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daily kos

  • Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Cheering the Palin-impeachment crazy
  • This week in the war on voting: L.A. and disabled voters, re-enfranchising felons
  • This week at progressive state blogs: Defending Everglades fracking, Issa demands deportations
  • Obama once again calls out Republicans in weekly address for failing to help the middle class
  • This week in science: dust in the cosmic wind
  • Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: CDC screws up, Benghazi hooey and more


glenn greenwald

  • Obama's NSA 'reforms' are little more than a PR attempt to mollify the public | Glenn Greenwald
  • On leaving the Guardian | Glenn Greenwald
  • As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media | Glenn Greenwald
  • The perfect epitaph for establishment journalism | Glenn Greenwald
  • Committee to Protect Journalists issues scathing report on Obama administration | Glenn Greenwald
  • NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users


  • Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry’s – Book Salon Preview
  • Bundy Ranch: Not A Legitimacy Crisis But A Government Learning From Its Mistakes
  • Come Saturday Morning: So Why Won’t You Sue Wonkette, Larry?
  • Pull Up a Chair: Elephant Rescues
  • Late Late Night FDL: All I Need Is the Girl
  • Late Night: The Roundup

media matters

  • WSJ 's Noonan's Conspiracy Theory: Obama Deliberately Brought On Child Migrant Crisis To Pass Immigration Reform
  • Hannity Voices Support For Palin's Call For Impeachment: "She's Right On Constitutional Issues"
  • Watch Fox Host Megyn Kelly Laugh At Discredited Author Ed Klein's Anti-Clinton Book
  • Fox Falsely Blames Administration's Tweaks For Ending CBO's Obamacare Scoring
  • Right-Wing Media's Fan Fiction On Hobby Lobby And The War On Women
  • Rush Likens United Negro College Fund To Slaves, AFSCME To Slaveholders

the raw story

think progress

crooks and liars


  • Prepare Yourself: We Have Come Unstuck In Time
  • The Aubergine Testament: God Sends Special Eggplant Message To Louisiana Restaurant
  • I Am Mad About A Thing: Sweet Sea-Parting Moses, Don’t Tell Jews How To Jew
  • Sean Hannity Prayed For A Mission, And For His Sins, They Gave Him One
  • Breitbart Shocker: Somali Pirates Dressed As Guatemalan Children Flying Commercial With No ID’s? (Unclear)
  • Latest Obamacare Horror Story: ACA Cuts Uninsured People In Half!
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huffington post

kevin drum

  • Friday Cat Blogging - 11 July 2014
  • A Progress Report on "Reform Conservatism"
  • Does Financial Literacy Matter?
  • Prior Experience Doesn't Matter (Much)
  • Boehner's First Lawsuit: Obamacare is the Lucky Winner
  • Fine. I Retract My Defense of Optics.

political animal

  • Florida Sleaze
  • Which side represents fiscal restraint again? And why?
  • The kids really will be all right--politically speaking.
  • Sign O' the Times
  • Eat A 'Peach
  • Day's End and Weekend Watch

talking points memo

paul krugman

democratic underground

  • Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over
  • Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor
  • George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial
  • Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies
  • Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat
  • Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

liberal oasis

  • MSNBC's Up: Debating Snowden's Lawyer
  • The DMZ: Yes All Women Edition
  • MSNBC's Up: Obama's Bet On Climate
  • The DMZ: GOP Civil War Update
  • The DMZ: When Rove Attacks
  • The DMZ: Immigration Lives

open left

  • Open Thread
  • Lasting impressions...
  • Thank you and a sort of goodbye...
  • Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.
  • Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy
  • I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...


  • The 10-Year Window
  • Gambling Our Way To Prosperity
  • Sophisticated
  • We Don't Have A Domestic Spying Program
  • Late Night
  • If Only There Were Shovel Ready Projects

talk left

  • NY Judge Rules Bitcoins Subject to Money Laundering Statutes
  • Report on Mass Killing of Sunni Prisoners in Iraq
  • Jailhouse Snitch Caught Trying to Frame Defendant With Episode of "El Capo"
  • "El Chino Antrax" Extradited to San Diego
  • DOJ' s Child Migrant Solution: Throw Money at the Wind
  • Wednesday Night Open Thread
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  • "Bad for growth. like your hair!" -bo
  • "Back to 1965..."
  • Intruding Upon the Constitution by the Religious Right
  • Big Bird
  • When God is Your Lifeboat
  • The Party of Legitimate Rape Strikes Again


  • Speak in the Past Tense and Talk About the Weather
  • We Are So Out of Touch
  • Charlie Haden RIP
  • By Request
  • Open Thread: Perspectives
  • Open Thread


  • Protecting the delicate sensibilities of the religious corporation @BillMoyers #HobbyLobby
  • I wanna be sedated
  • Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert goes on unhinged rant attacking children, by @DavidOAtkins
  • Dispatch from taser nation
  • QOTD: Richard Nixon
  • The Good Mandate

the brad blog

  • GOP Voter Fraud Queen Ann Coulter Urges MS Senate Candidate to NOT Pursue Fraud Concerns
  • 'Green News Report' - July 10, 2014
  • Challenging 'The Nation's Most Restrictive Voter Suppression Law' and More: KPFK 'BradCast'
  • A Reminder About the 'Sourcing' of Pretend Journalist Matthew Boyle, the Man Who Published the Fake Menendez/Hooker Story
  • Federal Court Denies Motion to Dismiss DoJ's Lawsuit Against TX Polling Place Photo ID Law
  • 'Green News Report' - July 8, 2014

informed comment


  • Why Food You've Salvaged Should Be a Growing Part of Your Diet
  • The World We've Constructed Is Far Beyond George Orwell's Worst Nightmare
  • The 1 Percent’s Increasingly Popular Way of Buying Whatever They Want Before We Can—Online Scalping
  • Outrage: Tennessee Arrests Its First Woman Under its New Pregnancy Criminalization Law
  • The Little Thing Our Cities Can Do to Inspire Millions More People to Bike
  • 10 Supreme Court Rulings That Turned Corporations Into People

mother jones mojo

  • Mexican Government to Central American Migrants: No More Riding "the Beast"
  • There's New Information on What Happened in Benghazi and It Discredits GOP Claims
  • We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for July 11, 2014
  • New Study: Lobbying Doesn't Help Company Profits—But It's Great For Executive Pay
  • Here Are the Court Records of the Restraining Order Against Alleged Texas Murderer Ronald Lee Haskell
  • Watch the Ads Obama Is Airing in Central America to Keep Kids From Coming to the US

war is a crime

  • Immigrant Rights Supporters Protest Anti-Immigrant Crowd
  • Drone Memo - What's Not Legit Re: US Targeted Killing
  • Courage to Resist Calls for Military Personnel to Resist
  • Video: Michael Nagler, PhD - Metta Roadmap to Nonviolence - WWFOR Seabeck 2014
  • No to War in Gaza and Afghanistan
  • Ukraine President Threatens Resistance with Nazi Style Reprisal Killings

ezra klein

  • Dozens of U.S. colleges were just downgraded by Moody’s
  • It’s not your imagination: millennials really are living in their parents’ basements
  • Here are a few other things Boehner could sue Obama for
  • Grill baby, grill: Americans choose gas over charcoal
  • LeBron James’ return is bigger for Cleveland than it is for the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • A “nationwide gentrification effect” is segregating us by education

oliver willis

  • By: liberalrob
  • By: Parthenon
  • By: Quaker in a Basement
  • By: PG
  • By: jr
  • By: David21009


  • What is a startup?
  • Backing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, UN Assembly declares Crimea referendum invalid
  • People and sanctions: who and why included in the US list
  • TOP 10: Interesting facts
  • BIG DATA: no more privacy
  • Ukraine – Russia deploys its troops to Crimea

drudge retort

  • George Zimmernan: I'm Broke and Homeless
  • Christian University Expels Student for Marrying
  • Last of The Ramones Dies
  • 'Knuckleheads' Smoke Heroin in Chuck E. Cheese
  • FAA Approves SpaceX Spaceport in Texas
  • CIA Cracks Jokes on Its Twitter Account
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  • Open Thread
  • The Virtual Pub Is Open
  • The Friday Blogaround
  • Daily Dose of Cute
  • Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime
  • An Observation

the blue voice

  • Looking forward to holiday political chit-chat (Arrgg-ggh!)
  • The NRA's solution to gun violence: more guns, more fear
  • If only ...
  • Financial recovery and recovery in the "real" economuy
  • The theology of distraction and the Newtown mass gun murders
  • Obama to seniors: Merry Christmas! I'm cutting your Social Security benefits!

news hounds

  • Greta Van Susteren Back On The Job As Obama Vacation Police
  • The Kelly File Promotes Extremist Stockman’s Call To Arrest Lois Lerner
  • Bernard Goldberg Slams Palin’s ‘Beyond Terrible’ Impeachment Proposal
  • Steve Doocy Promotes Anti-Choice Meme Of Pro-Choice Violence
  • Bob Beckel Rants Against Chinese With Ethnic Slur
  • Steve Doocy Praises Benham Brother For Their Radical Anti Gay, Anti-Choice, Anti-Muslim Views - Whoops, Their Christian Faith!!!!!

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