Ruling in Favor of Abortion Rights
  • Elizabeth Warren's 10 Best Trump Takedowns From Her Campaign Stop With Hillary Clinton
  • 12 Things Not to Say to Grieving Nonbelievers
  • As in Eastern Europe, and With Brexit, Trump Is Laying the Groundwork for America B: It Is a Dark Future
  • The No-Brainer Supreme Court Decision You Did Not Hear About Today That Also Helps Women

mother jones mojo

  • Senate Democrats Just Began A Filibuster To Demand New Gun Laws
  • Elizabeth Warren Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump Selected a White Nationalist as a Delegate in California. Here's His Campaign's Reponse.
  • We Thought We Could Not Be Shocked by Donald Trump. Then He Tweeted This.
  • Here's How Unprecedented Carly Fiorina's Nomination Would Be
  • Bernie Sanders Is Laying Off Hundreds of Campaign Staffers

war is a crime

  • Video: David Swanson on State of U.S. Democracy
  • Have a Chilcot Fourth of July
  • Tomgram: John Feffer, Donald Trump and America B
  • David Swanson and Susan Santiago on Pieces of Peace on KWMR
  • Party's Over, Quarter Billion Dollars on Bernie, Now What?
  • Intel Vets Take The State Dept. 51" to Task

ezra klein

  • After Brexit and Trump, it’s time to stop trusting our guts and start trusting the polls
  • Trump fired his campaign manager. But who will fire Trump?
  • This is why Ted Cruz couldn’t unite the GOP against Donald Trump
  • A Republican senator just prayed that Obama’s “days be few.” This is how the GOP got Trump.
  • Bernie Sanders’s aides just threw him under the bus to Politico
  • It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician

oliver willis

  • Pollgasm: The New ABC News Poll Shows Trump's Campaign in Critical Condition
  • If You Didn't Already Hate This Effing Song, You Will Now
  • Sarah Palin Just Did The Funniest Sarah Palin Parody Ever
  • Sarah Palin Horrifically Mangles Brexit, Spouts Insane New Conspiracy Theory
  • Elizabeth Warren Continues to Whip Trump Bloody Like a Coked-Up Roman Guard
  • John Oliver Eviscerates Brexit, Sends Bleak Warning to America About Trump


  • Apple and Taylor Swift; a review
  • Brexit Goes Through, Leaving Global Markets Reeling
  • Andy Slavitt as head of Obamacare
  • New iOS in market – minor flaw in keyboard updated
  • Nike having a good time with hackers
  • Google putting a lot of effort in US$ 50 smartphone’s perfection

drudge retort

  • Sanders Voters Pick Hillary Over Trump 81% to 8%
  • Prince Tributes Fill BET Awards
  • Soros: Consequences of Brexit 'Catastrophic' for Europe
  • Democrats Release Own Benghazi Report
  • Soheifox: My Book's Free on Amazon Today
  • Noah's Ark Built in Kentucky


  • I Mean.
  • Daily Dose of Cute
  • In the News
  • On the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt Ruling
  • No Thanks, Concern Trolls

the blue voice

  • Looking forward to holiday political chit-chat (Arrgg-ggh!)
  • The NRA's solution to gun violence: more guns, more fear
  • If only ...
  • Financial recovery and recovery in the "real" economuy
  • The theology of distraction and the Newtown mass gun murders
  • Obama to seniors: Merry Christmas! I'm cutting your Social Security benefits!

news hounds

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