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daily kos

  • House Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement idea: Steal Obamacare
  • Leader of only nuclear-armed nation in Middle East says bad nuclear deal with Iran will lead to war
  • The Daily Kos Great Mentioner analyzes the unpredictable contest to succeed Barbara Mikulski
  • The House rule that will likely save Homeland Security from a shutdown
  • Netanyahu frenzy lets Boehner bury news of his Homeland Security cave
  • Netanyahu speech to Congress might include sensitive Iran agreement details


  • Hillary Clinton did not keep a public email account at the State Department
  • Bangladeshi-American activist Avijit Roy murdered for blogging-while-atheist
  • Scott Walker is making the wrong kind of sense
  • Credit Suisse buys article in The New Republic to court LGBT community
  • Rep. Aaron Schock (R – Downton Abbey) lawyers up after new spending revealed
  • About Aaron Schock

glenn greenwald

  • Obama's NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public | Glenn Greenwald
  • On leaving the Guardian | Glenn Greenwald
  • As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media | Glenn Greenwald
  • The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald
  • Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration | Glenn Greenwald
  • NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users

media matters

  • Media's Double Standard On Transparency For Hillary Clinton
  • Limbaugh: "Benjamin Netanyahu Today Was Everything Barack Obama Is Not."
  • The New York Times ' Deceptive Suggestion That Hillary Clinton May Have Violated Federal Records Law
  • The Perils Of Protecting Bill O'Reilly
  • NRA Top Lobbyist: Obama Admin. Proposal To Ban Armor-Piercing Ammo Is Actually A Move Against Women
  • Publisher Won't Correct O'Reilly Book's Northern Ireland Bombings Lie

the raw story

think progress

crooks and liars

  • Real-Life Frank Underwoods: Netflix, ‘House Of Cards’ And Third Way
  • Boehner Caves, Will Bring Clean DHS Bill Up For Vote
  • Netanyahu's Speech: All Show And No Go
  • New York Times 'Expose': Secretary Clinton Only Used Private Email
  • Ready For The Bibi Drinking Game?
  • Andrea Tantaros ‘Just Asks’ Again If The White House Is Anti-Semitic


  • General Petraeus Pleads Guilty To Being Too Sexy For His Pants
  • Republicans Will Save Hero Polluters From EPA’s Mad Scientists
  • Hillary Clinton Did An Email Thing That May Or May Not Be Wrong, And The NYT Is ON IT
  • Performance Artist Flip Benham Solves Transgender Bathrooms Problem By Yelling ‘Pervert!’ At It
  • Idaho Legislator Has A Cow About Hindu Invocation In State Senate
  • Sleazy Lehman Bros. Only Paid $44 Million In Bonuses Last Year, Thanks Obama


huffington post

  • Right to Work? Right-Wing Origin
  • Obama: Netanyahu Offered No Viable Alternative To Iran Nuclear Talks
  • Reporter Uses Grindr At CPAC Gathering To Track Down Gay Men
  • Sick of Money Corrupting Politics? Take the Fight Local
  • Waistband Police Shootings Are Surprisingly Common
  • Here's How Lawmakers Reacted To Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech To Congress

kevin drum

  • Summers: Yes, the Robots Are Coming to Take Our Jobs
  • There's Really No Plan B on Iran, Is There?
  • Tikrit is an Early Test of Iraq vs. ISIS
  • Quote of the Day: Secret Scheming Places of Tea Party Congressmen Revealed!
  • Scott Walker Is Making Shit Up, Just Like His Hero Ronald Reagan
  • Kagan: Netanyahu Speech Is a Blunder

political animal

  • The Other College Guide—a New Book From the Washington Monthly
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Publicly Accusing Iran of Bluffing Not Best Way To Get To a Deal
  • Now We Have Palinism Without Palin
  • In Bibi's Shadow
  • Cheering in Tehran

talking points memo

  • Me Too
  • The Speech
  • BIBI WATCH: Rep. Lewis Says Boehner Invitation An 'Affront' To Obama
  • Ex-US Senator Calls Out Missouri GOP Leader During Funeral: 'Words Can Kill'
  • BIBI WATCH: Pelosi 'Saddened' By 'Condescension' To US By Netanyahu
  • BIBI WATCH: Feinstein Says Netanyahu Speech Lacked Solutions

paul krugman

democratic underground

  • Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over
  • Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor
  • George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial
  • Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies
  • Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat
  • Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

liberal oasis

  • MSNBC's Up: Debating Snowden's Lawyer
  • The DMZ: Yes All Women Edition
  • MSNBC's Up: Obama's Bet On Climate
  • The DMZ: GOP Civil War Update
  • The DMZ: When Rove Attacks
  • The DMZ: Immigration Lives

open left

  • Open Thread
  • Lasting impressions...
  • Thank you and a sort of goodbye...
  • Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.
  • Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy
  • I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...


  • $10.10
  • America's Worst Humans
  • Lunch Thread
  • And Even More
  • Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit
  • Morning Thread

talk left

  • King v. Burwell: Interpreting the Affordable Care Act
  • Sunday Open Thread
  • "Jihadi John": Doxed to Death
  • Tsarnaev Trial to Stay in Boston
  • Pres. Widodo Rejects Clemency, Locals Burn Thief Alive
  • Friday Open Thread

the nation

  • Mr. Spock Was a McGovernite: Remembering Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Politics
  • The Koch Cash Behind the Latest Attack on Obamacare
  • This Is Why Scott Walker Is Not Presidential Material
  • The Activists Who Won Net Neutrality Must Defend It in 2016
  • Rahm Emanuel Seemed Unstoppable—Until He Ticked Off Chicago’s Teachers
  • A National Call for Criminal-Justice Reform


  • DOJ Report Confirms Ferguson Police Actions Created Racial Animosity
  • Democratic Centrists Hatch New Plan for 2016 Electoral Losses
  • Netanyahu Open Thread
  • Your Morning Moment of Zen
  • Pediatrics and excessive treatment
  • And the Stoat Became Legend among Her People…


  • Cokie's Law renewed by acclamation
  • Marty Kaplan: A Leonard Nimoy Story, by @Gaius_Publius
  • The Cent-ire Strikes Back? by @BloggersRUs
  • The worst veto in US history
  • Dispatch from the campaign of the most overrated politician in America #Greatwhitebreadhope
  • Seven out of ten of the world's richest people are American

the brad blog

  • Warmest Winter Records Shattered in West, But Reporters Still Won't Say 'Climate Change'
  • The Low Hanging Fruit of 'Net Neutrality'
  • Oh, Bummer: Tea Partying Former Sheriff Now Begging Public to Pay For His Health Care
  • Toon In Memoriam: 'Logic and Reason'
  • 'Senator Snowball'
  • Why FCC's New 'Net Neutrality' Rules Are Likely To Survive Legal, Congressional Challenges

informed comment


  • What Rift? 5 Times Netanyahu's Speech Showed America's Well on Board With His Dangerous Plans
  • 5 Signs Scott Walker Is Using GOP’s Racist 'Southern Strategy' to Win in 2016
  • Hey, Smug White People: You (Yes, You) Are a Racist, Too
  • Jon Stewart Mocks John Boehner's Terrifying Kissy Face
  • Taser International and Cops Profiting from Police Brutality
  • Here’s How to Find Out If Your Penis Is a Normal Size, According to Science

mother jones mojo

  • Hero Mom Has the Perfect Response to Son Begging to Join ISIS
  • Sean Hannity Said Some Something Really Creepy at CPAC Today
  • California's 3-Strike Prison Reform Is Working
  • Elizabeth Warren Launches New Battle Against the Fed
  • The FCC Just Approved Net Neutrality
  • Obama Just Vetoed the GOP's Keystone Bill, and This Democratic Presidential Hopeful Is Pissed

war is a crime

  • Talk Nation Radio: Spring Rising - An Antiwar Intervention March 21 in DC
  • Is it imminent? It’s everpresent: Venezuela’s Continuous Coup
  • Admit that torture does not work
  • The Nuclear Nine
  • Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?
  • ISIS Derangement Syndrome

ezra klein

  • What the debate over “amnesty bonuses” reveals about the GOP’s immigration problem
  • Laws that decimate unions may be inevitable. Here’s how labor can survive.
  • Robots are hurting middle class workers, and education won’t solve the problem, Larry Summers says
  • Hospital rankings rarely agree on which facilities are best, study finds
  • Why a big insurer is sharply limiting one of women’s most common health procedures
  • Cleveland mayor apologizes after city blames Tamir Rice for his own death

oliver willis

  • No, Obama Didn’t Sound Like Bush At The United Nations
  • Hillary Clinton’s Secret Letters To Santa Exposed
  • Green Lantern Liberalism
  • NFL Fans Defending Beating A Child’s Scrotum Are Scum
  • Obama Repeats The Strategy That Killed Bin Laden In Address To Nation About ISIS
  • How “It’s Just Politics” Lets Conservatives Win


  • What is a startup?
  • Backing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, UN Assembly declares Crimea referendum invalid
  • People and sanctions: who and why included in the US list
  • TOP 10: Interesting facts
  • BIG DATA: no more privacy
  • Ukraine – Russia deploys its troops to Crimea

drudge retort

  • Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State
  • Netanyahu Addresses Joint Session of Congress
  • Nebraska Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  • Radio Host Wants to Hang Black Caucus Members
  • WSJ: Hillary Launching Presidential Bid in April
  • Artist Snuck Lewinsky's Dress Into Clinton's Portrait


  • The Walking Thread
  • Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime
  • In the News
  • And Again
  • On Hillary Clinton's Email Compliance

the blue voice

  • Looking forward to holiday political chit-chat (Arrgg-ggh!)
  • The NRA's solution to gun violence: more guns, more fear
  • If only ...
  • Financial recovery and recovery in the "real" economuy
  • The theology of distraction and the Newtown mass gun murders
  • Obama to seniors: Merry Christmas! I'm cutting your Social Security benefits!

news hounds

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