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  • Donald Trump made 8 misleading claims about immigration on Fox and Friends
  • Elon Musk calls for accountability in media, donates to PolitiFact
  • What the Republican discharge petition means for DACA, ‘Dreamers’
  • Informants, infiltration and spying: Some definitions in the FBI investigation of team Trump
  • John Kerry was in Paris. But did he meet with Iranians? He says no
  • A look into the business practices of Indiana's Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun

fact checker

  • President Trump’s interactions with media: Not a standout in any category
  • The Trump administration’s bogus spin that it obtained $2 billion for ‘school safety’
  • Can the president be indicted or subpoenaed?
  • Are human-smuggling cartels at the U.S. border earning $500 million a year?
  • Comey’s claim he didn’t tell Congress that FBI agents thought Flynn was not intentionally lying
  • Trump’s claim that U.S. is only country with ‘thousands’ of immigration judges


  • Sarah Kendzior on how the media enables the Trump kleptocracy
  • One of the funniest Trump videos ever
  • Russia swung the election to Trump
  • Stop Devin Nunes
  • GOP campaign consultant John Weaver on John McCain & the GOP Stockholm Syndrome under Trump
  • It’s time for a somber national discussion about [INSERT LATEST MASS SHOOTING HERE]

glenn greenwald

  • Obama's NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public | Glenn Greenwald
  • On leaving the Guardian | Glenn Greenwald
  • As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media | Glenn Greenwald
  • The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald
  • Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration | Glenn Greenwald
  • NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users


media matters

  • On MSNBC, Ex-GOP Staffer Details How The Purpose Of Voter ID Laws Is To "Take People's Constitutional Rights Away"
  • Trump Adviser To MSNBC's Chris Hayes: "I Admire The Passion" In Stone's Threat To Disclose Delegate's Hotel Rooms
  • Bill O'Reilly Says Ted Cruz Is Right About New York City Values
  • How The Wash. Post Kicked Off The "Qualified" Argument Between Clinton And Sanders
  • Fox's Bolling Criticizes Paid Family Leave: "Socialism Is Spreading Across America"
  • Latest CMP Video Deceptively Attacks Planned Parenthood's Patient Consent Process

the raw story

  • Kirsten Powers on Trump’s classified briefing: ‘This seems utterly corrupt to me’
  • US bill would force tech companies to disclose foreign software probes
  • Final campaign push before bitter Irish abortion vote
  • Wall Street regulations need a facelift, not a minor Dodd-Frank makeover
  • Ohio man justifies murder by claiming he had “gay panic”
  • MSNBC analyst lays out the ‘genuinely sick thing’ about Trump’s Republican defenders

think progress

  • White supremacists behind violent Charlottesville rally face lawsuit with major implications
  • The email Roger Stone didn’t want anyone to see
  • Pennsylvania regulators suspend service again on troubled pipeline over safety issues
  • Steve Kerr lights up the NFL for ‘idiotic’ anthem rule
  • Everything you need to know about Ireland’s historic abortion referendum
  • NRATV host’s solution to mass shootings is to restrict the media from covering them

crooks and liars

  • Chris Cuomo Shreds Rep. Peter King's Lies: 'I Can’t Believe You’re Saying That'
  • Sean Hannity Is An Existential Threat To American Democracy. Here’s The Proof
  • There's A Reason It's So Easy To See Trump-Russia Ties
  • Trump Says 'Japan, South Korea Would Pay For The Wall, I Mean, War'
  • Sterling Brown Arrest Video Reveals Completely Predictable Police Brutality
  • What Did Trump Expect After Bolton And Pence's Threats To North Korea?



huffington post

kevin drum

  • Try to Guess Who’s the Least Charitable Toward Refugees
  • Lunchtime Photo
  • Republicans Invite Trump Lawyer to Super Secret Meeting
  • Report Says Rising CO2 Levels Are Ruining Rice
  • Chart of the Day: Political Orientation Among College Freshmen
  • Trump Writes Weirdly Amiable Message to Kim Jong-un Canceling Their Summit

political animal

talking points memo

paul krugman

truth dig

liberal oasis

open left

  • Open Thread
  • Lasting impressions...
  • Thank you and a sort of goodbye...
  • Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.
  • Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy
  • I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...


  • Evening Thread
  • Unless You Don't Program Them To Do That
  • Afternoon Thread
  • Shuttle Buses
  • We All Are, My Friend, We All Are
  • But The Coin

talk left

  • Trump's Non-Reform "First Step Act"
  • Jared Kushner Gets Security Clearance Back
  • Saturday Open Thread
  • A Beautiful Wedding
  • Judiciary Committee Releases Hearing Testimony on Russia Meeting
  • Trump's Financial Disclosure: Cohen Payments

the nation


  • Arrested Development, Not Just a Name
  • The US IS Now Superfluous To The Future Of The Korean Peninsula Part II
  • Bottom feeders, underwritten plans and quality
  • Summit Off
  • Thursday Morning Open Thread: *ALL* The Shade
  • On the Road and In Your Backyard


  • So much losing
  • Love it or leave it, hippies
  • Headline o' the Day
  • The regime change and assassination model
  • No scintilla of integrity by @BloggersRUs
  • At least they aren't going to ignore it

the brad blog

  • 'Green News Report' - May 24, 2018
  • Progressives Win Some, Lose Some in Tuesday Primaries in GA, KY, AR, TX: 'BradCast' 5/23/2018
  • ICE Busted in DACA Case; SCOTUS Approves Wage Theft; TX, FL GOPers Oppose Voter Registration: 'BradCast' 5/22/2018
  • 'Green News Report' - May 22, 2018
  • The 'American Carnage' Continues: 'BradCast' 5/21/2018
  • Sunday Toons of the Peace Process Moment

informed comment


  • Roger Stone Secretly Asked for WikiLeaks' Dirt on Hillary Clinton: Report
  • Rep. Schiff Reveals There's 'No Evidence' for Trump's Ridiculous 'Spy' Conspiracy Theory After Classified Briefing
  • ICE Keeps Gay Man Fleeing Persecution in Detainment for Four Months
  • 'We Must Save Our Democracy': Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Warns of Dangerous 'Forces' in United States
  • 'Craziest S--- I Ever Heard': Republican Congressional Aide Sounds Off on Trump Lawyer at Classified Briefing
  • Trump Reportedly Dictated 'Every Word' of His Bizarre Letter to North Korea's Kim Jong-un

mother jones mojo

  • 2014 Donald Trump Landed a Sick Burn on 2017 Donald Trump
  • President Obama Just Surprised Joe Biden With the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Donald Trump Will Make His Son-In-Law A Senior White House Advisor, Which May Be Illegal
  • White Nationalist Leader Doubles Down on Support for Donald Trump
  • Michelle Obama Just Gave A Speech In Virginia and Hit Donald Trump Hard
  • One Perfect Tweet That Shows How Ridiculous Fox News' Latest Scandal Is


  • TJX Co. reports better-than-expected results for the first quarter, shares up
  • Urban Outfitters reports strong financial results for the first quarter
  • Adobe Systems to buy e-commerce firm Magento for $1.68 billion
  • Micron lifts its financial outlook for the third quarter; also announce a $10 billion share buyback program
  • PayPal to acquire Sweden-based iZettle for $2.2 billion
  • Deere & Co. lifts its earnings outlook for the full year, shares up

drudge retort

  • Cohen's Business Partner Agrees to Plea Deal
  • Pompeo: Russia Tried to Help Trump Win
  • Oregon Judge Orders Boy to Pay $36 Million
  • Kellyanne's Husband is Critic of Trump
  • Trump's Kid's Husband Gets Security Clearance
  • Trump Cancels North Korea Summit


  • Everything's Fine
  • Roger Stone Sought Stolen Clinton and State Department Emails During Campaign
  • #365feministselfie: Week 21
  • Daily Dose of Cute
  • We Resist: Day 490
  • Trump Straight-Up Lies About James Clapper

the blue voice

  • Looking forward to holiday political chit-chat (Arrgg-ggh!)
  • The NRA's solution to gun violence: more guns, more fear
  • If only ...
  • Financial recovery and recovery in the "real" economuy
  • The theology of distraction and the Newtown mass gun murders
  • Obama to seniors: Merry Christmas! I'm cutting your Social Security benefits!

news hounds

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